He's tense.

He's always tense, of course. He could really use some yoga, or maybe even some of that stress-relieving and one-hundred-percent home-grown cereal you just got. According to your customers, it really is a miracle-worker.

Maybe he needs some Dean Martin.

For some reason, his fondness for the musician had stuck long after it had become rather dull, which you had predicted would hit him sooner than the mortals who were ever so fond of the tunes. After all, you introduced Chiron to Dean Martin way before it was cool.

Well, that is beside the point, you suppose. Though it is true.

He's still tense, though.

You don't know why. Everything's fine now. And you even came to see him.

It's been years since you last really spoke. You'd caught a glimpse of him a few months after The War in which you were asked to fight, merely because you were considered a minor goddess. Honestly, even if you weren't strictly nonviolent you would have found it ridiculous. After all, when was the last time you were interested in such labels, anyway?

Once again. Beside the point.

You hadn't seen one another much, and you really were expecting him to be relieved.

Not just because of you.

Yet another war had been won, but the centaur was not rejoicing along with his campers.

He seemed to be in that small group of mourners, those who had been affected so greatly they could barely look up at the celebration.

A blond boy who seemed to be murmuring something about the rain was the only one to seem more upset than Chiron. You wonder why the weather has him so upset, though you figure it could just as easily be a friend of his. Aphrodite had been trying to set some sort of trend with peculiar names...

But he doesn't want company, you know, having seen him shoo away a brunette girl and curly-haired boy who were likely close friends.

So you instead go up to Chiron, and tell him, "I've taken up knitting again. Just on the side. Do you still have your sweaters?"

He doesn't answer properly for quite some time, merely giving a stiff nod.

And you leave him be, because he too seems to want nothing but isolation at the moment.

So you sit down a few yards away and begin working furiously at a vibrant green sweater.

And a day later, you've left, and there's a sweater waiting for him, and a note that says:

My Dearest Chiron—

Whenever you need to talk, remember that unlike Hermes, I am always available to hear whatever it is you have to say in your messages.

Much love,


AN: So, I don't know if you're aware of this, but Chiris is my OTP. Here's a bit of Chiris history for you. It all started with a post on Tumblr stating that Chiron didn't get enough love. Another user commented that he should really have someone to ship with him. And of course Kelly (livingondaydreams), being the genius she is came up with Chiron/Iris. She proceeded to write a drabble, which can be found in her story Spiritus (which is lovely), and eventually I wrote a drabble (in To the Tenth Power) and a few headcanons (on her headcanons Tumblr, percyjacksonheadcanons). And eventually there was fanart (from Kassandra, who is thesocialhermit on Tumblr) and yes, even a blog (chiris-otp). So, really this feels like a run-on advertisement. But since Chiris isn't canon yet, I figured I ought to give you a) some slight history on it and b) a few places to look for a bit more of an explanation.