Chapter Five-Last chapter

Ella stirred in her sleep, fluttering her eyes opened, "Daddy..." her voice was so soft at the hour. Troy knelt beside her bed, "yes princess its me, I need you to make a wish for me please?" Ella looked at him, sitting up in her bed, "what kind of wish?" Troy looked at her, "I need to lie Ella.." she frowned, and shook her head, "but-" Troy grabbed her tiny hands in his, "sweetheart please, I need to lie just...make the wish?" Ella sighed, getting out of bed, and going to the window to look at the brightest star in the sky. Her heart pounded in her chest, she sucked in a shaky breath, "I wish...that my daddy could lie again... " however, she mumbled that last part slightly, and Troy didn't know it worked or not. He sighed, picking up the phone and dialing a familiar number, "Hello?"

"Sharpay." Troy said, Sharpay groaned on the other end, "this better be good Bolton." Troy took a breath, okay this was it, a test to see if it worked, to see if he could lie again, "uhm yeah I just want to say you're pppppprrreeeeeeeeee-boobs are huge." Sharpay gasped and began cussing him out on the other end, Troy was sure if he was in the same room, he'd be slapped and his face would be beet red at the moment, but for now...his ear hurt.

Troy sighed hanging up the phone and rubbed his forhead, why couldn't he lie? he looked up the stairs to where Gabriella was at and sighed, he needed to let her know how much she meant to him. he walked up the steps and knocked on her door, "Brie.." he whispered. she sighed looking at him as she sat on the bed, he sighed and sat down grabbing her hand, "I'm so so sorry that I did this to you.." she sighed, "Troy-" "no, I mean it, and I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you, I don't care what it is...I love you so so much and I never meant to hurt you on purpose, I was stupid and I was an ass, and you deserve so much better then me baby, but I need you..I need you to breath and I just need you.." Gabriella sighed sadly, "I don't know Troy..."

Troy sighed, "Brie, Can I prove to you that I love you, and that I need making love to you.." Gabriella's eyes went wide, "what." He kissed her knuckles, "I need you... I haven't had you in a long time, and I want to prove to you that...that your the only thing I want in my life..." Gabriella sighed and nodded, "ok Troy.."

He lowered his lips to hers, slowly devouring them and resting his hands on her hips, he missed her beneath his touch. So much better than Lyzzie...actually, waaay better than Lyzzie. Wait, why was he thinking about Lyzzie? He chuckled into the kiss, making Gabriella pull away and smirk, "what's funny?" Troy nuzzled her cheek with his nose and then kissed to the sensitive spot on her neck as he mumbled, "nothing." she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and her and her nails dug into his back.

Clothes were scattered on the floor. The whole thing felt like a making love scene in a movie. It was slow in passionate. their lips attaching to each other. Troy held the back of her back, softly making trails of kissing from her stomach all the way up to her neck. Gabriella loved the feel of his lips on her. "Troy.." she moaned holding onto his shoulders. Troy smiled and kissed her neck, "Troy.." she moaned.

Gabriella's hands traveled down to his ass squeezing it tight with her hands, "oh god Brie...that feels good.." Troy moaned, Gabriella's nails scratched up from there and then her hand around his neck. Troy then let his member come into her as her fold crashed down on it. "Oh Troy.." "Oh Brie." They moaned. Gabriella held onto him, "I love you.." she moaned out, his member in her still pulsing as her folds were crashing on him.

They eskkimo kissed and just held each other in their arms, when it seemed like forever, Troy's arms quivered and he fell on top of her and his member still in her. " you...Brie..." Gabriella sighed, running her hands through his hair and gently massaging his temples, he closed his eyes and massaged her thighs with his hands, she closed her eyes. Both of them wishing with their heart of hearts that they'd wake up tomorrow and it wouldn't be a dream.

Gabriella woke up to find Troy's arm wrapped around her waist. they were still naked under the covers. Gabriella turned over and saw a smile on his face and his eyes still closed, his head layed in her waist with his arm around her still. she turned around to face him and when she scooted down to be under him, his eyes opened and he yawned and he smiled at her, "Good Morning." she smiled, "Good Morning.." she cupped his cheeks in her hands and kissed him passionately and she wrapped her arms around him letting her head lay against his chest.

She pulled away gently, " Ella's wish gone? It's the next morning..." Troy's eyes widened, "I don't know..." Gabriella looked at him, biting her lip, "there's got to be a way we can test it...uhm think of something you'd normally lie about." Troy shook his head, "how about, I only lie when necessary and for now I just stick with the honesty crap?" Gabriella couldn't help but giggle and Troy loved the sound of her laugh, "Deal." she held out her hand, and Troy looked at it and then he captured her lips again, "deal." he mumbled against her lips, she smiled and well, put it this way, they would've gone further...if two little girls didn't rush into the room yelling 'breakfast! breakfast!'

Troy and Gabriella pulled away and smiled at the two girls who got on the bed and began jumping up and down. Gabriella giggled, "Emma, Ella, isn't it to early for breakfast?" Gabriella laughed sitting up with the blanket still over her grabbing her little girl emma tickling her. Ella jumped onto Troy's lap, "but it's morning.." ella smiled as Troy kissed her forhead. Gabriella giggled and kissed ella on the forhead, "yes it is morning... let me and daddy get dress and we'll eat breakfast.." The two girls nodded and ran downstairs. gabriella slipped out of bed, with the bed sheet around her and went over to the drawer and held the divorce papers, she came over on Troy's side of the bed, and sat at the edge beside him. she smiled at him, and took the divorce papers and ripped them to shreds.

Some may think that lying is a tool that is available for use and has no consequences, but what Troy Bolton learned from lying is that it may bite you and you may learn from it. He was a man who was blinded by work and desperate to climb to the top of the corporate ladder; until that fateful night when his wife kicked him out, and tossed his suitcases out with him. His little girl Ella stood at her window, her eyes up at the brightest star and she held tight her eyes closed, wishing for truth. Truth can help or hurt...and for Troy, he's experience both, he's been hurt by Gabriella when she decided to be with Austin, and then he was helped when he saw the error of his ways. He saw what he lost, and fought for it back, he chose to take the path that was less traveled. So, next time you tell a lie, see the consequences and see who it'll hurt. Or you'll get the same lesson brought upon you as Troy. Would you like to tell the truth all day? No more lies.