Principles of Attraction

At half-past noon, Rose decided that she had enough. Enough of loud, annoying, boy-cousins and their loud, annoying friends, and their seemingly endless talk of Quidditch. Enough of the other third year girls and their excited chatter of the most mundane things (like the aforementioned boys and makeup). All she really wanted to do was curl up in an empty compartment and peruse her copy of Hogwarts: A History.

So she did. After a while of gathering her things, wandering up and down the corridors and begging Roxanne (who was now a prefect) with her sweetest voice to help her be rid of those troublesome cousins, Rose settled down smugly on the nice, roomy seat cushion and prepared to crack open her treasured tome when an unwelcome voice interrupted her.

"Ahh, finally away from the relatives are we, Weaselette?" the boy smirked.

Rose didn't have to look up to respond.

"Get out Malfoy."

"So rude, what would your mother say?" he chastised.

"Actually, Malfoy," she turned to smile at him innocently, "My mother said that if you were being a prat, I could feel free to give you a punch in the face. I believe she did exactly that to your father in her third year too," That shut Scorpius up, "Or hex you into next Tuesday," she pretended to look thoughtful, "Whichever you prefer."

"You wouldn't," he scoffed.

"Oh, and Uncle Harry taught me this neat spell that turns you into a ferret. A bouncing ferret. He seemed to be hinting that I should try it out on you," she added, a malicious glint in her eye as she surveyed him again.

Scorpius managed to do the unthinkable and paled even further.

"Do I have to spell it out for you?" Rose asked irritably, slamming her book shut, "Get. Out. Malfoy, before I curse you straight to the infirmary!"

He looked at her curiously for a moment, then burst out laughing.

"What the bloody hell are you laughing about?" Now she was stuck with a crazy, annoying twit.

"Ah…" he wiped an imaginary tear from the corner of his eye, and sat down, much to Rose's chagrin, right beside her, "Isn't it obvious?"

"What's obvious?" she demanded through gritted teeth, while one hand reached into her pocket for her wand.

"You're attracted to me, duh!" he gave a goofy grin.

"WHAT!" she actually dropped Hogwarts: A History. On his foot.

"Ow! You have to admit it, you are just so attracted to my superior Malfoy looks," he wiggled his eyebrows in what he thought was a seductive fashion, "Simply infatuated."

"I –I'm not attracted to you!" she spluttered, for once lost for an appropriate retort, "I've got better taste than that!"

"Psh. You're hurting my feelings!" he said in mock offense.

"Good," she muttered darkly, "Might deflate your oversized head a bit."

"Come on! Don't try to deny it," he got up and leaned against the glass door, smirking suggestively.

"You insufferable, egotistic prig, Malfoy, I'm surprised you can still strut around with that fat head of yours! You know, girls aren't exactly throwing themselves at your feet, so stop acting like you're Merlin's gift to women!" That wasn't exactly true. Rose very well knew that the certain young male in front of her had been the subject of at least 17 crushes –and in just her year alone. No need to stoke his ego though, she thought.

"I'm not? Why –"

"Shut up and get out."

"If you so desire, milady," he gave an exaggerated bow, "But there is no use denying it, for our love was meant to be!" he proclaimed dramatically.

"What rubbish is this?"

"Well Weasley…" he said, speaking as though to a child, "You're a Weasley, and I'm a Malfoy."

"Uh, so?"

"Doesn't that mean that by all the clichés in the book, we should be madly in love, and engaged in a tumultuous, forbidden romance sometime soon?"

"No! What are you smoking?"

"You know, the halfblood and the pureblood, the children of sworn enemies become star-crossed lovers, the social outcast bookworm falls for the charming, handsome, Slytherin Prince who –"

"Are you serious? Have you been digging around James' room with Al again?"

"What? No! It's the oldest story –"

"What happened to the 'Wonder why your father married that Mudblood; is he really so desperate to be willing to taint his blood –wait, no, it's not like the Weasley's blood was ever clean' Malfoy?" she demanded incredulously.

"Er, yeah, about that –"

"Just, get out, I swear –" she began in her most threatening voice, and aimed her wand straight at his face, "I can't possibly bear your temporary insanity anymore. And I don't have any qualms about hexing your precious nose right off."

"You'll see, Weasley, Fate always wins out in the end," he grinned, one foot out of the door, still grinning as he sidestepped the first ominous streak of violet that whipped by his ear, "You'll see."

Malfoys, Rose thought angrily, Mum was right: arrogant, egotistic, and absolutely infuriating to the last degree. Not to mention crazy, and evil. Must be all the inbreeding.

She gently picked up the fallen book, desperate to savour the few precious hours she had left, even though she somehow already knew the image of a certain smirking blond would ultimately drive her distraction. Blond, with those smoldering grey eyes…

Wait. Did Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy just declare his love for her? Her? Rose Weasley? She pondered the possibilities for a moment, before snapping back to reality and shaking her head in disgust.

The world must be going mad, she decided. That had to be it.

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