The Million Dollar Question: Cupid Fever Chapter 7: February 14th 1995

For the next few weeks everything progressed the same except that Hermione's morning sickness got much worse. She visited Madame Pompfrey and was told that there was little she could do, but she still wanted Hermione to keep her updated on her symptoms. As Valentine's Day drew closer her morning sickness was so bad that Poppy had her stay out of classes for two days. The others knew something was up, but they didn't pursue it because of the upcoming holiday. The whole of Gryffindor Tower knew that Dean was painting something really big for Luna, but none of them knew what it could be except that it was very colorful judging from the paint covering him when he was seen. Seamus had asked Harry if he knew of any place quiet for himself and Pavarti and Harry had gladly shown him the Shrieking shack and how to open it. Since then the boys were always there fixing it up. Another of Harry's projects was fixing and cleaning up the Chamber of Secret's for a fun hang out. Neville, still surprised that Hannah was with him, was planning the whole day out for them. It included picnicking and other things they both enjoyed. This also had him out of the tower and down in the kitchens because he had asked Dobby to teach him how to cook. Ron and Lavender had decided to just go to Hogsmeade and spend the day there. Harry planned for him and Ginny to fly somewhere to have a picnic after asking Dobby if he could pack them a basket. Finding a suitable spot occupied most of his time, along with his two projects and helping his friends with their plans. So this left Hermione by herself or with Viktor most of the time. She also spent a lot of time with his friends Simon and Lukas, his fellow seventh years. She enjoyed hanging out with them and thought they were nice.

On February 11th Hermione went to Poppy's for her weekly check-up and Poppy had a revelation. They were talking about Molly's pregnancies and how they had gone. Suddenly Poppy said without really thinking, "The last time I knew someone with morning sickness this bad they were having twins."

Hermione gasped, "You don't think I could be having twins do you?" She asked in a worried and panicky voice.

"Hmm, I don't know, but I don't remember the spell to check so I'll look it up and get back to you soon," the matron replied. There was really no doubt in her mind, but she didn't want the girl to worry about it all week.

On Valentine's Day Hermione woke up like she usually did, rushing to the bathroom. Classes were cancelled today so her roommates were sleeping in; Professor Dumbledore had wanted the students to pay attention and come to class and knew with all the couples running around this would not happen. So instead he had planned a Hogsmeade day. This gave Hermione some relief knowing that Lavender and Pavarti would not walk in on her throwing up… again. When she got down to the Great Hall she only ate a little bit in fear of throwing up again. When the owls came swarming in Hermione was not expecting anything, so was surprised when she saw three owls heading her way. One was carrying two intertwined roses in its claws and the other two were holding letters. Seeing the roses made her so happy that she had Viktor. One letter was from him, but she didn't want to open that one here so she opened the one from Poppy first. It read 'Dear Hermione, I found the spell that we need to confirm or condemn my suspicion so stop by anytime this week. Poppy P.S. please bring Viktor with you.' Relief and panic flooded the pregnant fourth year. She was only fifteen and would be close to sixteen when she gave birth. She didn't want to be a mother at sixteen, but the other option was not an option for her. Having one baby would change her life in an extreme way, but having two… she shuddered at the thought.

After she finished her small breakfast she grabbed her letters and roses and headed to the Room of Requirement for some privacy opening the other letter. She remembered the day that the she had heard about the room from Dobby. After she learned about his employment to the school she vowed to get to know the creature. She wanted to learn all about the wizarding world and what better way than through his eyes. They talked about many things, the castle included. While on the topic of the Hogwarts castle she complained about never being able to find somewhere quiet to relax because of her roommates and their incessant gossiping. Dobby went on to tell her about the room and then upon her request showed it to her. She was amazed and intrigued by the room. It became her escape especially before the first task when Ron and Harry were fighting. Coming out of her flashback she walked back and forth three times in front of the wall on the seventh floor. When she went through the door that appeared she found herself in a room in similar appearance to her common room except smaller. She sat down in a big arm chair and opened her letter from Viktor.

My dearest Hermione,

I transfigured these roses for you from a hair of yours and mine. This symbolizes our love for each other and how our lives will forever be intertwined. Please, meet me today on the seventhfloor at twelve-noon.

I love you, Viktor

Hermione smiled at the letter, picked it up, put it in her bag then looked at her watch. It was quarter to ten. She smiled again and picked a pregnancy book out of her bag. She had transfigured the cover to look like a muggle novel. She was reading the section on multiples and becoming more and more concerned that she indeed was having at least twins.

When it was half past ten Hermione decided to go down to the kitchens to get a snack. Walking down to the kitchens she passed many couples holding hands or snogging. When she got to the kitchens Dobby greeted her in his usually fashion shouting, "Miss 'Mione" over and over again and wrapping his little arms around her legs almost toppling her over. "Hello Dobby," Hermione replied to the elf she had long considered a friend. She had not been down to see him since the ball and felt rather guilty about it. He looked at her and asked a question that she had not been anticipating.

"Miss 'Mione, are you pregnant?" the little elf asked with confusion written all over his face.

Hermione gasped and nodded her head, "How did you know?" she asked in a small, timid voice.

Dobby gave a reassuring and sympathetic smile, "Us elves, we must be knowing these things. It is part of our magic, miss," replied Winky who up until now had been sobbing as usual, but had gone quiet when Dobby asked his question.

"Is there any way that you can make me look normal when I start showing?" Hermione asked in a cautiously optimistic voice.

Both of the elves bobbed their heads up and down and all three of them broke into big grins. "Winky and Dobby would be honored if you'd be letting us help you withs this, Miss 'Mione."

Hermione started to tear up, "You both would do that for me?" her voice rising on the last word.

"We woulds be happy to," Dobby replied smiling.

Hermione knelt down between the two elves and wrapped her arms around them and started to quietly sob. The two elves exchanged looks with each other and began to gingerly pat her on the back. The other house elves in the room saw the crying girl and felt the presence of her child so a few of the elves who had been around pregnant witches before got her some saltines and a glass of water. A young elf named Totsy took the food from the other and walked over to her and tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped a bit, but when she saw the elf looking at her with those big eyes she dried her eyes with her sleeve and gave the elf a shy smile. "Thank you?

"Totsy. Me is named Totsy."

"Thank you Totsy"

"You is welcome miss."

"I came down here looking for a snack, but forgot all about it when they told me they could tell I was pregnant."

The little elf's eyes got a little bigger, no one had thought to tell her that the girl was pregnant and since she was so young she had yet to learn some of the elves ways, "We is glad that you could be here." The little elf was still rather surprised that someone so young could have a baby. So she asked, "Miss, if you don't minds me asking, how many years are you?"

"I'm fi-fifteen," Hermione replied stuttering a little on the number she knew was low.

Totsy gave the young girl a little smile; she was fifteen years too, but nowhere near ready for elflets, "We will bes happy to helps you with whatevers you need." When Hermione was fed and watered and had thanked the elves it was quarter 'til noon so she slowly got up to head up to the seventh floor to meet Victor. Walking up there she remembered a bit of what her aunt, a florist, had told her about flowers, specifically what different roses meant. She was thinking about the intertwined roses and what her aunt had told her about roses like that. If she remembered correctly her aunt had said that they meant something about a proposal. She frowned a little then smiled, there was no way that Viktor was crazy enough to do that. When she arrived on the seventh floor she walked back and forth in front of the special place on the wall, thinking of the place Viktor was. When she opened the door she was floored, not only was there a beautiful bed scattered with red rose petals, but there was a nice little place with a table and two chairs and delicious looking food. Viktor was standing behind one of the chairs and beckoned her over to him with just his eyes. He held out her chair and helped her sit down. She smiled sweetly at him in thank you.

"Viktor, this is so beautiful, so how much was you and how much was the room," she quipped a little smirk in her eyes.

"The room did everything accept the food and flowers," he replied giving her a little smirk of own. "Would you like to eat?"

"Yes I would, it looks absolutely delicious. How did you learn to cook and where did you cook?"

"I learned to cook from my mother before she died; it was something that we always did together because it was always just me and her. And the room gave me the kitchen when I asked and the food I got from the kitchens and before you ask, I bought the flowers."

"Oh Viktor, I'm so sorry I didn't know that your mother died, do you live with your father now?"

"I don't remember my father; he died when I was very young."

Hermione gave him a small smile and reached across the table to give him her hand, "Thank you for telling me this, it must be really hard to talk about."

"It is, but I moved we moved in with my mother's brother after my father died and he was a big Quidditch fan so I have him to thank for my career."

"Do you think I could meet your Uncle sometime?"

"Of course, he has been asking to meet you for a while now."

"How does he know about me?"

"We have a floo back on the ship that I use to talk to him every week with, I could bring you with me one weekend and you could really meet him, or you could talk to him on one of my floo calls to him."

"I think I'd like to talk to him first before we visit, but we could go there for Easter break or something."

"I would like that a lot." After they finished the meal Viktor got up to clear the plates and came back with dessert. After they had finished with that Viktor again took the plates away, but when he came back he got down in front of Hermione on one knee and pulled a ring box out of his pocket. He flicked it open and inside was a simple, yet beautiful diamond ring. He took a deep calming breath and asked, "Hermione, will you marry me?"

Hermione looked at him and asked, "Why are you asking me that question?"

He sighed, he knew that she would pull something like this, "Because I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life you and our baby."

She thought about his answer for a moment then asked, "So even if I wasn't pregnant you would be thinking about asking me that?"

"You know I wouldn't be thinking about asking you it now, but even before I knew that you were pregnant, I had been thinking about you how we would keep this up over the summer and beyond."

"Really? So you're not just doing this because I'm pregnant?" she asked starting to tear up a little.

"Yes really."

"Then yes, I will marry you." She smiled and then tackled him to the ground. Meeting lip to lip and taking full advantage of it. Slowly they disengaged and Viktor hooked his arms under her knees and back to pick her up. He slowly lowered her unto the bed.

"I love you," he whispered in her ear; slowly removing her clothes while she removed his.

"I love you too," she whispered back. A while after the act that had got them engaged, Hermione remembered the letter she had gotten from Madame Pompfrey. "Viktor, when we get a chance we need to go to the hospital wing, okay?"

"Why?" he asked slightly worried, "You're not hurt are you?"

"No, no, no, nothing like that," she said with a slight laugh in her tone. "Madame Pompfrey just wanted us to come by so she could do the multiples spell."


"She thinks I might be having twins because she hasn't seen morning sickness this bad since Moll's pregnancy with Fred and George."

"Oh, okay, do you want to go down today?"

"Yes, I think we should and then we can tell her about the engagement since she is the only one who would really get it. Except maybe Lukas and Simon if you've told them, have you?"

"No I haven't, but I have been thinking about it and I wanted to ask you first. So do you think we should tell them?"

"Yes I think we should tell them about the pregnancy as well as the engagement, it will be nice not to have to hide it from some people. Oh and did I tell you that Winky and Dobby said that they could make it look like I wasn't pregnant."

"Thank you, and you didn't tell me, but that's great."

"You're welcome, so how about we get dressed and then head down to see Poppy and then Simon and Lukas."

"Okay, but it might take me a while to get dressed when there is a beautiful woman in my bed."

"Viktor," she screeched blushing.

"Oh and I forgot to ask is there anyone you want to tell?"

"Umm…maybe Ginny, but I don't know if I do want to tell anyone."

"You should tell her, but now it's time for us to try to get dressed." It took a couple of tries, but they got dressed after a while and headed down to see Poppy. When they got there they went straight to her office because they saw her attending to some patients. Hermione slipped her ring on from inside her pocket and sat down to wait for Poppy to have a moment. When she got down with the last of her patients she went to greet the guests in her office. She smiled when she saw them.

"Hello Hermione," she said taking the girl in a hug, "Viktor," she said nodded her head at him. "What can I do for you?"

"You said you found the multiples spell, correct?"

"Yes dear, would you like me to perform it on you?"

"If you might," she said taking Viktor's hand, "But first we have something to tell you. We're engaged!" she said squealing.

"Oh that is so great. Let's see the ring," as she said it Hermione held her hand out beaming, "Wow, that is one pretty ring."

"Yes it is"

"Well, how about that spell now?"

"Yes let's," Hermione said as she lifted up her shirt.

"Ostend Foetus," the three turned to look at the pregnant witch's stomach which glowed pink in one spot and blue in another. "Well, that settles it you are pregnant with fraternal twins a boy and a girl. Congratulations." Hermione started hyperventilating a little and Viktor rubbed soothing circles on her back.

"I don't think I can do this," she said taking deep breaths as Madame Pompfrey instructed. "It's gonna be so hard. I'm fifteen and I'm going to have two babies by the time I'm sixteen." She took another deep breath trying to calm herself.

"It'll be okay," he said, also taking a deep breath. He was only eighteen and had a career already and now he would have a family. "We get through this together. We can do this."

Hermione and Viktor made their way down to the Durmstrang boat to see Simon and Lukas to tell them their secret. They knew that both boys would be there seeing as their girlfriends we in another country. The closer they got the more nervous Hermione became about telling Viktor's friends. When they neared the gang plank she took a deep breath and Viktor took her hand trying in vain to calm her. She took a deep breath and stepped onto the boat following Viktor. They made their way to the bunk room first, but when they passed the common room they saw the boys in question. They both took deep breaths before walking into the room.

"Hey guys," they said looking up from doing their homework.

"Hey," Hermione responded in a weak voice.

"Are you okay Hermione?" Lukas asked with concern in his voice.

"Umm, kinda."

"What do you mean kinda? Is she okay Viktor?" the concern dripping into his voice.

Viktor scratched the back of his head in nervousness looked around before casting a silencing charm around the room, "Well she is fine, but is also, umm, pregnant." He said wincing slightly at the looks on their faces.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU SAY, VIKTOR!" Simeon shouted through gritted teeth.

"He said that I'm pregnant," replied Hermione meekly casting her gaze to the floor. Simeon looked at her and gave her a small smile, but then turned to glare at his friend.

"Lukas, say something please," Viktor pleaded almost silently.

Lukas blinked and gave a small, but encouraging smile, "Well, I guess congratulations are in order then," he said chuckling slightly. "So do you know if you're having a boy or a girl yet?"

Hermione smiled shyly and looked up into Viktor's eyes, "Both," she replied, confusing the Quidditch player's friends.

"Uh, Hermione, what do you mean by both?" Lukas asked hesitantly.

Viktor spoke for her, "Today we found out that we are having twins, a boy and a girl." Giving the boys a brilliant grin, "And we're engaged," he gushed almost sounding like a girl with the tone in his voice.

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