Stiles rubbed a hand over his rounded stomach and pondered over being a statistic. He was 16 and pregnant; although by the time he gives birth he'll be 17. He had one night with Derek; one glorious night after he found out the Alpha hadn't killed him. That was 7 months ago and Stiles kind of feels guilty for doing all the stuff he did (running from crazy Alpha's, getting tossed around) before he knew he was pregnant. He was a Third, he knew he could get pregnant but since he was so in love with Lydia he and his Dad had decided that birth control wasn't necessary, now he kind of regrets it.

He supposes it wouldn't be so bad if Derek was more of a participant in the pregnancy. He went to the sonogram appointments, checked up on him, bought the baby clothes and even had a nursery made in his new house, but Stiles wanted more. He supposed what he should say is he wants Derek to be more in his own personal life. When he asked Derek when the baby is born, if they could see if they could have a relationship other than having a kid together and Derek said no. They had one night together and that was it. And Stiles was fine with that, at least that's what he told Derek. But on days like today, when they're at his sonogram appointment and Derek is holding his hand he likes to pretend that there's more to the touch then friendship.

He likes to pretend that Derek loves him as he wipes the tears from Stiles' eyes when they tell them that the baby has finally gotten into a good enough position to see that it a boy, as Derek wipes the blue gel from his stomach and talks to his son as the OB/GYN prints pictures. He doesn't correct his doctor when she calls them a couple; he's too busy relishing in the moment of a nonexistent relationship.

He acts like it doesn't hurt when Derek drops him off at his house with a simple see you later. He acts like he doesn't see his Dad's slightly disappointed face when he walks inside. He hands his Dad the pictures and acts like he doesn't see his Dad put them down without even looking. He goes up into his room and lies in bed. He tries not to think about how people at school stare, about how much he's disappointed his Dad. About how Scott is suddenly best friends with Jackson, or about how he no longer returns his calls.

Despite all the things running through his mind he can't help but smile when he fells his baby kick. He rubs a hand over the taunt flesh and ponders about being a statistic. If being a statistic means he can't be with who he wants to be, that he's ignored, and he a disappointment; that's okay. He'll overcome what's expected of him, he'll find somebody better, and he'll never let his son down. The being growing inside of him was his own little happiness.