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WARNINGS: Some swearing and OOCness from John, though not in this chapter so much.

Chapter 1 Vacation?

Sam and Dean walked into their latest motel after yet another exhausting hunt. They hadn't stopped for a nice rest for a long time, preferring to keep fighting with everything that they had. And it wasn't only monsters they were fighting either. No, they had been having more bitter arguments since Cas died then Sam ever remembered having in his life.

"Castiel?" Dean's startled voice brought Sam out of his sleep deprived daze to stare at the angel. He had watched the angel die for Lord's sake! How many times was God going to bring Cas back?

"Cas!" he gasped uncertainly. "I thought….we saw you die!"

"Hello, Sam, Dean," Castiel said gravely. "I am, indeed, dead, but it has come to my father's attention that you two have not been taking proper care of yourselves or each other."

"Dude, we're fine. We're just really busy too. We'll take a break when we get time," Dean said in a stiff voice. He obviously would've been angry at Cas for bursting into "his" business if he wasn't so relieved to see the angel.

"I am sorry, Dean, but you are important players in this war, and my Father has taken a special interest in you," Castiel answered. "He has sent me because I am currently the only dead angel he trusts enough to not kill you.

"God…God has taken an interest in us?" Dean asked incredulously. "For some reason I'm having a hard time believing that."

"Angels go stay with God when they die?" Sam asked interestedly.

"It is true," Castiel insisted. "And yes, Sam, we go to our father when we die. He 'keeps an eye' on us until the world needs us again."

"Now," Castiel continued, turning back to Dean, "he said that you have two choices. One; go stay with your Uncle/ Father figure Bobby Singer, or two; we will force you to take some time off our own way."

"That sounds like a very vague threat," Sam said apprehensively.

"It is not meant as a threat," Castiel assured him. "It is meant as a promise."

That didn't really make Sam feel any better.

"Look, Cas, thanks for the offer, but we're good," Dean said. "Are you back to stay?" he asked anxiously. He had really missed Castiel.

"I thought it would come down to this. I am truly sorry. There is nothing I can do against my Father's orders. Besides, I think this is for the best." And with that Castiel reached out and touched their foreheads. Then there was black for Sam.


When Sam reopened his eyes he didn't know where he was. He was standing next to the Impala, and Dean was right next to him, but other then that nothing was familiar.

"Dean?" he asked alarmed as his brother swayed next to him.

"I'm fine," Dean snapped, shaking off the hand that Sam had reached out to steady him.

"You got any idea where we are?" Sam asked, scanning the area around him.

"Knowing Cas? Could be anywhere," Dean grumbled. "Stupid angel," he added under his breath with a sad tint to his voice.

"Well, let's drive to the nearest gas station and find out then," Sam said agreeably. It was hard for him to see Castiel too, but Dean obviously had it worse.

Dean threw him a look and started unlocking the passenger door that they were standing next to.

Suddenly both of them found themselves pressed face down to the hood of their car, a large hand holding their hands behind their backs.

Sam wondered how they had been caught. It had to be the exhaustion, he decided after a few seconds. Nothing else could've made it so easy for him and Dean to be pinned. Castiel and God were probably right; they did need a rest.

"I know my car might seem like a very attractive thing to own, but there is a reason I have remained owner of it all these years," a very familiar voice snarled into their ears. A familiar and dead voice.

"Hey Sam, what was the name of that one book of yours that that demon burned? You have to remember it; you got so pissed that you exorcized it even though Dad and I were screaming at you to get away from it. Dean asked.

Sam let his head thunk onto the top of the car in disbelief. "Really Dean. Really. You need to know this right now?" Sam asked.

"Just answer the question," Dean gritted through his teeth.

"I don't know…The Lord of the Rings; the Fellowship of the Rings, I think. Why?" Sam asked.

"And did you…..did you ever replace this book?" Dean asked, sounding indescribably nervous. He was somehow managing to stare at something through the back window shield of the car. How he did that with his upper body plastered to the top of the car was anyone's guess.

The man holding them was obviously perplexed, but chose not to interrupt for the time being. He didn't relax, though. If it was who Sam thought it was the man was gathering information about them. But it couldn't be him; he was dead….

"No, Dean, I didn't. Dad got pissed, remember. He told me my obsession with books was going to get me killed some time," Sam answered.

"Damn it. I'm going to kill Cas," Dean hissed. "Look," he said, now directing his speech towards the man behind them, "we kinda need you to let us up so we can explain."

"Dean…you're not actually contemplating the idea that that might be Dad, are you? Cause Dad's dead, no matter how much we both wish we could change that."

"Shut up Sam," Dean ordered.

Sam huffed.

"Give me one good reason that I should let you up," the man (John?) who was holding them said.

"We aren't going to steal your car," Dean proclaimed exasperatedly. "It's going to be mine in a few years anyway. It would basically be the same as stealing from myself, which makes no sense."

"Dean, you're just making him even more confused and more likely to kill us. You remember how overprotective he was when we were younger," Sam said exasperatedly.

"Who are you?" their father snarled.

"One….two…three," Dean muttered. They stood and whirled at the time, pulling knifes from waist bands. They were faced with a real live version of their father. "

Look, I know this is going to sound completely crazy, but we are actually your sons, from the future, sent here by and angel," Dean confided.

Dean….dude, are you serious? You didn't believe in angel until you had solid proof. A.K.A when Cas pulled you out of hell. What the hell makes you think Dad will be any different? If anything he's even more paranoid then you," Sam said, slapping a hand to his forehead.

"You know, if this is seriously an attempt to rob me you're doing a very bad job of it," John announced thoughtfully. Then he sighed. "I know there's a mental center near here; did your friend escape from there?" he asked Sam sympathetically.

Sam burst out laughing and Dean huffed angrily.

"You know what, you can just call Cas, Dean," Sam managed between slightly hysterical bursts of laughter.

"Cas doesn't live up my ass dude. I've told you this before," Dean exclaimed exasperatedly.

Sam cleared his throat as he gazed at the formerly empty space behind Dean.

"Are you kidding me Cas? Are you seriously up my ass or something? Because that's just creepy," Dean complained without even having to turn around.

"You don't belong here," Cas stated in his usual blunt way, ignoring Dean slur on his character. It was so like Cas that it made Sam's heart ache.

"No shit Sherlock," Dean said sarcastically. "You mind zapping us home?" Sam was pretty sure he was the only one who could hear the hidden pain in his brother's voice.

"I cannot 'zap you home'," Cas said, much to Dean's annoyance.

"Why?" Sam asked.

"I sense that it is my father's will for you to be here. I will give credit to your story so your own father will believe you, and then I must go back to Heaven."

"Dammit," Dean hissed under his breath. "I want to go home, Cas. You're the one who zapped us here in the first place; you can zap us home. Screw God and what he wants for once."

"Dean!" Sam yelled. "You don't ever say 'screw God' in front of an angel. Well, frankly you shouldn't say it anyway, but especially in front of an angel."

"Oi!" John yelled, suddenly taking charge like he had done so many times with Sam and Dean's arguments when they were younger. "I want to know what's going on, and I want to know now."

His tone had Sam instantly straightening his posture and locking his hands behind his back; the perfect soldier. Dean on the other hand just stared at the man stubbornly. Sam nudged his older brother with his shoulder, desperately hoping Dean would get the message. He wasn't really in the mood for fighting or scolding right now, and it seemed they were going to tell their father everything. Defiance never ended well for either of the younger Winchesters.

"Leave me alone, Sam," Dean said, turning his stubborn gaze on his younger brother. "Let's start over," he then said, looking back to their father. "Name's Dean Winchester, this's my brother Sam, and that," (pointing at Castiel), "is Castiel, angel of the Lord, and affectionately known as Cas and Cassie."

"And I should believe this because….?" John asked, clearly not believing a word of what they were saying.

"Hey, Cas, do your creepy angel wing thing," Dean said.

Random lightening flashed, revealing Cas's wings.

"There, like, a million times more lore on angels then anything else," Sam added in. "Of course, that doesn't really prove anything because there's tones of lore on unicorns and I haven't met one of those. Yet," he added. With their lives anything was possible.

"Well, that kind of proves that," John deliberated slowly. "Or at least it proves you're supernatural. I've never heard of a creature that can make it look like they have wings when lightening flashes. Come to think of it, I've never heard of a creature that can produce lightening before…."

"That would be because lightening is an act of God," Cas said.

"Right, well then," John said, eyeing Cas warily.

"Don't worry about him; he's always weird," Dean interrupted flatly.

"Dean!" Sam yelled.

"He is having a hard time right now," Castiel observed. "Do no worry; I will not hold it against him."

"Don't even get me started on how pissed I am at you right now buddy," Dean warned. "You miraculously come back from the dead only to send us, what? It has to be over fifteen years, back in time. That's not cool man."

"Thank you Castiel," Sam interrupted. "I think you can go home now." he interceded, trying to keep Dean from saying something even more insulting and not end up offending Cas at the same time.

"Good bye," Cas deadpanned. He then vanished into thin air.

John stared blankly at the space Cas had just occupied for a few seconds, then turned to his two grown sons. "So, you have any proof you are who you say you are?" he asked. Just because angels suddenly existed didn't mean they would randomly dump future sons into his path. It made no sense to him.

"Well," Sam started, seeing Dean wasn't really in the mood for this right now, "that actually depends on how old our younger selves are. We have scars, and stuff, but that wont prove anything if our younger selves don't have them yet. "

"Wish I hadn't thrown away that necklace," Dean brooded. "It would prove it. You have to be at least eight to be reading such a freakishly bog book after all."

"Oh, thanks Dean," Sam praised, pulling at the cord around his own neck.

He pulled the amulet over his head and held it out, making sure to keep a strong hold on it.

"Where did you get that?" a younger voice asked as a fourteen year old Dean stepped around their father.

"Here we go," Sam thought.