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The next day when Arthur walked into his and Merlin's flat he was surprised when Merlin was sat at the kitchen table. "Merlin."

"I'm sorry about last night."

"You have nothing to be sorry about Merlin. I saw Vivian and she told me all she said. That scar wasn't from a tattoo removal it was from when she fell over when she was ten. Don't let what she says upset you anymore Merlin. It isn't true. I love you."

"I love you too Arthur. And I'm sorry." Merlin stood up and walked over to Arthur, wrapping his arms around his neck and kissing him. "You're home early."

"That's because I didn't go in."

Merlin pulled back a little, still having his arms on Arthur's shoulders. "Where have you been then?"

"I went to see my father. I run his company whilst he sits at home. I told him that until he retires then I won't be working like that anymore. I will be working nine until five Monday to Friday and have the weekends off. Because if I don't there is no point in being with you as I never get to see you."

"What did he say?"

"He said that he is the boss and he decides when I should or shouldn't work. So I told him if that was the case then he might as well change the company's name from Pendragon and son to just Pendragon as I will leave and find somewhere else."

"What did Uther say to that?"

"With mumbling and great reluctance he agreed." Arthur moved forward and placed a kiss on Merlin's lips. Want to go to bed?"

"This early?"

"Why not? I want you Merlin."

Merlin laughed and jumped up, wrapping his legs around Arthur who winced a little. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine baby. Less talking more stripping." Merlin laughed and pressed his lips to Arthur's who led them both to their bedroom.

Merlin dropped down from Arthur and they both quickly stripped each other of their clothes.

"I want to be bottom Merlin."

Merlin looked closely at Arthur. "You're serious?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes Merlin. How much you scream and beg for more when I am thrusting into you I want to know that feeling."

"Arthur it is you that has me like that."

Arthur placed his hands on Merlin's cheeks and gave him a small kiss. "And I know you will have me like that as well."

"Okay. It will hurt first time round though."

"That doesn't matter." Arthur stepped away from Merlin and got on his hands and knees on the bed and looked over his shoulder. "Fuck me Merlin."

But Merlin couldn't help but stare at Arthur's arse. "Arthur..."

"Yes Merlin?"

"You..you have my name on your arse."

"I know. I had it done today. You had my name which told me just how much you love me and now I have done the same. Fuck me Merlin."

Merlin couldn't move quick enough to get on the bed behind Arthur. Whilst Arthur balanced himself on one hand whilst using the other to get the lube out of the drawer, Merlin was gently running his hands over Arthur's cheeks. "I love you so much Arthur."

"I love you too baby." Arthur answered as he passed Merlin the lube.

Merlin lathered his fingers and tossed the lube aside as he held on to Arthur and slowly pushed one finger in. "Ah."

"Arthur? You okay?"

"It feels a little weird."

"It will do at first. I'll be as gentle as I can."

"Gentle? I don't want gentle Merlin. I won't break. Give it to me rough."

Merlin smiled and shoved two more fingers in and started to fuck Arthur roughly with his fingers. "Oh yes Merlin. Now. I want your cock now."

Merlin pulled his fingers out and lubed his cock up. "Are you ready?"

"Yes Merlin. Please. Just fuck me."

Merlin placed his hands on Arthur's hips in a tightening grip and pushed his own hips forward, moaning out loud of how the tightness of Arthur's hole felt around his cock. "Oh yes baby."

"Fuck Arthur." Merlin moaned as he started to thrust in and out of Arthur going harder and faster each time Arthur called out.

"Oh Merlin I'm close. Faster baby. More."

Merlin moved his arm round to the front of Arthur and took the blonds cock in his hand and started to pump it with his thrusts. "Cum for me Arthur."

Arthur felt Merlin's hand tighten around his cock which caused him to yell out Merlin's name as he came, spilling all onto the bed below him as he felt Merlin empty himself inside of him as he called out Arthur's name.

Merlin pulled his now softening cock out of Arthur who turned and dropped on his back causing him to wince a little and move onto his side. Merlin smiled and laid down beside him.

Arthur wrapped his arms around Merlin and kissed him. "Thank you Merlin."

"No. Thank you Arthur. Can we do that again sometime? You know. You bottoming?"

"Oh yes Merlin. I now know why you love it so much."

That Friday night Will had come round to invite them both out for a drink with him and Freya and Gwaine and Percival.

"Of course we will. Me and Merlin can meet you in the local about seven and we can go on from there." Arthur said but Merlin was looking at the bag in Will's hand.

"What you got there Will."

"Oh I almost forgot. After I told Gwaine about your matching tattoos he gave me this and asked me to tell you both to wear them when we all meet up later." Will placed the bag down and said goodbye as he left.

Arthur picked the bag up and took out what appeared to be two t-shirts. He handed the smaller one to Merlin and together they both held them out in front. Both laughing at what they said. On the front has the words 'LOST. If found please return to...' and on the back it reads 'check rear end.'

Merlin and Arthur walked into their local wearing the t-shirts which made Gwaine laugh out loud when they approached the table. "You guys actually wore them?"

"Why not?" Arthur asked as he sat down next to Merlin. Arthur kissed Merlin. "I have just seen Vivian, she does not look happy."

"Of course she doesn't. She probably expects me to be drowning my sorrows in my beer over you."

Arthur smiled and looked across at Gwaine and Percival. "Go an play some pool." Gwaine and Percival nodded and stood up. They knew what to do and what happened the last time Merlin and Arthur were here when Vivian mouthed off.

"How about if I win you bottom tonight." Percival said, running his hand down Gwaine's back who shivered a little. "Sexy I am always bottom."

"Enough flirting you two and go and play some pool." Arthur said.

Arthur and Will stood up, Arthur getting his phone out and heading outside. Will, going to the bar to get in a round of drinks. Freya stayed talking and laughing with Merlin for a few minutes before excusing herself and headed over to the bar to help Will.

As soon as Merlin was alone, Vivian made her move, not knowing that Arthur was watching her every move.

Merlin looked up when Vivian sat down opposite him. "What are you doing?"

"I am sitting having a drink with my friends and my boyfriend."

"Arthur won't be your boyfriend for long. Stop deluding yourself. I bet you this time next week you and Arthur won't be boyfriends."

"You know what Vivian? You are right."

Vivian jumped and turned to see Arthur, Will, Freya, Percival and Gwaine stood there. "This time next week I won't be Merlin's boyfriend."

At this point Vivian looked smug but it didn't last long as Arthur walked over to Merlin and got down on one knee. "Merlin will you marry me?"

"Yes!" Merlin all but shouted and threw himself into a laughing Arthur's arms. Whilst Will, Freya, Percival and Gwaine started to clap, Vivian stood up and stamped her foot and stormed from the pub.

"I love you so much Merlin."

"I love you too Arthur." Merlin tightened his hold around Arthur and buried his blushing face deeper into the blonds neck. Why did he first regret having the tattoo done? Having that tattoo had been the best decision he had ever made, even if he was drunk and couldn't remember having it until the following morning.

The end.

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