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The cats followed the yowls of terror to find Fallenlight and Mosspaw. They found their selves at HollowTrees. It had about 40 trees, perfect for bird and squirrel hunting. Its grounds were a bit rocky, but MistClan cats had hard paws, perfect for walking on thorns and rocky grounds. Destinypaw saw in-between the trees, a flash of silver fur, with some dashes of red on it.

Mosspaw. Thought Destinypaw. She raced into the trees to see a badger, Fallenlight and Mosspaw. Fallenlight was trying to wrestle the badger off of Mosspaw, while Mosspaw tried to push it off. Mosspaw lifted her paw up and scratched it. It gave a wail but didn't get off her. Destinypaw remembered the hunter's crouch, and started to get into the position. She unsheathed her claws and gave a huge leap.

She pounced on top of the badger, pushing Fallenlight off. Fallenlight cried, tears falling down her toriseshelled fur. Her flank had been badly cut, and it was gravely bleeding. Fallenlight was slowly dying. Destinypaw jumped down off the badger and Flightless flew in, her wings slowly flapping, as not to make the badger angrier.

"FLIGHTLESS, GET COBWEBS AND STOP FALLENLIGHT'S BLEEDING FLANK!" she yowled. Flightless obeyed and the she-dragon flapped her wings and went to find the cobwebs. Destinypaw had disappeared from the group of cats and so they got a hint that Destinypaw was in-between the trees, for Bouncefoot had heard her battle cry.

Bouncefoot saw Destinypaw and he started to battle the badger off Mosspaw. Mosspaw finally, with the help of Destinypaw and Bouncefoot, pushed off the badger. It ran away, wailing, but Bouncefoot went to follow it. Poor Destinypaw had witnessed her sister's near-death accident. Her leg scars started to bleed and Destinypaw groaned.

Just then Flightless came back with some cobwebs for Fallenlight. Destinypaw grabbed some and set them on her scars. There was enough left to treat Fallenlight and Mosspaw's injuries. Mosspaw had some wounds on her under-belly but the one on her tail was the deepest, and the one which looked very fatal. Destinypaw could lose her sister.

She looked up to StarClan, her eyes staring up at the peeking sky, which was turning an orangey colour. Destinypaw closed her eyes. "Let my sister be okay, PLEASE StarClan, let Mosspaw be okay! StarClan please, I'm relying on you, even though I'm the prophecy cat, I need you to do this for me!" she prayed silently.

Songstar and Miststar appeared. Darkness had taken over the background and Destinypaw shivered. She saw Mosspaw beside them, and Destinypaw recognized the place. The StarClan recovery place, in the StarClan camp! Mosspaw had been resting and recovering there. Destinypaw gave a skip of joy. Miststar smiled, happy to see that Destinypaw was happy.

"Your sister is strong, like you." meowed Songstar. "She will recover well, she cannot hear us, and we are not talking in her dream." She explained. Mosspaw stayed still, her chest still rising and falling.

Then she stopped breathing and Miststar's eyes widened in surprise. "Something's going wrong, Destinypaw!" she cried.

Destinypaw saw her sister fading and she wailed "MOSSPAW, COME BACK! SONGSTAR, MISTSTAR WHAT'S HAPPENING!" but the cats never replied. Destinypaw opened her eyes and saw her sister, her whole body stood still, like she was sleeping; only breathing slightly. Mosspaw was dying, she never realized it.

Destinypaw slapped herself with her paw. "Why didn't I notice? Mosspaw was badly bleeding, she was dying AND I DIDN'T NOTICE!" she cried. She saw Mosspaw, but breathing, just slightly, she was still dying.

Mosspaw slowly put her head up. "Destinypaw," she croaked. Destinypaw raced over to her sister in a heartbeat. Destinypaw felt guilty. She should have saved her from this. Flightless was staring at the two sisters. Fallenlight was fine. The bleeding had stopped, and she was recovering in the StarClan place.

Mosspaw's breathing became shallower and shallower. Her tail just kept bleeding, no matter how much cobwebs Flightless had put on. "Mosspaw…" choked out Destinypaw, tears falling down her cheeks. "I'll miss you, Mosspaw," whispered Destinypaw.

"Do not worry, my baby sister. I will be always watching over you, through the toughest times, and the most challenging times, I promise I will always be there with you!" rasped Mosspaw. She jerked and then fell limp. Mosspaw was dead.

"No, NO SHE CANNOT BE DEAD!" wailed Destinypaw. Mosspaw wasn't breathing. She was dead. Destinypaw cried "Mosspaw, I'll miss you always. Goodbye, my big sister." Destinypaw dug her nose in Mosspaw's fur and felt something rise and fall. She was breathing again! Mosspaw was alive!

Destinypaw yowled "Mosspaw, you're alive." Mosspaw slowly and carefully got up.

"Of course I did, I wouldn't let some filthy badger kill me!" she protested. The two sisters curled tails. Destinypaw purred into the silver tabby's fur.

"I'm so glad your back, sister."

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