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Year One, Day Three: The Last Day

I didn't know if I should thank my lucky stars that the adult toy convention was ending that day, or be scared of what was to come before the doors closed. My eyes scanned the schedule of events, and I nearly passed out when I read there was going to be a BDSM demonstration.

Could they really do that?

I took a sip of my coffee, extra strong just like the day before. My pervy little toy maker wasn't there that morning, and I was left with the creepy guys staring at me before I rushed back to Alice.

I headed into the hall where the stage was set up, to talk to the lighting guys and make sure we were on schedule for the first demonstration at ten. We were running out of time.

Next on my list was to check with the front to make sure they were ready for the doors to open. When I turned I slammed into a solid surface, the lid to my coffee popping off and spilling down my shirt.

"Hot!" I cried, my skin burning. I pulled the fabric away from my chest, my clipboard falling to the ground. Great, and I was wearing white today.

"Fuck, I'm so sorry!" Mase said, bending down to pick up my things. He stood back up and took the coffee cup from me, replacing the lid. "Pet, are you okay?"

My eyes opened to find Mase, obviously upset at what happened, holding my things while I was bent over, trying to keep the hot liquid that covered my skirt and shirt away from me. His tongue peeked out to lick his full lips, and I followed his gaze, realizing a little too late I was flashing him.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to…cause that," he said stuttering as he looked away.

"That's okay. I'll just…see if I have anything else to wear," I said with a soft sigh. "Come with me?"

We headed to my office where Alice was getting ready to head out and open the doors.

"Oh, my God, what happened?" she asked, setting her things back down on her desk.

"Run in with a painted wall," I quipped and Mase laughed.

"Yo, M and M boy, couldn't even get it in before dousing her with your hose?"

"Alice!" I gasped in shock as I ransacked my drawers, looking for anything I could change in to. There was a sweater, and while it would cover my shirt, it would do nothing for the stain on my skirt.

"As a matter of fact, as soon as she bumped into me in the hall, I couldn't contain myself and just let go. I didn't even get to touch her panties, but she did give a good show of her tits."

"She does have nice tits," Alice noted glancing at my breasts and I rolled my eyes.

"Very nice," he agreed before continuing on. "So supple and suckable."

"Can we focus on my clothes?" I tried to redirect the conversation, my cheeks flaming at their conversation about my breasts. Alice rolled her eyes, throwing a bag at me.

"I could get you an M and M Toys shirt to proudly wear," he said with a smirk.

"Marking your territory already?" Alice questioned and I blushed at her insinuation.

"That's not why I…I mean, while it would be great to mark you, I mean with a t-shirt! Not mark you, mark you. Not yet at least," he stammered, and I blanched as realization of what he was talking about sunk in. "Fuck! I'm shutting the hell up now."

Alice was cracking up, bending over in her laughter, and I shot her a dirty look. "Alright, I'm heading out. No fucking on my desk, got it?"

"Thank you, Alice!" I called after her, pulling the skirt and shirt from the bag she threw me.

Mase stared at Alice wide eyed and she winked at me, walking out the door.

"She's, umm…"

"Nosey, is what she is."

"Direct, is what I was going to say. Direct and fun."

"'My toys bring all the girls to the yard'," I said, reading his shirt out loud. I'd been internally wondering whether or not to take him up on the offer, but that solidified that I did not. "Yep, from what I saw yesterday, your toys do bring all the girls to the yard."

He laughed, a full, hearty laugh, and I had the urge to kiss him.

"Yeah, Em came up with this one."

"Was yesterdays an M and M shirt as well?"

He smirked. "Yeah, that one was mine."

My hands moved to the buttons on my shirt and began undoing them, Mase's eyes locked on the trail, but I stopped when the tops of my breasts were exposed.

"Are you going to turn around?" I questioned and he smirked at me, nodding as he moved to face the other wall.

"If I was to fuck you in here, I think I would stick to your desk," he said after a moment. "Otherwise that might be kind of awkward for you with her glaring at you later. Plus, I bet her desk has already been defiled while I bet yours is still virgin ground."

My cheeks flamed again and smiled, shrugging my shirt off and picking up the smaller, therefore tighter shirt of Alice's. Oh well, it was better than a coffee stained one.

"Good point," I agreed and he chuckled. "So, when do I get to find out what tattoo number nine is? I mean, I think I've grown a lot over the last two days."

He laughed and shook his head. "My lips are sealed. Seriously. I was still giving shit to Em on the ride down for letting it happen, because he knew how wasted I was. It's another one of those reasons I don't drink very often. It really is childish and in poor taste."

"At this rate I'm never going to see it," I said as I pulled the skirt up over my hips.

"At what rate?" he asked, turning toward me and sucking in a sharp breath.

"Too revealing, isn't it?" I questioned, looking down at the hem line, which was well above my knees, not to mention a horrid plaid, but he just stared at me. "Mase?"

With quick steps he moved toward me until he was inches in front of me, invading my personal space, but then again it didn't feel invasive with him so close. One of his hands cupped my cheek while the other wrapped around my waist, his lips crashing to mine.

It was hard and needy, our bodies mashed together. He felt so good, his kiss electrifying. Hell, his whole body was sin, and I would gladly burn in hell for more. My hands wound around him, pulling him close. Finally some relief of the tension he'd brought into my life three days prior.

"Oh, Pet, I just want to hide you away," he whispered in my ear, lips trailing down my neck.

I moaned when his hips rocked his hard cock into me, amazed I had caused that reaction in him. Mase, king of toys to make women come, was hard for me.

"You can't go out there wearing this," he said breathlessly, finding my lips and devouring them.

"I don't have anything else," I protested against his mouth.

He was panting, groaning, and then vibrating.

"Fuck!" he cursed and pulled out his phone. "Damn, it's Em."

"We really should…get back…out there," I said gasping for air, pulling away.

His brow scrunched and he nodded as his eyes roamed me from head to toe. "Yeah, you're right. Though, I really insist I help find you something more suitable to wear. Naughty school-girl look will get you mauled in there, and you're working," he said.

I was surprised at the general concern for my job.

Wait, did he just say naughty school-girl?

I looked at the outfit again and cursed. He was right. I was, without a doubt, wearing one of Alice's Cosplay outfits. Albeit nice costume, but costume nonetheless.

Fuck my life.

"What am I going to do?" I cried, my voice escalating in pitch as my panic rose. "I can't wear this! And I can't wear my coffee stained outfit either!"

"Bella, calm down. Do you have a friend you can call to bring you something new?"

I shook my head. "My roommate is out of town this weekend."

He looked me up and down again, and I could feel wetness pooling at the lust I saw in his eyes.

"Will the shirt do?" he asked, and I looked in the small mirror we had hung on the wall.

"I think so."

"Then all we need is a skirt and I know just where to find one."

"Pants are fine too. I only wore the skirt for you," I revealed, slapping my hand over my mouth at my confession.

Mase smirked at me, and cocked at eyebrow. "Really? That's hot, I have to say. Okay, follow me, and try to blend in for a few minutes. I'll grab your clipboard."

He held out his hand for mine; I grabbed it before we snuck out the door and toward the rapidly filling hall. We passed by the tables, Mase flashing his vendor badge, hiding me from as many people as possible. We traversed through the booths, and all the catcalls, which caused Mase to pull me tight against him, but I didn't mind. After zigging and zagging around we stopped at a booth.

"Kate, I need your help," he said.

A gorgeous blond, wearing a naughty librarian outfit smiled.

"Mase! How's it going? You know, you and Em are the talk of the convention. Every woman here wants to molest you, so if I were you, I'd find yourself a little lady. I'm available."

"No matter how you try to twist it, I'm not falling for it."

"What? Are you saying I don't look like a little lady?" she argued.

I was really confused. Did they have a history, or was this about business.

"As long as I can still see your Adam's apple, you're not going to cut it for me."

"Mase, I could suck your cock better than any born female. I know from experience all the places to touch." I could hear the words she spoke, but no sense of them could be made. It was then she noticed me and looked down in surprise. "Oh, or maybe you've found a little scrumptious play thing. She's the other talk of the convention. Every perv wants a go with the innocent convention planner. Lucky dog."

"We're here because I need to cash in a favor," Mase spoke, his voice a little more urgency when he saw the crowd growing inside the hall.


"From St. Louis."

"Oh, that. What can I do to you, stud?" Kate asked, leaning forward and smirking at him, licking her lips.

"Not me. I spilled coffee all over Bella's outfit and her friend lent her this," he said, pulling me in front of him.

Fuck he felt good with his body flush against mine, fingers digging into my waist as he lightly rocked his hips against my ass.

"They'll fucking rape her in that," Kate gasped, wide eyed. "Much like you're doing right now." She cocked her brow at Mase. I looked back and he was giving her a sly smirk and shrugged his shoulders. "I think I've got just the thing."

She grabbed my hand and pulled me away from him, pushing me behind a rack and began to strip me down.

"Don't worry, honey, girls aren't my thing," she smiled sweetly and winked. I stared down at her confused, and she laughed after seeing my expression as she peeled off my skirt. "Oh, girl, you need to have Mase defile your innocence before some sleezy guy takes advantage of you."

"Why does everyone keep saying that about me?" I questioned with a little more whine than I meant, as she popped my top off and handed me a dress.

"Because it's very obvious that you don't know much sexually. You've probably had sex a couple of times in a missionary position, sucked a little cock, though I'm sure more forced and probably didn't care for it, and never have had a guy go down on you. I doubt you own a vibe, and you've probably never seen a porno or been to a sex shop. Am I right?"

I stared at her as she pulled the dress over my head.

"You really got all that just from looking at me?"

She smiled at me, and it was a placating one. "Sorry, you just scream it."


"Dead on, wasn't I?" I nodded and lifted my arms as she wrapped a belt around my waist. "Sorry, but better that you understand why Mase is keeping you so close."

"Why is he? Do you mean…"

"Oh, no, not like that. Mase is a good guy; he's looking out for you. He may be inked, pierced, and fuck sexy, but he's got a heart of gold, that one. He likes you. He's a perv as well, don't get me wrong. You have to be one, to be here, but he's not the creepy kind of perv," she assured me, but I wasn't sure how to take her. "There, all done!"

Taking my hand, which I noticed was quite large for a woman; she led me back out and called for Mase. He turned and sucked in a deep breath, his eyes devouring me. I looked down to find a fairly conservative navy blue dress. It reminded me of an old stewardess type dress with high collar, short sleeves, button down, and white piping along the edges. It was tight, but about as long as the skirt I'd been wearing originally.

"Fuck, Kate, I'm not sure how this is much better," he groaned.

"Shut it, Mase! She looks fabulous! And all of her goodies are covered, so it is work appropriate. And you were the one to bring her to a sex costume shop. 'We bring fantasies to life' is our motto, remember?"

He heaved a sigh and ran his hand over his face, his other discretely moving the bulge in his pants, a small strangled moan slipping out.

Fuck, I wanted him. I wanted him to show me all the things Kate was talking about. I wanted him to make me a perv, just for him. I wanted him to make me his and his alone.

"Ready to get to work?" he asked blowing out a breath, then holding his hand out to me and breaking me from the day dream that was taking over.

"Umm, yeah. Thanks for your help, Kate!" I exclaimed, hugging her before taking his hand. Every time I slipped my fingers in with his, I had a feeling of belonging. I never wanted to let go, never leave. "She was really nice."

Mase looked down at me and chuckled. "Yeah, he is."


My jaw dropped, eyes wide, as everything came together and I stopped, causing Mase to stop and look back at me. His chuckle broke out into full-out laughter, pulling me to him as he kissed the top of my head.

"Fuck, you are so adorable."

"But...I…breasts!" I protested. "Higher voice."

"Pet, you just met your first transvestite."

"Oh, God, what are you doing to me Mase?"

"Welcome to the dark side, Pet. I promise, you're going to love it."

We headed back toward the doors leading out of the hall, Mase separating at his booth, and I went to work. Alice was at the ticket window, and I slapped her on the arm. She didn't need to ask, but burst out into laughter.

"Well, you're not wearing it; did he rip it off you and fuck you on the desk?" she questioned and I rolled my eyes.

"No, his phone rang," I said then realized, by the look on her face, I'd just admitted something had happened.

"Isabella Swan, what did that toy maker do to you?" she inquired, a shit eating grin covering her face and my cheeks flamed. I really needed them to stop doing that.

"We may have made out for a quick minute."

"And?" Alice's eyes widened in expectation.

"I think I'm ruined for life."

"I think you were ruined three days ago when his tattooed arm knocked on our office door."

I sighed and nodded. "I think you're right."

I didn't know what to expect when the shows began. I was afraid naked people would be walking around and sex would be taking place. A convention director's nightmare. By the fourth show, I relaxed. Clothes were kept on…well, all the appropriate areas were covered and no sex acts were actually being performed. Though, many were acted out, just clothed.

Later that day, I walked past the stage, and the familiar tingling sensation I always got when he was around hit me. It was then that he found me. He stood next to me as I watched the show, trying to figure out what was going on. I could feel the blood drain from my face as my eyes went wide when the whip cracked against the skin of a man on stage.

"Have you done that before?" I asked. He nodded 'yes'.

"You have to be open minded, sexually, in this business…very open minded," he noted. "I've tried a whole lot. Some I loved, some I didn't. Whips and chains do not excite me, but ropes and handcuffs do."

My face flamed thinking about him tied up. The image of his hot, toned, inked body, bound, giving me the opportunity to view number nine was enough to make my panties disintegrate right then and there. I had a sneaking suspicion it was below the belt. It would also give me time to tease his piercings.

The scene before us changed to a girl tied by ropes, a man with a strange type of whip moving toward her.

"Do you think you would be open-minded?" he inquired, and I noticed a bit of hesitancy in his voice.

"I'm sorry?" I blinked up at him.

"Are you open to new things, or are you strictly a missionary girl?"

"That's a little private, isn't it?"

"Bella, you're at a sex toy convention, watching a Dom flog his sub. I think personal boundaries are broken," he teased, flashing that sexy smirk of his at me and bumping my shoulder.

"Why are you asking? Do you want to flog me?" I asked, batting my eyelashes up at him.

"Fuck," he growled, licking his lips and adjusting his stance, arms crossed over his chest. His attention turned back to the demonstration, watching a parade of corset clad women walk across the stage. "Pet, I would do to you anything you wanted to, if it meant you were mine."

He glanced back down at me, his eyes heavy, and I knew he had the flogger in mind. Or maybe he just had visions of me naked and spread out before him. Either way, I had a strong desire for him to start that toy study on me. Even I was beginning to think a little light flogging might not be too bad…if it was with Mase.

My curiosity of what I'd been missing was definitely piqued.

He really was rubbing off on me.


The afternoon flew by and the last few hours were upon us. My gaze was always on Mase, no matter where I was in the room or what I was doing. I just couldn't stop looking to/at/for him.

I was in the booth in the opposite corner of theirs when I heard Em's voice booming through the thin partition. "You're lucky. I get turned on seeing the way she looks at you. I wish she'd look at me that way."

"You're married," Mase protested flippantly.

"Yeah, but you know how Rose is. She's gonna want her."


"Rose can't have her. And even if that would be something Bella was interested… Why the fuck am I even talking to you about this?"

"Oh, come on, you can't tell me you don't want to corrupt her and really integrate her into the M and M Toys way of debauchery."

I didn't know whether to be excited or scared about what Em had said, but found myself scooting closer to the wall to hear better.

"Em, how can I, in good conscience, even think about that with a girl I just met a few days ago, and with whom I have such an undeniable attraction that it has me wanting to kick the shit out of all the fuckers here that look at her? I can't."

I swallowed a gasp down so I wouldn't bring attention to my jarring reactions. Butterflies flooded my stomach.

I'd figured out he had to be at least a little attracted to me, but he was having jealous reactions? What did it mean? Should I tell him I felt the same?

"Man, you know she wants you, no problem there."

I choked on the air in my throat once again as I tried to fight off a gasp of shock. Was I that transparent? Was I coming across as a slutty woman with a crush?

"She's a good girl, and I am not a good boy."

"So? Corrupt her and make her a bad girl. I really think she could be what you've been waiting for, the woman you've been waiting to love. You've fucking followed her around since we got here, and you call her Pet."

My heart was beating out of control. Could he be right? Mase did seem to seek me out. Breathing was difficult as I considered all the things he would do to me if I was his.

The conversation was halted when some customers came up, and I couldn't help but stand there like an idiot, trying to decipher what all had been said. It was obvious Mase was as attracted to me as I was to him, which was comforting. What was a little unnerving was what Rose had to do with anything, and just how deep their depravity went. Could I handle it, whatever the extent may be?

My mind was whirling the rest of the afternoon, trying to decipher everything I'd heard. Mase was reluctant to pursue me it seemed, though both of us had an inability to stay away from each other.

Once again, I found myself standing at the M and M Toys booth, staring at a pillow that had a bunch of holes in it. I tilted my head trying to figure out why you would have drink holders in a pillow. Not only that, it was a little thin for most drinks.

"It's great for DP," Mase said, drawing my attention away from the strange pillow-like object and up to him, which might have been a bad idea when all thought left my brain. His green eyes piercing my brown eyes.

"DP?" I questioned, my brows furrowed.

"Double Penetration," he explained, but it still didn't make sense.

"Double Penetration?"

He couldn't keep the smirk off his luscious lips then. Leaning forward, he whispered low in my ear, "One in your pussy and one in your sweet puckered little ass."

He pulled back. I could feel my cheeks reddening and whispered out, "Oh."

I was called away after that, which made me happy to get out of such an embarrassing situation. Unfortunately, I was busy running around, and then helping with tear down, that I didn't get to see them again before they were all packed-up.

I tried to get an address to return the dress to Kate after I had it cleaned. She refused, saying it was mine now. It took care of whatever debt she had with Mase, and she was adamant that the dress was made for my body, therefore I had to have it.

My feet were killing me by the end of the day, and I just wanted to slip into my flats stored in my desk for the rest of the tear down. It was bound to go late into the night. Thank God I had Tuesday off, even though I had to work Monday.

"There you are. I've been looking everywhere for you," Mase called as I walked toward my office door.

"Hi," I greeted, struck again by how comfortable he seemed in his own skin, the little swagger in his step.

"Here, I have something for you," he said and lifted an M and M Toys bag from beside him.

"What's this?"

"Something to remember me by. Use it and think of me," he said with a wink.

He moved in nice and tight, almost on top of me, one arm wrapping around my waist, pulling me to him, while the other hand cupped my cheek. Leaning down, he placed his lips on mine, hard yet soft. I deepened the kiss, not wanting to let go, not wanting it to end, because it meant our time was up. My fingers fisted his shirt, his doing the same to me. Releasing my lips, he kissed up to my nose then finally kissed my forehead.

My body and heart were singing, and dying, knowing he was leaving.

"I'll see you next year, Pet," he said thickly, before brushing my hair behind my ear and placing another light kiss on my lips, then walked away. "Be good."

I stood frozen; completely overwhelmed that he was leaving…just like that.

"Stay Golden, Bella!" Em shouted from by the door. I snapped out of it and waved at him.

Mase turned and gave me one last heartbreaking look before turning back, continuing to walk away toward Em.

"Um…bye…" I swallowed my tears. "Mase?" he turned to me, "Will I…see you again…before next year?" I bit my lip trying not to cry.

He sighed and walked back to me, pain etched in his features as he softly touched my cheek. He began to say something, then pursed his lips and smiled gently. His arms wrapped around me as he kissed my forehead, lingering for a moment, then left me without another word.

I could feel the tears prick my eyes and I let them fall as I watched him move further and further away. A strange tightening appeared in my chest, almost as if my heart was breaking. Was that even possible so soon? He hadn't asked for a way to contact me. But what had I really expected? We were both very busy, I was working most weekends, and we lived four hours apart. Also, we live totally different lifestyles. It just wasn't practical, and I knew it, though my heart didn't want to accept it.

It was going to be a long year without seeing Mase.

In three days he changed me and my life. I would never be the same. A year couldn't come fast enough.

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