So the plot bunnies hit me hard today and this is the result…Ladies and gentleman I give you…

I'm sexy and I Know It!


Edward 38

Bella- 23




Chapter 1

Edwards POV...

This is the life.

Sitting here…overlooking the Miami bay.

Sipping my scotch and perusing the lovely bodies of a few sexy ladies on jets definitely every man's dream life.

I'm your quintessential bachelor, with a sexy body.

My chest isn't as sculpted as a twenty year olds, but the bush of hair I was blessed with more than makes up for it.

All the ladies like to get 'crunk,' with big daddy Cullen.

My Bling, Bling brings all the bunnies to my yard...hoping to spend the night with me.

Yep, ladies and gentleman...I'm sexy and I know it.

So whatcha' think of our dear old Edward…

Leave me some love.