Chapter 1

There did Jeannie go. Shaun tried to comfort Cody and Zach as much as he could. "When will mommy be back?" Cody asked. "I don't know little man, I don't know" Zach answered. Shaun gently rubbed over the backs of Zack and Cody while the thoughts of the fact that Jeannie left soak into their heads. "You ready babe?" Shaun asked at Zack. "Yeah, let's go" he replied. They took one last look at the street that was empty for several minutes already and stepped into the car. While driving to Shaun's new place it was pretty quiet. Shaun wanted to break the silence, but didn't know how. So he decided to give them some time.

"Where's my room?" Cody asked when they arrived at the mansion. "I don't know. Which one do you want?" Shaun replied with a satisfied smile. "Wow! Can I choose?" Cody responded agitated. "Sure you can! I have a few rooms left". So Shaun and Cody went upstairs as soon as possible. Zach looked at them while he was leaning against one of the pillars in the hallway. While he was watching a big smile turned on his face by realizing how lucky he was on that moment. After running upstairs Shaun took a look behind him. He caught Zach staring at him with that glance on his face. He knew Zach was back for good this time.

Hours past by while the boys fixed up Cody's room. When they were ready, it was already dark outside. Cody was worn out and fell almost instantly asleep. Shaun went downstairs to get himself a beer. While going downstairs, Zach was going upstairs. "I'm gonna check on Cody" he said. "All right. I'm gonna grab a beer. You want one too?" Shaun answered before giving Zach a kiss that made Zach scream for more. Zach looked seductive into Shaun's eyes and said with a much calmer voice than usual "Yeah. I'll have one". Shaun smiled and gave Zach another kiss before he left to get those beers. Zach went upstairs to check on Cody. He walked into the doorstep of Cody's room. He looked around and was amazed of what he saw. "Here's your beer babe" Shaun said while he surprised Zach with his presence. "You scared me right there" Zach said while he was calming down from the shock. "I'm sorry. Can you forgive me?" Shaun replied while he put both beers down, embraced Zach from behind and gave him a gentle kiss on the shoulder. Zach smiled and said "Sure I can" while he laid his arms on Shaun's. For several minutes they watched over Cody who was sleeping as cute as always. "I'm gonna go to bed." Shaun said. "Yeah. I'll be there in a minute" Zach answered. Shaun whispered "Okay see you in a bit babe" in Zach's ear before releasing him from his embrace. Shaun picked up his beer and left the room. Zach continued staring at Cody for several minutes. Then he also picked up his beer and went to the bedroom.

He entered the bedroom, where Shaun was already lying in the bed. It was since the morning that Gabe almost caught them together when he came home that they had slept together. He was nervous and exited at the same moment not noticing he just was staring at Shaun. "What's wrong?" Shaun asked. "Uhm... Nothing..." he answered while he put his beer on the bedside. Then he got undressed and crawled in bed. For a few minutes there was an awkward silence. Then Zach took the initiative by embracing Shaun while saying "I missed you so much". "I missed you to babe" Shaun replied and he turned around. He touched Zach gentle on his cheek and looked at Zach and said "You're still so beautiful". Zach smiled and had to keep himself under control for not saying Shaun had to shut up, like he did before. He knew Shaun was teasing him by saying that. Then he gave Shaun a kiss on the nose. "And sweet too? I must be very lucky" Shaun said. "Good thing you know it" Zach said while he gave him another kiss, but this time on the mount. Shaun was determined to not let Zach get away this time. So he started kissing Zach back passionately. Zach instantly fell for it. Romance was a certainty that night…