This is my story after the Volturi threatened to take it. I start my story about 6 years later. I am half vampire, half human and live with a clan of vampires. My parents are both vampires but I love my life. I have the best family and my best friend, Jacob, is the best anyone could ever ask for.

Just a little about us before you jump into my story.

My family, the Cullen's, had to move from Forks about 4 years ago. Grandpa Carlisle was getting asked questions and some people kept asking about my mom and why she looked like the rest of the Cullen's. One family even thought we were a cult, my dad read their minds and the next day we moved. We moved east so we could still be in forest, but Grandpa Carlisle could still get a job. My dad and mom were sad to leave their cottage and mom was really upset about leaving Grandpa Charlie. In the end it turned out okay.

Living in Saku, Washington was really boring. I wasn't allowed much and I missed Jacob A LOT. My mom always knew how I felt, just like when my dad left her.

Now let's continue with the rest of my story as Renesmee Carlie Cullen :)

I was waiting outside my house waiting for my mom and dad to come home. They had gone back to Forks to see if anyone would remember them. They raced down our new driveway in mom's red Ferrari. They didn't have a good face, which was a horrible sign.

"Hey Nessie! What are doing out here by yourself?" my dad asked, as if he couldn't read my mind.

"Honey are you okay?" my mother asked, she could just touch me and know I knew there was something wrong.

My parents lead me inside and there was my whole family in the room. Aunt Alice was on the staircase looking for the winning lottery ticket while Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett were watching some sporting show and Aunt Rosalie was with Grandpa Esme designing some future house design. They all stopped what they were doing when we entered. They all saw my dad's face, disappointment.

"We went to Forks and it seems there are still some people there that still talk about us. I saw an old teacher who swore I was a little Edward and Bella almost ran into some old friends who kept staring at us. We can't go back yet, maybe not for another couple decades at his rate."

My whole family had to move out of Forks when I was 2(really I looked 6ish). Some people at the hospital started asking Grandpa Carlisle about us and why we never look older. A week after that we moved 70 miles east to Saku. We all posed as Grandpa Carlisle's kids.

"Honey I know you wanted to move back before you finished growing but it doesn't look very possible, I'm sorry," my mom said. She seemed to be saying that a lot. She was sorry I had issues.

"It's okay, I understand. Might as well get used to it. We have forever to live and we hit rough patches sometimes." I finished my sentence with a fake smile and ran to my room heading straight for the laptop. Jacob was already waiting for me to chat with him about the news that I hopped would have well. His video feed opened and I immediately saw his bright smile. He was my best friend (and apparently my future husband).

"Hey! I miss you Nessie! I wish you were here! Everyone else has there imprints here all the time and your over there! What's the verdict?"

I couldn't lie to him. As much as I wanted to tell him we were packing right now, I couldn't.

"Jacob we aren't moving. My parents say we might have to wait decades! Can you believe it!" I started staring at the ring he gave me when I turned 5, it was a paw print and inside it had our name with little hearts~ Jacob and Nessie. I always touched it when I missed him. I looked at the screen and saw he was looking at his necklace that I had made for him. It was a dream catcher with my initials woven in "RCC."

"Well…I…We- Maybe…" *sigh* was all that Jacob could say. He was just as sad as I was.

"Well my parents did let me borrow the Ferrari this weekend to come visit you if you meet me halfway..." my looked at him as he slowly started smiling.

"I love you Nessie. Always thinking positive. I will run, drive, crawl wherever you want me to do as long as I can see you!" he almost howled he was so excited.

I told him some more about everyone getting antsy about living here and how Aunt Rose and Grandma Esme were already building another house. He told me about the pack and every once in while they get a whiff of vampires that normally leave peacefully. He told me he missed me. He had to go as his dad needed help and Jacob was his feet. We said out goodbyes and I closed my laptop. I started rubbing the ring and couldn't wait for the weekend to come. I feel asleep like a giddy girl.

My parents let me drive all the time. I was only 6, but looked 18ish. My dad was really good friend with Billy and Seth and Carlisle often spoke to Billy about any broken bones or anything else that happened to the boys. My dad always left me drive half way and Jacob would drive me the rest of the way and I had to stay in my own room. Jacob always was on patrol duty during the night so it worked out okay.

I woke up really early and found my mom. "Mom! I'm so excited. I haven't seen Jacob in a month. That's so much time! Can we please move closer?" I begged my mom to talk to my dad about it then to Carlisle. But every time I got the same answer. "Nessie, you know we had to move this far because A LOT of people drove 50miles or more to visit your grandpa and if we move closer someone could recognize us and say something."

I knew…but it was worth a shot.

I went downstairs to find Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper getting my books ready. They decided to homeschool me since they didn't have anything to do. Carlisle was a doctor in the little town we were in. Esme was an interior designer with Rose with some really cool clients. Mom and Dad were always researching and dong stuff, trying to figure out our next place to live and Uncle Emmett coached at the YMCA at night for adults. Aunt Alice normally taught me math, science and writing. Uncle Jasper taught me ALL history and reading.

"Now what do you want to do today? Start with some math or writing?" asked Aunt Alice.

"Or maybe how I killed soldiers and other details you won't find in these textbooks" grinned Uncle Jasper.

I looked at them and started laughing. They had such little in common and still found love. I looked at Aunt Alice and told said "We can start with math, hmmm maybe some algebra and then Uncle Jasper I want to find out more about these soldiers you killed." Uncle jasper went up to his room and started looking for his old uniform.

Aunt Alice and I practiced algebra for 20 minutes and jumped right into geometry. I t was really just review. My aunt told me I was going to get my HS degree in the summer but had to pass the HUGE test first.

3 days later I woke up and looked at my clock. It was 3am. I rolled over and looked outside. It was pitch black. Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett were playing tag football with my dad. Mom and my Aunts were watching as their personal cheerleaders. They always were active at night; they had all the time in the world. I decided to just start packing. I would leave the next day. Aunt Alice heard me move around and ran upstairs to help me pack.

"We have to pack clothes that can last awhile. Every time you come back from hanging out with those smelly mutts, all your good clothes are ruined! This time only shirts and jeans!" she protested.

We looked for my "bad" jeans that some old t-shirts and we packed some undergarments and then she told me to pack my bathroom things. I grabbed my bag and packed the usual; shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other things.

"Okay I think I'm ready, let's do this!" It was only 7am, but my mom promised to take me to get my hair done and nails done. I decided to take a nap. I woke up at about 3pm and almost forgot I had already packed hours before.

After hair and make-up, my Aunt said it was supposed to thunder, but not rain. We all smiled and grabbed our baseball stuff. I was going to be a good game! After the game I would only be miles away from Jacob.