The man took his two daughters out of the house and led them towards the forest. They willingly followed him along the path, past trees and bushes in the dark unknown. They heard the sound of wolves howling and other sinister creatures you would not want to meet on a night like this, but the sisters were too young to know the danger they were in.

"Where are we going, Daddy" asked the smaller one.

"We are going on a fun adventure" he replied simply.

"Well, it's not that fun so far" pointed out the other twin.

"It will be, I promise."

They walked for a few more minutes in silence until they got to a large clearing. The trees formed a perfect circle around an old fire pit, used by people many years ago. Here, the grass was green and there were more beasts hidden in the forest surrounding than any other place in the country.

"This is the place we were looking for" said the father "The first place the elders came after we had to flee Danu Talis"

The girls looked at each other. This was the coolest adventure they had ever been on!

"I'm just going to go to get something in the forest. You must stay put where you are. There are dangerous things in this forest, but you will be safe here. Understand?"

The sisters nodded as one, and watched their dad leave the clearing.

Once he had left the clearing, he broke into a run. It would only be a matter of time before little Scathach and Aoife realzed he wasn't coming back for them. When he reached the house, he saw his wife standing outside the door.

"Where did you take them?"

"I left them in the forest"

"Oh, what have you done? Why?"

"They are of no use to us. They don't have our powers because they were born after the fall of our island."

"Who cares what use they are, they are only six. They can't fend for themselves against all thoses monsters."

"They are strong, and it was my choice to make. I think it was for the better."

The women stared at him in disgust, but was not brave enough to stand up for the girls against her husband.