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Scathach's POV

At the beginning, Aoife and I kept hardly any secrets from each other. There were a few exceptions.

I was twenty years old. Nineteen actually, but I would be twenty in a few days. This birthday wasn't a big deal for me, as I had stopped aging physically about three years ago. What it was: a big deal for my sister. Aoife had always been one for celebrations. Most of the town was ready for the night of their lives at this party. There was to be music, dancing and fine food. I wasn't very enthusiastic about this idea at the start, but Uncle Prometheus had persuaded me into agreeing, for her sake.

At two in the afternoon, I stood at a farmer's stand. Aoife had asked me to buy some vegetables for her last-minute soup. As the farmer was selling cabbages to the humani in front of me, a man I knew only by sight came up behind me. He tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention, as if I didn't know he was there, and spoke to me.

"Aoife, your new swords are ready"

I'm not-" I didn't even have the chance to clarify my identity before this man continued.

"You can come pick them up whenever it is convenient" He look me in the eye, then left, as if he was in a rush. I called after him but it was no use, and by then, I was at the front of the line.

When I got home, my twin was in the kitchen, gathering the decorations we had made and found in the last few days. I wasn't meaning to distract her but I was full of curiosity, so I asked her about the swords.

She looked up for the first time since I had returned. "How do you know about that?"

"Well, someone on the street thought I was you. I guess we do look alike"

Aoife's facial expression changed from frustration to disappointment. She went back do designing a bouquet and refused to continue on this subject. I had to wonder what was up with my sister. She very rarely bought new swords, as she loved hers and it was difficult to get ones of the same quality as them. But I would understand that. The thing was: Why wouldn't she talk to me about it. I thought of the possible reasons. She could be training in secret again. She could be plotting something, but I would never, ever believe that of my sister. I trusted her with my life, even the, and I thought more of her. All in all, I had no idea.

We continued to get ready for the party, and all too soon, it was upon us. A certain humani wished us twins a happy birthday, and I started talking to him. He was from a land far from our town. He had come here with his family to flee a war a year ago, when he was eighteen. I had just started telling him about my family when Aoife came back. I had hardly realized she was gone, I was so into the conversation with this young man (and admittedly the young man himself).

"Scathach, come over here for a second."

"Can't you tell I'm talking to someone?"

"I have something for you!"

I looked the humani in the eye and hoped that he'd be here when I got back. "I have to go. I'll talk to you later."

Aoife did indeed have something for me. A large box with my name on it.

"The surprise is ruined, but open it anyways" She said.

Somehow, the pieces didn't come together in my mind, so when I opened the box and found, two beautiful swords, one gold and one silver, I was utterly surprised.

"Happy birthday sis!" The best twin in the world shouted before hugging me tightly. In the moment, I remembered why I loved her and trusted her so much. She would never do anything to hurt me and she would tell me everything that I needed to know.