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"Good morning, children!" the silver voice echoed against the walls. Lights flashed on, blinding the victims momentarily. The teens looked around, confused. They were all in metal cages, with gags around their mouths. They struggled to get out of their bonds, but to no avail.

"Don't bother trying to escape, kiddies. They're all infused with traces of your weaknesses; heat, kryptonite, and of course sheer strength. And your gags? Same sort of thing, but fabric." The heroes struggled against their confines, while Catwoman watched them and laughed. "You're all so cute. Especially you, Boy Wonder." She knelt down in front of his cage, purring, "Oh yes, I like you much more as a cat. You're so much more agreeable. Of course, you gave me a little trouble earlier, but you're much more mannered now, aren't you?"

Robin snarled. Catwoman chuckled, pivoting around gracefully. "That's right, Poison Ivy and Joker! Eat your heart out, Ra's al Ghul, because it takes a cat to catch a bird and therefore, a nest, and soon enough the whole tree falls to ruins." She turned to face them, grinned wickedly. "I rather like that metaphor; don't you? It sort of reminds me of your last mission; who won again? Oh yes, my Hecate saved the day, children."

She glanced around. "Speaking of which, where is my darling…" She grinned slyly at a shadow. "Now don't be shy, Hecate."

Hecate walked out looking pale and tired. Wolf snarled at the sight of him. Catwoman grinned. "Good kitty. Now sidekicks, it would appear that dear Hecate didn't discover everything about you," her teeth gritted. "Unfortunately, but that is soon to be remedied." She pulled out what appeared to be a cattle prod. "Lovely, isn't it? Not enough volts to shock you unconscious; just enough to get the point." Her eyes narrowed eagerly as she handed the prod to Hecate. "Have fun, cat, and don't stop until they've told you everything."

She strolled away. Hecate stared at the prod in his hands, then the faces of his… no, Robin's teammates. Why couldn't he keep that in mind? They were Robin's friends, not his.

"Hecate? Any minute now. I'd like to hear some confessing." He turned to face her. He remained still. Catwoman hissed, striding towards him. "Hecate, now!"

"I… I'm thinking."

"Oh my, thinking! Let's halt the entire operation so Hecate can think! You're not here to think, idiot! Now go make those little brats confess!"

"Don't talk about them that way."

Her eyes widened in surprise. "What?" Realization hit her. She bared her teeth. "Hecate, those aren't your friends; they're Robin's. Robin, the Boy Wonder, Dick Grayson, Batman's sidekick and ward of Bruce Wayne. They don't care about Hecate, the cat, the stray, the runt! Now go!"

Hecate hesitated. Catwoman snarled and raked her fingernails across his face.

Hecate winced, but showed no signs of pain as blood trickled down his face. Robin mewed and cried out at the pain that he shared through their mind link, covering his face with his paws. Hecate turned around, facing him. Does that not hurt you? cried Robin.

It does, but pain is temporary; scars heal. Hecate walked over to Artemis's cage. She looked up at him, her dark eyes wide and fearful. He stretched the prod out, taking off her gag.

"Hecate! Stop!" she yelled when free. "Don't do this! You don't have to follow her orders!"

Suddenly, Robin began shrieking, running around his cage as if his tail were on fire. They all stared, alarmed by the random outburst. Wolf joined in the commotion, barking loudly. "What is-" That was as far as Catwoman got before Artemis burst out of her cage, running at her and bowling her over. Stunned, the burglar leaped up, snarling.

Hecate darted to the other cages, freeing the others swiftly. He ended with Robin. Catwoman saw and hissed as she threw a ninja star, which whisked by Hecate's shoulder and scraped the flesh. The rest of the team wrestled her down and bound her in handcuffs. She snarled and spat, "Hecate! You backstabbing traitor!"

Artemis trotted over to Hecate, taking a first aid kit from his –well, Robin's- utility belt and pressing cotton balls against the wound. He was shocked. "You're still helping me? Even after I locked you up, betrayed you to her?"

She grinned at him. "You handed me the keys when nobody was paying attention, didn't you? Of course I'm still helping you."

Hecate frowned as she wrapped a bandage around his arm. "But I'm not Robin. I'm just a cat in a superhero's body."

"It's not the body that matters, Hecate. It's the mind." She met his hidden eyes. He stared into hers.

Finally he stood, walking to Catwoman. "Why?" she snarled up at him. "I found you in the alley, raised you, fed you, taught you knowledge! Why give it up for them? They're not even your friends, Hecate!"

He knelt beside her, looked deep into the wicked violet eyes. "That may be true, but I'd rather be Robin for a few more minutes than remain your servant for another day."

"Ah, it feels so good to be human again!" Robin sighed as he collapsed on the couch. Wolf barked happily from the other side of the room, wagging his tail. The black cat leaped gracefully onto the couch, sparing Wolf a look of disdain.

I admit, remarked Hecate, stretching his paws on the seat beside Robin. I did miss my catnaps. I'd choose them any day over homework.

Robin smiled and pet Hecate's head. "I like you better as a cat, anyway."

The league had taken Catwoman away a few hours before; Robin and Hecate had been restored to their normal bodies, but for some strange reason the telepathic link remained. After much consideration, the team had decided to keep Hecate as a super-pet.

"Nice to have you back, Rob," said Wally, landing beside him. His eyebrows went up. "You know what this calls for?"

Robin grinned wickedly. "A good old fight to the death on Battle Blaze 3?"

"Dude, you read my mind!" They dived for the video game controllers, arguing loudly over who was player 1. Hecate sighed, curling up tighter. Humans were brilliant, but they could be really stupid sometimes. With that, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

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