Author's Notes: It isn't completely finished... Milliah Korsokov is the only character that I own. All others are property of Tow Ubakata *********************************************************************************

Chapter One: The Streets of Paris

"Well, I suppose our work is done for one day," Durand yawned. "Eh? D'eon?"

The Four Musketeers were walking along the stone road to find a reliable place within the lower class part of Paris to stay. It was long past twilight, and most commoners were either in bed or working.

D'eon was exhausted, and after all that had been happening lately, he was definitely not going to listen to Durand at the moment.

"Sir Durand, I think that he might be trying to decide what to say to Lady Anna." With those words, D'eon was immediately blushing.

"Well, how cute. If I were you, D'eon, I would apologize lightly and tell Miss Rochefort how much you love her."

This comment did not come from Telliagory, nor Robin or Durand. It was a mysterious woman who appeared from the shadows, dressed in an elegant and beautiful midnight blue gown. Her blonde hair faded from brown to black at the tips, and was at least an entire three feet long. As she emerged into the light, her dark brown eyes were seductive pools of beauty. It wasn't until she spoke again that the Musketeers realized her thick Russian accent.

The woman approached D'eon first. "D'eon de Beaumont? My, oh, my, if you are half the knight your sister made you out to be, you should have no problem talking to Anna." She stepped over to Telliagory.

"Telliagory, the greatest knight in the history of France. It is a pleasure to meet you, kind sir."

"The pleasure's all mine, miss-"

"Korsokov, Milliah Korsokov. I am a member or Le Secret du Roi, like you." She glanced over at Durand. In the split second her eyes met his, she glanced away quickly. "I was a friend of Lia, in case you are wondering how I know so much about you all."

"If you don't mind me asking, Miss Korsokov, why are you here?" Robin forced the words out. He didn't know why, but…

It was so complicated to talk to women; especially after what happened to Colette.

She was so beautiful, and it was not long ago when her face was the only face he could see.

He and she were both fourteen when it happened.

Robin was so lost in his own tormenting thoughts, he didn't even hear Milliah.

"Ah, yes. I am here on his majesty, Louis XV's orders. He asked me to assist you on your… mission. You know, I have a son who is just a little older than you. He is away at school in Canada. He is also a member of Le Secret du Roi."

"Oh, Sir Durand, I hope that you don't think that I've forgotten about you"

"Not at all, Milliah." Durand's eyes were currently focused on her cleavage, but they eventually made their way to the NQM rosary.

Milliah's expression shifted into an cruel, evil smirk. "Humph! Lia always made you seem so much more handsome. You surely don't mind me saying that do you?"

Durand looked like he had been stabbed. If he had any disregard for the comment, he did not show it.

"Aw, hell. We'd better get going."

"Going where?" Durand's heart hadn't completely forgiven her harsh words.

"I've prepared a place. There are three bedrooms, so Telliagory gets his own room, being the oldest, Durand and Robin will share the second room, and D'eon can room with me."

Durand nudded D'eon. D'eon replied by stomping on his toes. "I'm engaged, you pervert."

It took them about ten minutes of awkward silence and small bickering to find Milliah's apartment

"Well, this is nice." Durand said sarcastically. He was stiffling his laughter at how quaint the apartment was. 3 bedroom, just as she had said. A small dining room, living room, kitchen, and bathroom were there, too, but it all just seemed so... Perfect. Everything was decoratd with portraits. There was one of a teenage boy. He figured that this was the son she spoke of. "The boy looks just like her," he thought. But there was also a portrait of someone who he didn't recognize. It was an Asian man, dressed as a French noble, and holding a katana.

"You might not think much of it, but if you are seriously that immature that you cannot handle having a descent hideout then I think you really shouldn't be on this mission." Milliah was not pleased having to provide shelter for this man, and she certainly didn't hit it off with him either.

The five of them filed into their rooms.

Everything went smoothly, for about an hour.

It was the blood churning scream that woke everyone up.