Hi there FFer, who is actually taking the time to read this story :) Uh my other story is on hiatus until i can think of ideas for it haha but anyways i thought "What if Percy was to run into Chris and Wyatt?" And i came up with this! Now this first chapter is a week or two after the war with Gaea ended and it's just a thing to get you caught up with everything. Now i know that the timelines don't match up but still i thought this would be fun :)

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PS: For those who haven't seen Charmed or Haven't read Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Charmed is about three sisters (Piper, Phoebe, and Paige) and they have powers along with the ability to make potions and write spells, Wyatt and Chris are Piper's two sons who are both half whitelighter (a sort of guardian angle) and half witch. Good Witches in Charmed have to protect innocents and vanquish demons. Percy Jackson is about a boy named Percy and he finds out that the Greek Gods are real and that he is a son of Poseidon and he goes to Camp Half-Blood, a camp for children of the gods. He goes on several quests in his life and has to battle all sorts of crazy monsters from Greek Mythology. Also, I highly recommend both of them!

~ Percy Jackson Prologue~

Third Person POV

Whenever four Demigods who have crazy powers get summoned to the Big House you know something must be wrong but there they were, Percy, Leo, Thalia, and Piper, sitting on the couch being told by Chiron that there was something causing trouble in San Francisco. (A/N Now i know that Camp Jupiter would be all over this but uh Lupa had a cold and couldnt sense the Monsters LOL)

Piper was the only one who was slightly excited, because she may get to see her dad the world famous movie star, Tristan McLean.

Percy groaned. "San Francisco? We just got back from the biggest battle we've ever fought and you want us to go to California?"

Thalia looked over at Percy. "Kelp-for-Brains has a point for once Chiron..." She said and earned a glare from Percy which made her smirk.

Chiron nodded. "Yes i realize that California is quite the journey, but it is of utmost importance that the three of you go out and find out what is causing all that trouble. Also i do not believe that it would be necessary to visit our, ah, friend The Oracle for this isn't a quest you're just going to find out what is happening and kill the some monsters." Chiron explained.

They all nodded and stood started walking out the door, Piper walking out first. "Wait," Leo started and looked at Thalia. "When do i get a snazzy nick-name?" He asked, grinning.

"Never, Valdez." Thalia said calling him by his last name, and continued out the door and back into the craziness that is call Camp Half-blood.

"Valdez.." Leo thought out loud. "Close enough." He muttered, shutting the door behind him as he followed Percy back outside.

~ Charmed Prologue~

Third Person POV

Wyatt was sitting in the living room of the Halliwell Manor when he heard the door open and shut. "Chris?" He called out looking up from his college text book.

"No..." His little sister, Melinda, walked into the room with their three cousins Tamora and Kat (The twins) and P.J. (Prudence Johanna).

"Then do you know where he is?" Wyatt asked.

"Just sense him..." Tamora and Kat said in unison and giggled a little. Wyatt closed his eyes and concentrated for moment.

"Oh, attic." He said.

"Okay, now leave and go talk to him about whatever you have to talk to him about." Melinda said doing a shooing movement at him.

Wyatt shook his head smiling. "Alright, Melly." He said knowing that, that name drove her crazy. He stood and started walking away when a pillow hit him in the back of the head.

Chris stood over the Book of Shadows flipping through the pages.

"Hey," Wyatt said as he sat down on the vintage couch in the attic.

"Hey, um i have searched this book and cannot find this demon i saw downtown, but have you ever seen a demon that was like a lion with the face of a human and a tail that shoots these?" Chris pulled a 6 inch thorn type thing from his pocket. "He shot at me and then ran off..."

Wyatt furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "No... nothing like that ever." He took the thorn thing and examined it. "Hmm." He said and picked up a knife. He cut a shaving off of the thorn and picked up the scrying crystal, laying out the map.

"Good luck with that," Chris said. "Already tried scrying and i only got this faint tug." Chris shut the book and paced around thinking, but turned when he heard the noise of the crystal hitting the map. "What? No way!"

Wyatt smirked cockily and spoke, his words practically dripping with sarcasm. "That was so difficult, Chris." Chris gritted his teeth and glanced at the map.

"Yeah well stuff it and orb." He said shoving 3 very powerful vanquishing potions into his pocket and orbing to the location.

Hope you all liked the prologue sorry that it was so short but i just wanted to get this out there before the ideas left my head lol :P but dont worry actual chapters will be much longer! I will update Friday or Saturday! :D

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