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Chapter 1, Part 1 of 2

The Greeks: Off to San Francisco

3rd Person POV

Percy, Piper, Thalia, and Leo separated and went of to their own cabins to get what they would need for the quest.


Piper went to the Aphrodite Cabin and told her siblings about the quest.

"Oh, my, Gods!" One of her sisters squealed. "You are like sooo lucky to be spending so much time with Percy, Pipes."

Piper just rolled her eyes and continued packing. She didn't understand how her siblings acted like this.

"Yeah," Alex agreed. "Maybe you could use your charmspeak to get him to be with you." All of the girls giggled at that.

"Yep... whatever." Piper said and shouldered her bag and walked out, towards the sandy shore of the ocean. Oh my gods, she thought, they are so ridiculous.


Percy left and went to Cabin 3, the Poseidon Cabin.

Percy went to his drawer and packed a backpack with his clothes. Then he walked over to his nightstand and picked up his watch which, when the button on the side is pressed, turned into a shield. He started to walk out the door when he remembered the care package his mom sent him. He reached under his bed and pulled out a cardboard box. Inside were a mix of blue candies in a bag, 150 dollars, blue chocolate chip cookies, and some seashells from His Mom and Step-Dads recent trip to Hawaii.

He put some of the candy in the duffle bag and put the money in his back pocket. Percy then walked out of his cabin and towards cabin 6 where his girlfriend, Annabeth; Daughter of Athena, was sitting on the porch. "Hey, gorgeous." He said and sat in the porch swing next to her.

She looked up from her book and smiled. "Hey, Seaweed Brain." She noticed the bag and looked at her boyfriend questioningly. "What's with the bag?"

"That's why i came over... Chiron is sending me, Thals, Piper, and Leo to San Fran to kick some monster ass." He said.

Annabeth sighed and shook her head, and just when Percy thought he would get and earful she said. "Thals, Piper, Leo, and I." She loved to annoy him and correct his grammar.

Percy smiled. "Grammar Nazi, much?"

"Percy, just be safe, okay?"

He nodded. "Of course, Annie."

"Perseus!" She gritted her teeth.

He held his hands up in surrender, but he was laughing. "Okay, okay i'm sorry."

Annabeth glared at him, took a fistful of his shirt, and pulled him towards her. She kissed him and he kissed back. "Now," she started "Go send those monsters to Tartarus!"

Percy stood."Yes Ma'am." He stumbled away, grinning like a fool, to his favorite place ever, the beach.


Thalia sighed and walked to Artemis' cabin where the other Hunters were staying for a month, the longest they had ever stayed at Camp.

"Artemis has informed us of your quest, Thalia." She looked up from her clothes and saw her fellow members of the hunt looking at her and Phoebe was talking. "She also told us of your, uh, company. Would you like some of us to go with you because that boy is going with you?"

Thalia smiled. "Uh no i think i can handle Percy." She grabbed her bow and quiver.

"No," Phoebe shook her head. "It is not Percy I am not worried about. He is actually a decent part of that... species. It's Leo Valdez we do not like."

Thalia laughed a little. "Leo wouldn't dare try anything." She finished packing. "Bye guys."

Artemis stepped from the back of the cabin. "Goodbye Thalia Grace. Be safe and if you ever need my help just call my name." Artemis smiled warmly.

"Thank you, M'Lady." Thalia smiled back and walked to the beach.


Leo left the Big House and walked to the forges to grab his special utility belt. From there he went to the Hephaestus cabin to pack.

He quickly filled his backpack with clothes, scrap metal, and some spare cash.

His oldest half sister, Nyssa, walked up behind him. "Good luck Leo." She smiled and clapped his back.

"Thanks, Nyss." Leo smiled and put his utility belt on and put his arms through the backpack. "See ya." Then he left to the beach and met up with the others.


The four Demigods met at the beach and stood at the waters edge. They were planning on using the newest form of Demigod transportation called Fleecy Travel. It was similar to Iris Messaging just more expensive.

"Okay," Percy started. "Thalia you have the Drachmas right?"

Thalia nodded and handed Percy a few of the Oreo cookie sized gold coins. Percy concentrated on the water and lifted some up in the air. He pointed at it and moved his hand in circles which caused the water to start spinning like a whirlpool in the air.

"Oh, Fleecy," He began chanting. "Do me a solid. Open the tunnel to a place. Help us jump through time and space. Bring us to San Francisco!" He stopped as the water started changing colors and threw the coins in, as the payment to R.O.F.L. Inc. "Alright, Here we go!" He exclaimed when the rainbow turned into a scene from California.

Then the four Demigods jumped in, without any idea what was about to happen.

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