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~The Greeks~:I Fight the Good Witch?

Percy's Pov

So we stepped through the portal and appeared in an alleyway. The first thing i noticed was the monster... it was Dr. Thorn A.K.A The Manticore. He, along with Medusa and the Minotaur, was one of the monsters that i hated the most. When i was 14 i went with Thalia and Annabeth to help Grover bring a couple half-bloods back to camp but Dr. Lovely over here kidnapped Annabeth and his boss made her hold the sky... long story. But right when i was about to charge i saw these two guys around my age staring at us. That's when Thalia and Leo went all 'Storm' and 'Human Torch' on the Manticore and when the older looking one of the guys made a sword appear in a shower of blue lights and charged me and Piper.

He lifted his sword above his head and screamed as he ran towards me... a real amateur move. He brought down the sword that would have sliced me clean in half, but i rolled on my shoulder and stood swiping at his calf. The guy easily parried and pushed me back. Man, he's good, was all i could think.

"Hey a little help, maybe?" I heard Leo ask. I glanced over and saw Thalia and Leo two feet off the ground against a wall, with the other guy holding his hand at them.

"Piper! Distract him!" I shouted and jumped back, knowing that Thalia and Leo needed my help.

Piper stepped forward and began to charmspeak him into lowering his sword.

I ran towards Thalia and Leo, and that guy... that's when i noticed the manticore was gone. "Where'd he go?" I yelled.

Thalia grunted. "Harry freaking Potter over here let him run off!" She said.

I glared and conjured water from the air and threw it at the guy. "Nice going! We're trying to help and you let him get away!" I fumed.

"What?" He looked dumbstruck. "You weren't going to help him kill us?"

I sighed. "Nope he was a monster why would we help monsters?"

Piper let the other guy from her charmspeaking grasp.

The other guy lowered his arm and let Thalia and Leo down. "So wait you were hunting that?... and we just let your demon get away..."

"Yep," Thalia stared daggers at him. "So thanks a lot and we'll be going now... and if you know what is best for you, you wont utter a word about us."

I looked at the two mystery guys. "No... Thalia i think we should stay for a while..."

Thalia sighed. "Well i have to go back to Long Island to get with the hunters... so Percy, could i have portal to go back?"

I nodded and created the portal. "Be safe Thals." I smiled and gave her a quick hug.

"Thanks Kelp Head." Thalia smiled and leaped through. The portal shimmered and disappeared.

The two guys were now staring at us. "Who are you guys?" The taller one asked.

I looked at them with a slight smirk. "Well believe it or not... we're children of the gods."

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