Metal Hearts: Chapter One

Hey guys! I saw Real Steel opening week a while ago and I waited until it showed up on the fanfiction list and now I will write what I have wanted to write since like a while. I also noticed that there was not many stories written about Max and an OC that were ever continued, so I hope to get good reception for this story. I really hope that you enjoy this story or give me pointers on how to improve the story. I don't own Real Steel or any of the characters from the movie, just Avalon Kendall. Thanks and review please!

Outside a random motel in Houston…

"Avalon, come on just let me have dibs on the shelf, I don't do good on floors." An highly irritated Max Kenton pleaded looking into his best friend's eyes. "Nope. No can do, Max. And what happened to the ladies first rule?" An amused Avalon chuckled, resting her feet on the table outside. "Fine we will settle this the adult way, let Atom decide." He stated, getting up and turning the robot on. "Alright, I'm good with that. He favors me more anyways." The brunette teased as she stood next to the blonde. "Oh and no puling that shadow feature crap." She added. "Fine." He said, sounding really bummed. "That's right. I know you that well. Well, as much as you can get to know someone in a whole year and a half. No matter, let's get on with it then." "Okay, who should get dibs on the shelf me or Avalon?" Max asked. Atom looked to Avalon then to Max and settled on dead center. The tweens looked at each other confused. "Hey! Guys! Get your butts over here I have a surprise for y'all." Charlie yelled as he ran toward them. "Oh you have got to be kidding me!" Avalon and Max yelled. "Guess who has a boxing tournament in Orlando?" Charlie asked them. "Um, we do?" Max asked his father. "Heck yeah!" His dad replied with a lot of enthusiasm as they returned to the truck/trailer thing. "Heck to the yes! I'm so hitting up Disney World when we get there!" Avalon said excitedly as they hit the road. "I know right!" Max replied, excited as well. "Hold your horses guys, box first party at Disney later. Deal?" Charlie said from the driver's seat. "Oh yeah. The match is important too." The kids replied both slightly red with embarrassment.

Avalon's POV

This opportunity is so sick! And I'm so calling dibs on that shelf tonight. I hate sleeping on a metal floor. It's really uncomfortable. And it's a bonus to tick Max off because he looks really cute when he gets mad. I grabbed my phone and smirked at the screensaver. It was a picture of me and Max last month when he dared me to eat a giant, 20 pound hamburger. It was right when they placed the monstrosity in front of me and my eyes were practically falling out of my head. And Max was laughing his head off at her alarmed expression when Charlie had snapped the picture. She hasn't been able to look at a hamburger the same way since.

No one's POV

Avalon Kendall came into Max and Charlie's life about a year ago. After a series of proving to be an awesome help, the two guys decided they couldn't function completely without her. They kinda inherited her after hearing about her sort of troubled past. Everyone really cared about her before she fully became a member of the "team" . Especially Max who harvested strong feelings for the girl that became his best friend. She also was a dancer for the opening entrance for Atom so she danced with Max. And now off to their next adventure in Orlando.

I kinda thought that was a sweet, short(Sorry!) entry to the story. Please let me know what you think of it. Thanks!

Little Miss Purple