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So, this is where it ends. And this is so going out with a bang!



Three Months Later

"We're ready," Raven whispered in her hat. She and BeastBoy were standing outside her room at ten p.m. fully dressed. Raven was leaning against the wall and BeastBoy was staring at her intently from the other side. She brought the hat to her ear and waited for a reply.

"Give us two more minutes," the reply came after a few seconds of silence. Silently, Raven put the hat on her head and smiled a little at BeastBoy. He shot her a huge smile.


She was counting the seconds. She began to hum A Very Merry Unbirthday To You, getting BeastBoy to join in. That was precisley why they were going. That day was the (new) Queen of Hearts unbirthday, the one that she was so set on celebrating.


If you asked Raven, it was because this was the day the Queen of Hearts got her job three months ago, and, in Wonderland, three seemed to be the magic number. Three, three, three.


But they were glad to be going back. Wonderland was a second home to them and they had finally decided on what to call their path. They wanted to see it personally. According to the (new) King of Hearts, everyone had gone done that trail at least once.


It seemed like forever ago they were confused on which paths to take and who was who. They knew where every trail went and who everyone was. They hadn't even gone back since that faitful day at the tower.


Nope, not one visit, but they spent a little bit of their free time together, memorizing the faces of Wonderland. It was so much information for BeastBoy; he thought his head was going to explode. Raven on the other hand, had it easy.




"We're ready," a voice came through the hat. The two in the hall smiled at each other. BeastBoy slid his hand in hers and blushed. Raven gave his hand a squeeze before pushing the door open.

It was exactly like it was three months ago: flowery, bright, and sooo not Raven's gloom-ROOM! Gosh, why do I keep saying that? Raven is so going to get me.


The story.

Right. Anyway, they sashayed in. Okay, maybe not sashayed, but, you know, it was close. Raven spotted a painted rose in the bunch and smiled to herself, thinking back to their first ever visit. BeastBoy lead her to the rabbit hole with a goofy grin. A welcome mat was in front of it. Raven lifted an eyebrow at it, not really expecting an answer.

There was party ballons everywhere, all reading 'UnBirthday Party- DON'T BE LATE!' Raven smirked at them. Streamers of reds and blacks were strewn everywhere also. There was a gigantic clock that was counting down minutes until you were late. BeastBoy grinned.

"We can't be fashionably late, can we?" he asked. Raven smirked.

"Definitley not you. Fashion is not your middle name," she replied and BeastBoy rolled his eyes.

"Coming from you? I don't think I should take offense," he said. Raven brought a hand to her mouth in mock shock and hurt.

They both did look a little funny. The Queen wasn't liking their usual outfits so they were told to change for the night. BeastBoy had on red sneakers, a white shirt with a joker card on it, and black jeans. Different. Raven was dressed like Anger know. Red cloak, belt, and red boots. Her leotard had been switched for a black skirt, fishnet leggings, and a black V-neck with long sleeves. She had two violet eyes, same as always. Her eyes were lined with black, thanks to Starfire, who Raven asked for makeup and in which Star replied by giving her a hug that ended up with a few bruises.

"We were told to look different than usual, I do," she said. She brushed a stray lock of hair back. "Come on. They are waiting on us."

She tugged BeastBoy to the hole and froze as the clock signaled that they were late. They both turned oh so slowly to face the time telling object.











"I'm gonna go on a limb here and say we're late," BeastBoy uttered between each ring, which earned a smack atop the head from Raven. She shoved the green boy closer to the hole and he struggled to keep from falling.

"We're late, we're late, for a very important date. No time to say hello," Raven sang, waving slightly, "goodbye," she pushed the changeling down the hole, "we're late, we're late, we're late." She levitated for a second before mock diving down the rabbit hole, after BeastBoy.


BeastBoy groaned and sat up. Suddenly, Raven fell on top of him, causing him to fall to the ground again. He groaned again, felt Raven get off of him, and sat up. There's some bruises that'll be blue before I know it. Raven shot him a glare and a kick with the heel of her boot. Oh, yeah. She's a damn empath. She gave him a No-duh look before standing up.

They reached for the Drink Me bottle and blushed a little as their hands touched. Raven drew her hand back and fiddled with the wine glasses that had been set out for their arrival. BeastBoy poured the drinks and brought the glass to his lips as did Raven.

"Bottoms up," they said simotaneously.

They sipped their drinks and began shrinking. This time they had luck and their clothes shrank with them. Raven flipped the key off the table, on the floor in front of the two, on their way to two inches. BeastBoy dropped his glasses and they both winced at the sound of shattering glass. Raven set hers on the table.

Once they stopped shrinking, they avoided all the broken glass and grabbed the key. Silently, they carried it over to the Door and slid it in its mouth before it could start critisizing. They hurriedly turned it and BeastBoy kicked open the Door to reveal Wonderland.

Bread-and-butterflies flitted around, along with rocking-horseflies. The mushrooms and brush deemed more alive, as did the grass. Everything was lively. The full moon cast its brilliant radiance down, lighting up Wonderland. Not one cloud in the sky. A lovely night for the Queen's unbirthday party.

"Which way do we go?" BeastBoy asked with his usual goofy grin. Raven glanced around for any signs. She found a million. 'THIS WAY', 'THAT WAY', 'UP', 'DOWN', 'RIGHT', 'LEFT'. Finally, she found one decorated with red and black ballons and streamers.


The way.

"The way. Is that seriously what we decided for the name?" BeastBoy asked. Raven grabbed his collar. "I mean, I coulda called it Beas-" He was cut off by a kiss to the lips, special thanks to Raven. When they pulled apart, he said, "That's the nicest way you've told me to shut up ever." Raven smiled a little, a blushing creeping on her cheeks.

"You are the one who came up with the name," she answered in her monotone and sauntered down the trail. BeastBoy, blushing like crazy and smiling like a fool, followed. He touched his still warm lips and his smile grew.


Raven sipped her tea with a roll of her eyes at BeastBoy's corny joke. They were at the party and drinking tea and laughing like the rest of the Wonderlandians. Well, Raven hadn't laughed yet, but she cracked a small smile once.

She was sandwiched between the Mad Hatter and the March Hare whilst BeastBoy sat opposite her between the Caterpillar and Tweedle Dee. The Queen sat at the head of the table and the King sat to her left. They smiled to each other constantly. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum just finished enlightening the guest about the Walrus, the Oysters, and the Carpenter. The Caterpillar took a hit off his hookah that the Titans had provided him. He thanked them continuosly. The Hatter pulled down on his hat that Raven had given back. The Queen had talked with her about another form of comunication. The Hare and the Doormouse were laughing at a private joke and the Flowers were adding a little music to the background.

It was a great party.

"A very merry unbirthday," sang the Hatter loudly, startling everyone start of the song.

"To me?" the Cheshire Cat sang in mock surprise.

"To you!" everyone chorused. "A very merry unbirthday!" The King supplied a rather large cake with hundreds of candles on it.

"For me?"

"For you! Now, blow the candles out, and make your wish come true! A very merry unbirthday, to you!" Everyone held the 'you' at the end.

The Queen blew out the candles and fireworks flew out of the cake. Brilliant colors of all sorts exploded in the air. Down floated the Doormouse.

"Twinkle, twinkle, little bat, how I wonder what you're at! Up above the world you fly, like a tea-tray in the sky!" she sang, falling onto the Hatter's outstretched hand. He whipped a teapot out from under the table and stuffed the Mouse in it.

Everyone cheered. Even Raven.

"Wonderful!" the Cat exclaimed with a clap. "Time for cake?"


"This is great cake," BeastBoy declared. "What kind is it?" The White Rabbit smiled.

"You don't want to know," he replied with a smile. BeastBoy slowly spit it bake up. The King laughed and slapped his knee. "I'm kidding! It's carrot cake!" BeastBoy shrugged and gobbled down the rest of it. "Or am I?" He paused after swallowing. He washed it down with tea.

"Hatter?" He overheard Raven say. He glanced at her and saw she was turned towards the Hatter, drinking tea. "How do you make your tea?"

"On a stove with a kettle," he replied with a goofy grin. BeastBoy noticed Raven's eyebrow twitch.

"What do you put in it?"

"Oh, you want to know the secret ingredient?" Raven nodded slowly. "Come here." The Hatter inched his finger and, sighing, the empath leaned in. BeastBoy strained to hear, but couldn't make a word out. When Raven pulled away, she had a half smile on her face.

"Really?" she said, monotone, as always. The Hatter nodded and Raven's half smile changed to a small smile. "That's interesting."

"I know!" the Mad Hatter exclaimed like a gay guy. Her smile had faded moments ago. He leaned in slightly. "Now, Raven dear, can you tell me how a raven is like a writing desk?"

"I haven't the slightest idea," she answered, a smirk playing at her lips. BeastBoy thought about how many times he's seen that same smirk. The Hatter's eyes lit up, and he grinned madly.

"Neither do I," he responded. They both turned around and took a swig of tea simotaneously.

"Hey, everyone!" the King yelled. Every eye at the table turned to the head. "The Queen will now take gifts!" Murmurs. "She's not forcing you to give her one, but if you got her one, she'd appreciate it." More murmurs.

"I have one!" shouted the Six of Spades.

And so the present opening commenced.


Thirty minutes, thirteen presents, and a whole lot of tea and cake later, Raven and BeastBoy were handing the Queen their present. It was wrapped in card paper and the bow was cat ears. The Queen smiled at it. She appeared beside them.

"What is it?" she asked curiously. Raven kept her deadpan, but BeastBoy chuckled.

"The point is not to know," he responded. The Cat nodded in agreement, as did the rest of the table.

She grabbed the gift and took her time unwraping it. Peeling the bow off gently. Trying not to rip the wrapping paper. Slowly, oh so slowly, she opened the box, ripping the tape with a claw. She gasped at the contents. She took them out one by one, placing them carefully on the table. A collar with a bell. Yarn. Cat treats. Laser pointer. Lastly, cat nip.


High-pitched squeal from the Queen.

"Thank you!" she squeaked, an octave higher. "Thank you! Best gift EVER!"

She wrapped her arms around the two Titans. Raven froze but eventually hugged her slightly back. BeastBoy grinned and hugged her back immediatley. She let go of the two and Raven shook the hug off. BeastBoy, however, beamed. The Queen's smile seemed bigger, almost taking up half of her face.

"You two are so thoughtful! Come back anytime you like!" She praised them before appearing next to the King to go over her gifts she got.

As the two sat down, everyone congragulated them about giving the best gift. (They so outdid the Six! Hey, my gift was good! Did you get that much appraisal? What was that? No. That's right! Hey, I thought my tea would have gotten best fo' sure!)

"Good job pickin' out the gift," BeastBoy told Raven. She nodded in acknowledgement.

"You picked out the gift?" the Hatter questioned. She nodded in response. "Nice! I think you won her over with the cat nip!"

"It was totally the treats!" the Caterpillar chimed in, taking a hit off his hookah. He blew out the colorful smoke.

"No, it was the cat nip!"


"Cat nip!'

"Ya' wanna go?"

"Come at me bro!"

And he did.


The Caterpillar moaned, rubbing his arm where it had already started bruising. The Hatter sported a bloody lip and a few bruises, but was mostly unscathed. The Caterpillar, on the other hand, had been tied in the cord from his hookah, bruised up his arms, and was dished a black eye. Raven smiled a little at this. Trust the mad man to win.

"I said come at me," the Mad Hatter taunted the beaten up Caterpillar with a shrug and a cup of tea. Chuckles filled in the silence from the Cards.

"Nice going Hatter," Raven said with a smile. BeastBoy blinked. Raven? Smiling? Somethin's not right. The Hatter just grinned goofily, and handed her a sup of tea. He adjusted his hat which had started to lean.

Everyone had swarmed around the Mad Hatter and Caterpillar. Raven elbowed her way over to BeastBoy. He smiled at her and she lifted a side of her lips in return. It's Raven. She doesn't smile.

"Want tea?" she said, monotone.

BeastBoy shrugged. They walked over to the table. While the changeling was getting some tea, Raven looked at the Hatter. He winked at her and waggled his eyebrows, glancing over at BeastBoy. 'Stop it,' she mouthed in return, raising her fist like she was going to hit him, death glare shooting towards him. He shrugged with a smile and another wink.

"Rae?" BeastBoy's voice penatrated her thoughts of torture. She glanced over at the green boy. "Do you think the team is needing us right now?" Raven raised an eyebrow at the question.

"How am I supposed to know?" she questioned. BeastBoy shrugged and drank some tea. She leaned over and pecked his cheek. "Let's say they don't."

They were both blushing and smiling. Raven pulled her hood over her face, but continued kissing him. And there they stood, by a banquet table, setting their tea cups down, at the Queen's party, not noticing the attention they were gathering from Wonderland citizens, kissing.





"Titans, trouble!" Robin yelled. The three in Jump City ran to the main room. The glanced at each other, clearly confused.

"Yo, where's BB and Rae?" Cyborg asked. They shrugged.

Five minutes later, Starfire came back from searching for them with a shake of her head. Begrudgingly, they checked the criminal and location. Oh, this isn't good!

"Where the fuck are they?" Robin screamed.

They are down the Rabbit Hole. At the Queen of Heart's/Cheshire Cat's unbirthday party. By a banquet table. Oblivious to the eyes that are watching them. Kissing.

But do those three know it? Hell no!



Between a kiss, BeastBoy takes a breath. "Seriously, Rae, I think they need us." Raven shrugged.

"So do I." They kissed again.

"They can stuff it," they both chorused and smiled. They went back to sucking face, gaining some 'Awwww's from everyone at the party.




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