Sebastian waited, he was a patient person; some times. He was sitting on the border of his bed as he looked over the door. He had tried everything to keep his mind busy. He had tried watching TV, then reading. After all he had decided to wait in silence. For him. He looked over the clock that was sitting on his desk and sighed.

He was a patient person, with some people. That guy was driving him nuts. He was just too different it hurt to watch him. He was too complicated and too special. They had met at McKinley. Well, they crush with each other but Sebastian was glad they did. That kid, that simple and innocent kid was the only one that had kept his mind busy enough to leave Blaine alone.

Sebastian was a patient person, in others circumstances.

The door opened and Sebastian stood up automatically. There, on the door way, the little guy was leaning over the wall. Sebastian couldn´t help to notice how different this Rory really looked. There, almost in side of his room he screamed sexuality and flirt. On the other hand, at the school, he shinned with and innocence and cute halo. It was like if the foreign student was two persons in one body.

"You are late."

"You were thinking about me?" asked Rory. Sebastian groaned and nodded as only response. Rory smiled widely and walked over Sebastian. He wrapped the warbler with his arms pulled him closer. "Then it worked."

Rory kissed Sebastian deeply and roughly. The innocent boy wasn´t around anymore. Sebastian pushed Rory to the bed and started at him. His blue eyes were looking straight at him while in his face Rory gave Sebastian a naughty smile.

"Did anyone see you?" asked Sebastian as he leaned over Rory and started unbuttoning his shirt.

"Does it really matter?" Sebastian looked up surprised; was that a yes or a no? "Nick saw me but he didn´t looked surprised."

Sebastian felt uncomfortable for a moment. Almost everyone in Dalton was used to see some of his guest. After some months they would ignore everyone who would enter to his room at night. They knew the boy would be gone by the sun rise. What made Sebastian feel weird was the feeling that his one night spares would freak out Rory. The cute and naïve Rory.

"Don´t worry warbler." Sighed Rory as she pulled the older boy by the t-shirt. He wanted to kiss the other one so badly. "I am used to worst."

With saying the last part Rory pushed Sebastian to the bed as he took his t-shirt off. Sebastian smiled. That would be first time he wasn´t the one on the top.


Rory was collecting his clothes from the floor. It was almost 4 am at Dalton and he needed to get at the Pierce house before 6. Sebastian was observing him still inside his bed. That boy was wonderful. That boy was pretty special after all. Sebastian asked something he had never thought he would ask to anybody.

"Why don´t you stay a little bit longer?"

Rory laughed. The younger one sat at the edge of the bed as he put his shoes on. All he was missing was his t-shirt.

"Are you kidding right?"

Sebastian felt like if his heart stopped form a second. The way Rory had told that line, serious and emotionless. Like if what they had just did was only sex. Sebastian stopped for a moment. For two years sex was only sex for him. That was kind of his personal mark. What was wrong with him now? Why he wanted to cuddle with the irish dude? Why he felt so numb and empty after what he had done?

"I thought you would like to wait for the sunrise. It is pretty dark outside."

Rory finished putting his shoes on a looked over Sebastian with a smile on his face.

"I thought I was pretty clear. No bounds attached."

"What if I don´t like that agreement anymore? What if I want something more?"

Sebastian felt so out of character. That wasn´t him. He was never the one that asked for more. Normally he was the one on charge. He was the one that didn´t want a relationship. In his mind he cursed Rory for confuse him so badly.

"Then you should search for someone else." Rory finally found his t-shirt and finish dressing himself. "If you ever need someone call me."

Rory was about to leave the room when he felt Sebastian hand stopping him by the arm.

"I need someone. I need you on my bed, right now." Sebastian cursed himself for sounding so needy.

Rory pulled away and gave Sebastian a quick kiss on the lips.

"You know what I meant" Rory looked a last time to Sebastian. It was funny to see him so confused.

"Do I mean something to you?" almost screamed Sebastian. He didn´t care if someone looked out and saw him like that.

"Of course you do." Rory giggled. Every time he smiled or laughed the naïve Rory returned. So it was a little bit confusing compare that cute face with what Rory just said. "You made an awesome blowjob."