I got the idea of this fic while watching an episode of CSI:Miami.

He hovered above the table with a gloved hand gently moving the gamaray pictures around. "well that's not right... These had to have been from his childhood... But then that would mean that he was..." Shinra pushed up his glasses making them gleam in the dim light. "i knew it was bad but... I never imagined that it was that bad..." he mumbled taking off the gloves and setting them next to a bloodied table.

He looked at the body laying on it and sighed. "intresting test subject i might say..." he gathered the x-ray pictures and pulled open a file cabinet. He put the pictures in a file labled under a very known name.

Orihara Izaya

He heard the heartbeat in the background slow and took that as his momemt to shine, pulling an anesthetic from a drawer next to the surgury table. "just keep still and relax and everything will go smoothly..." he said injecting the unfortunate patient.

An few hours before...

Shizuo walked down the street glaring at the people he passed by and snapped his last cigarette as he heard the familliar coo of the retched nickname that the annoying flea had plastered on him. He was honestly surprised. He thought that the flea had dissapeared finally since he hadn't shown up for at least a month. "what the hell are you doing here flea?" he growled as he picked up a vending machine, chucking it in the direction of the informant. He nimbly jumped out of the way and skipped up to his monster.

"Shizu-chan! I have something i wish to tell you~" Shizuo glared at Izaya and noticed how his step was slightly off. "has he always skipped around like that?" he thought still glaring and noticing things that were different. The way his hair stayed over his left eye was one of the first things he noticed. The slight twitch of lips as if trying to hide pain, the barely noticable discolor of skin the usual pale an extremely light yellow as if the begginning of a bruise or a reeaally bad tan, and the one thing that tipped him off the most that something was wrong, was Izaya's voice. It wasn't the usual tone were you could here the smirk and sarcasm. It was laced with pain and anguish and it hurt Shizuo's ears to listen to it.

"shizu-chan my dear monster, what do you-" "what's wrong?" Izaya looked at Shizuo, surprised that he made the assumption so quickly. "nothing..." "bullshit. You don't sound your normal annoying flea self." Izaya looked at Shizuo and a tear started to form. "eh. Wh-whats wrong!" He gingerly wiped away the tear and noticed the black bruise on his neck, covertly covered by his jacket.

"...you forgot my rule..." Izaya looked up him. "what rule? You never made one." he huffed and crossed his arms. "i'm the only one allowed to hurt you flea. Who's been beating you?" Izaya turned around and started to walk off. "noone has. I've been doing it all to myself." he said before turning around a corner.

Shizuo grabbed his shoulder and roughly turned him around. "you can't fucking do those kind of injuries to yourself you idiot!" he growled out. There was something about all this that seemed odd to Shizuo. It almost seemed like Izaya wanted him to notice them.

He picked up the small framed informant, holding him by his side and started walking to Shinra and Celty's home. "where are you taking me!" Izaya yelled trying to get out of Shizuo's grasp. "i'm taking you to Shinra. I'm the only one allowed to put injuries like that on you and i know i didn't put those there 'cause i havn't seen you in a month." he said calmly, looking at Izaya. He crossed his arms and let himself be taken to the underground doctor but only one thing was going through his mind.

"thank you for noticing shizu-chan..."

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