"Shizu-chan!" Izaya shouted as he flung himself on the bed, his shirt and jacket already off. "What happened to the dress?" Izaya laughed. "I let Celty keep it~!" Shizuo looked at him surprised. "That nice of a dress I figured you would keep it…" he mumbled mostly to himself. "Silly Shizu-chan! You should know that I won't keep women's clothes… that was only a lifetime sight to behold… ill only do it once." The brunet said as he sat up. Shizuo just shrugged and wrapped his arms around the others waist.

"No. you can't go anywhere… you're in my grasp until you wake up tomorrow morning…" he mumbled into Izaya's raven locks. "But Shiiizu-chaaan…. I'm hungryyyy….!" He whined, waving his arms in the direction of the kitchen. "no." he huffed and crossed his arms in a pout. "You're such a whiner… can't believe I put up with this for two years…" he sighed and lay back, pulling Izaya with him.

"But you love that about me so I wouldn't be complaining if I was you…" Izaya said as he turned to lay comfortably on the blonde's chest. "I don't care… if I couldn't put up with it the moment I met you, I don't get how I could've put up with it for this long…." Izaya chuckled and moved strands of dry hair from Shizuo's eyes. "Love does funny things to people…" he said. Shizuo laughed and hugged Izaya closer.

"So says the great Izaya Orihara huh?" he said. Izaya huffed and looked to the side with a blush on his cheeks. "Izaya Heiwajima thank you." He mumbled. Shizuo blushed lightly and nuzzled the raven's neck, breathing in his scent, a mixture if jasmine and a scent that used to make Shizuo gag at even the thought of it.

"I love you…" they both said at the same time. Shizuo laughed lightly while Izaya blushed and buried his face in the blonde's chest. "It's almost amazing how easily you can be embarrassed!" he tensed at the statement and tried to make his existence smaller. "sh-shut up Shizu-chan." He said quietly.

"And then where would you be? You wouldn't know what I was thinking, what my opinions about your stupid ideas were, what emotion I was feeling, nothing… you'd go nuts…" Izaya thought about that for a few seconds and decided to stay quiet. Shizuo took that as an agreement and sighed happily.

"if you love something very much, let it go free… if it does not return, it was not meant to be yours… if it does return, love it forever…"

Shizuo looked up at the ceiling in curiosity at the remembrance of his mother's words. 'Why am I thinking about that now…? Its not like Izaya's run away from me or something…' he thought to himself.

This isn't the same Izaya that I fell in love with though… he's the same… but he's not like he used to be anymore…

"Hey Shizu-chan…" Shizuo looked over at the brunet. "Yeah?" Izaya seemed to hesitate but turned his computer chair away from his computer to give has boyfriend his absolute attention.

"I… quit being an informant…." He mumbled low enough that Shizuo almost didn't hear it. 'Wait, you what! Why?" Izaya sighed and looked down at his hands. "Because… I couldn't stand seeing you so worried that I was gonna come home injured like last time…"Shizuo sighed and ran his hands through his hair. "When…?" he asked. "… Three months ago…" he stared at Izaya shocked. How had he not noticed that? "Wait… then where have you been going when you said you had a meeting or job?" Izaya turned back to his computer and resumed whatever it was he was doing.

"Oi! Flea! Don't ignore me!" Izaya raised a hand irritated and moved to the side so Shizuo could see the laptop sitting on the oak desk.

"Photography…" he said. He motioned for Shizuo to look at the pictures on the website he had created. "I've been doing a lot of it the last year so I figured I may as well put it to good use…" Shizuo looked at the pictures and blushed at a few that had himself and Izaya in them.

"I was wondering why you wouldn't let me see anything you were working on…" Izaya nodded and looked to the side, a pink hue on his cheeks. "Yeah…. I was gonna tell you sooner but I hadn't gotten accepted into Brandt Photo and Magazine yet and I wanted it to be a surprise… because it kind of means that I can't get hurt as much anymore…" Shizuo sighed and pulled Izaya out if his chair and into a tight hug.

"Dumbass… you didn't have to do that for me… I would've been fine with worrying about you… besides I know you can live through anything since you been hit in the head by a trashcan I threw at you among several other things… we would've been fine…"

Izaya sighed and wrapped his arms around Shizuo's waist. "You think I care…?" Shizuo chuckled at Izaya's stubbornness and kissed his temple.

"So does this mean you're giving one your one-sided love for humanity as well?" Izaya laughed and patted Shizuo's back. "Ill think about it..." he looked up at Shizuo's face, studying all his features, and suddenly bit his neck.

"Ow! The crap was that for?" Shizuo shouted, holding his neck. "For being a protozoan." He blinked and rolled his eyes. 'Izaya will always be Izaya…' he thought as he kissed the raven.

Boy was I wrong… I don't get why I hadn't realized it then… but then that still doesn't explain that stupid saying.

Shizu-chan?" he looked down as Izaya and raised an eyebrow. "What?" Izaya stuck his tongue out and rolled off of Shizuo. "You spaced out…" he just shrugged and started to get up before Shizuo wrapped his arms back around his waist. "Didn't I say you weren't going anywhere?" he laughed and turned around to face his new husband and smirked. "So you'd rather me piss the bed then." Shizuo rolled his eyes and let Izaya go. "Just hurry up…" Izaya chuckled and closed the door so that Shizuo couldn't see what he was actually doing.

'Iza sure is taking his sweet time…' Shizuo thought as he lay back in their bed with just his boxers on and his hands behind his head. "Izaya what's taking so long?" he heard some shuffling and what sounded like Izaya tripping over his own feet. "Nothing… just be a minute…" he heard muffled from the door. "Whatever…" he grumbled, his eyes starting to grow heavy.

"Shizu-chan! How dare you fall asleep on me like this!" Izaya shouted, making Shizuo jolt out of unconsciousness and stare at him like a deer in the headlights. "… huh?" Izaya just rolled his eyes and held out his arms, making sure Shizuo finally saw what he was wearing. "Do you like it~?" he asked as he jumped on the bed next to Shizuo.

Shizuo stared at Izaya before he realized what exactly he was wearing. "WH-where did you get this…..." he asked as he felt the silk mesh nightgown." Karisawa-chan gave it to me personally as an early wedding gift…" Izaya mumbled with a small blush. Shizuo smirked and kissed up Izaya's neck. "Ill have to thank her then…"he mumbled in the brunet's ear before nipping at his jaw line, making him shudder. "we… will have to thank her… not just you…"

Shizuo slowly drug his hand along Izaya's smooth legs before bunching up the silk and dragging his fingertips along the inside of his thighs, the pale ad slightly sensitive skin jumping a bit at his touch. "Shizu-chan, you're such a tease…." Izaya said, almost breathless. Shizuo only hummed in acknowledgement and kissed along Izaya's collarbone. "You're the one wearing such revealing clothing…" he mumbled into the ravens shoulder. "How 'bout we find out what all's under here…" Izaya's breath hitched as Shizuo's fingers brushed over his quickly growing erection and up to his waist, resting at the junction between his hip and leg.

"Lace… I'm not surprised… only the best from you Iza-Chan~" Shizuo cooed Izaya's name and smirked at the sight of a breathless, blushing, and aroused Izaya.

"And just how are you able to tell what I'm wearing underneath if you can't see what it is?" Izaya finally asked after regaining the ability to speak. "Let's just say it was a guess…" he yelped as Shizuo quickly flipped him over and ran his fingers across the expanse of the pale skin that was Izaya's back. "Soft…" he heard whispered. "What? The nightgown? Of course it is…" he looked back at Shizuo who was shaking his head. "You... your skin… it's just so soft…" Izaya blushed even more and buried his face in his arms and part of the pillow.

"Why do you say such embarrassing things?" he mumbled. "Because I can… and nothing will change that…" he chuckled at Shizuo's words and sighed. "I'm amazed that you accepted me like you did…" he sucked in a breath when Shizuo bit down on a sweet spot on his neck. "Don't talk about that right now… afterwards okay…?" Izaya nodded and took in a shuddered breath, hoping Shizuo wouldn't notice. He did, naturally.

"Iza-Chan~ relax a little…" Shizuo whispered in his ear, making him shudder. "When you're behind me? I don't think so…" Shizuo just chuckled and nuzzled the back of Izaya's neck. "So mean…" Izaya chuckled and froze as Shizuo began playing with his hairline. "What you don't know… is that I know every single one of your sensitive points…" Shizuo whispered. Izaya shuddered uncontrollably and hated how deep Shizuo's voice was.

"Mm-!" Izaya barely held back a moan as he felt Shizuo's tongue on the most sensitive part in his hairline.

"Don't hold it back. I want to hear you…" he bit his lip and tried to keep back his moans as Shizuo still continued to play with his hairline. "Hahn!" Shizuo smirked as he bit down on the side the small mans neck. "That's much better…" he mumbled. Izaya shuddered and tried to keep his breath even as Shizuo turned him over onto his back. "youre so mean!" he squeaked. Not at all wanting his voice to be that small. Shizuo laughed and put his forehead on Izaya's. "You're so cute…" he said. Izaya's blush seemed to deepen and he held his hands in front of his face. "Izaya…" he shook his head vigorously. Shizuo sighed heavily and grabbed his wrists, prying the brunet's hands away from his face. "Look at me." He smiled lightly when Izaya slowly opened his eyes to look into Shizuo's eyes.

He was surprised when Shizuo kissed him and he immediately wrapped his arms around the blonde's neck, deepening the kiss.

It all seems so natural… like we've loved each other for years… like when he used to chase me and threaten to kill me didn't exist…..

Izaya looked into Shizuo's eyes and smiled. "I'll always love you Shizuo!" he said, making the blond blush and hug him tightly. "I love you too Izaya..." he mumbled. Izaya smirked and nipped Shizuo's earlobe. "Then lets get going…" he whispered. Shizuo smirked. "Not so embarrassed anymore now are you?" Izaya rolled his eyes and bit the side of Shizuo's neck.

"Just hurry up and screw me." Shizuo grinned and pulled off the silk and lace garments, freeing Izaya's now weeping erection. He quickly licked over and nipped at each of the brunets nipples, making the smaller gasp and grip his hair. "Mmn… Shizu-chan…" Shizuo sucked on the side of Izaya's neck as he started pushing two of his fingers into the smaller make and nipped his earlobe.

"Relax…" he whispered as he felt Izaya tense. He pushed his finger in and out of Izaya and started stretching him.

"AHN!" Izaya moaned loudly as Shizuo's fingers brushed his prostate and clenched the bed sheets as he hit it again.

"SH-Shizuo!" he gently kissed the brunet and smirked. "Yes?" he added a third finger and left hickeys all over Izaya's neck and chest as he prepared Izaya.

"If you think this feels good…" he nipped Izaya's upper lip. "Just imagine what my cock is gonna feel like inside you…" he whispered as he slammed his fingers into the lithe man and hitting his prostate, making him moan louder than before.

"Fuck…" Izaya panted. Shizuo smirked and bit the ravens shoulder, "ing you yes I'm about to actually~" Izaya failed a glare at Shizuo and whined as Shizuo pulled out his fingers to finally pull of his boxers and position himself.

"Shizuo hurry your slow- ahh!" Izaya arched his back and pushed himself further onto Shizuo as he pushed himself in. "Sh-Shizuo…" Izaya moaned as he felt Shizuo almost pull completely out and slam back into Izaya, hitting his prostate dead-on.

"I love you Izaya…" he whispered in Izaya's ear as he completely sheathed himself inside the ex-informant. "I love you more than anything in the world…" Izaya smirked. "Yes we've established this so can we move on please?" Shizuo stared at Izaya blankly, not moving an inch. "What?" "I want to hear you say it back or I'm not moving." Izaya stared up at the blonde in disbelief and sighed, knowing his sanity couldn't take this.

"I love you too Shizu-chan… deeper than the oceans, higher than the sky and way more than Shinra love Celty~!" he winked and Shizuo smiled. "good." He kissed the brunet as he pulled out and slammed back in, making Izaya moan into his mouth.

"Shizu-chan!" Izaya gasped as Shizuo hit his prostate again. Shizuo groaned Izaya's name and hit the bundle of nerves almost every time he slammed back into Izaya.

"Shizu-ch-chan… ahn! I love you!" Shizuo kissed Izaya again and groaned as the smaller mans walls tightened around him as he came, his whiteness spilling out between their chests and dripping onto the bed sheets.

"Heh… and I didn't even touch you…" Shizuo said smugly. Izaya rolled his eyes and rode out his orgasm, his arms around Shizuo's neck.

Shizuo placed his head in the crook of Izaya's neck as his climax rolled near, sweat beginning to roll down the sides of his neck. "Mmn… Shizu-chan…" Izaya moaned as his cock gradually became hard again, his arousal becoming strong once more. "Hahn…" Izaya wrapped his legs around Shizuo's waist, pulling him closer and tightened his arms as Shizuo came inside of him. "Dammit Izaya…" Shizuo mumbled into the brunet's neck. "Mm?" he kissed Izaya and wrapped his fingers around his cock.

"You just can't keep up…" Shizuo shrugged and started stroking Izaya's cock as h began thrusting himself in Izaya again. "And I don't mind that one bit…" he mumbled. Izaya grinned and pulled Shizuo down to kiss him again and shoved himself into Shizuo's hand as he pulled out. "Ahh…" Izaya moaned quietly as Shizuo pushed into him without pain, his hole lubed by Shizuo's cum.

He gasped as Shizuo hit his prostate again and rubbed his thumb over his slit. "You're so tight…" Shizuo mumbled as he sucked on Izaya's collarbone. "Mm ill take that as a compliment…" he grinned at Izaya's statement and shoved himself in and out of Izaya again, hitting his prostate every time.

"Shizu-chan…" the raven forced Shizuo's head down and kissed him again. "Oh god! Shizuo!" Izaya yelled as he came, his body arching into Shizuo's. Shizuo groaned as Izaya's walls tightened around his cock and he came inside Izaya again.

He collapsed beside the brunet panting, his body cooling down.

He looked over as he felt Izaya pull up the blanket up to their chests and turn over onto his stomach. "I love you…" he murmured. "I love you too Shizu-dear…" he closed his eyes and felt Izaya's hand in his. "I really do…" he whispered into the darkness and slowly went to sleep.

He turned onto his side, not wanting the sunlight in his eyes and reached out in front of him. Feeling nothing, he opened his eyes to look at the empty space that Shizuo was supposed to be sleeping in.

"Shizu-chan?" he called out groggily. Not receiving an answer he sat up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Augh… where did he that protozoan go now…" he grumbled as he pulled on a pair of shorts and making his way through his now-shared apartment. "Shizu-chan?" he called out again as he nearly tripped over the couch.

"In here!" Izaya immediately brightened at the sound of Shizuo's voice in the kitchen and shuffled to find Shizuo nude except for the black apron he had.

"SHIZUO I COOK IN THAT!" he yelled, now mostly awake. Shizuo just laughed and set a plate of pancakes on the table.

"I was too lazy to get any clothes on after I took a shower… I figured you'd like it…" Shizuo said with a smirk and wink. Izaya blushed and crossed his arms, glaring to the side. "At least you were clean." He mumbled. Shizuo chuckled and kissed Izaya's forehead.

"Breakfast is ready so while I change, why don't you go ahead and eat?" Izaya nodded and sat down at the kitchen table as Shizuo went to their bedroom.

"Hard to believe last night was my first…." Izaya whispered to himself…" he shook his head and piled a few pancakes onto his plate and smothered them in butter.

"Give syrup a chance would you?" he jumped at Shizuo's voice and looked up the blonde.

"Like you do? Id rather not thanks you…" Shizuo laughed and sat across from Izaya and they ate in relative silence until Shizuo brought up the awkward topic.

"Last night… was your first wasn't it?" Izaya stared down at the table with his eyes wide. "Kuz it seemed like it…" he mumbled. Izaya glanced up at Shizuo, embarrassed. "What's it matter to you?" he asked quietly. Shizuo grinned and stood up. "Good." Izaya looked at him confused. "That means your ALL mine…"

"What about you? Are you all mine?" Shizuo smirked as he walked back over to Izaya and kissed him. "of course…" Izaya smiled and stood up, taking his plate to the sink.

"You're just so…" Izaya smirked as he felt Shizuo's arms wrap around his waist. "Sexy? Loveable? Tight?" Shizuo smirked and kissed Izaya's neck. "Yeah… let's go with all three…" Izaya smiled and turned around to wrap his arms around Shizuo's neck. "Good… kuz all those things are only for you…" Shizuo smiled and laughed. "Well that's good…" Izaya nodded and kissed him, enjoying the sweetness on his lips and tongue.

The only time Izaya would ever love sweets. Not that he'd ever tell Shizuo that.

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