"Welcome to the Agency!" said Major Monogram, placing a tiny brown fedora on the reptile's head. There were various cheers from the other agents and Carl the Intern, then the group of animals broke off to mix and mingle and make conversation with each other.

Perry the Platypus, however, made his way over to the newest member of the O.W.C.A. The chameleon wasn't one for size, but then again, he was a chameleon and could blend in with his surroundings. Plus he was very smart.

"Great job passing the final test!" Perry chattered in animal language. "I heard you excelled."

The chameleon flickered from his usual emerald green, to pink as if blushing.

"Thanks. I'm just glad I'm finally ready to go out into the real world and fight evil."

Perry smiled at the reptile's enthusiasm. "What's your assignment?" he asked.

The chameleon smiled too.

"A little girl about seven. She was kidnapped and imprisoned since she was an infant, and needs someone to look after and protect her. Her kidnapper pretends to be her mother, and the girl isn't allowed to venture into outside."

Perry's eyes widened in shock.

"That's terrible!" he said.

"Yes. Yes it is. Part of it is because she has magical hair."

"Whoa, that's pretty cool! So what's her name?"


Perry nodded. Just then, another group of animals came up, wishing to congratulate the chameleon. Perry saluted, before wandering off. He stopped at the edge of the party where he was somewhat apart from the others.

He had never liked large crowds.

From where he sat, he was able to watch as one by one, the other agents went up to the chameleon for much the same reason as he had. Perry smiled again.

Yes, Pascal the Chameleon would make a fine addition to the O.W.C.A.

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