Sup? so obviously it's been literally months since I've posted. I've been busy and lazy and writing other stuff and lazy. I know right I suck. Anyway I realized I had a request I hadn't responded to (well I actually have a lot of those...sorry) anyway I wrote this. It's somewhat established relationship because I've never really written Thad before and know nothing about his characterization.

NOT BETA'D (in case you wanted to know why is sucks)

Disclaimer: I'm just some random chick

Sebastian knew they would lose Regionals after the New Directions performance. Despite their tacky outfits they're more fun to watch, he thinks as the Warblers head off stage.

At least they managed to raise a fair amount of money he notices. The donation boxes are full and were brought to the Warblers dressing room.

Trent unlocks one and starts sifting through it trying to make an estimate, then smiles.

"We didn't win, but I think we should be pretty proud of ourselves today." He tells them, grinning. The mood seems to lift and the guys all start talking and congratulating each other.

They really did give one hell of a performance and supported a good cause.

Sebastian clears his throat and everyone quiets down to hear him.

"You guys were great out there. We were great out there." He pauses dramatically, a smile playing on his lips, "Party at my house!" he yells and everyone cheers. The Warblers really don't need an excuse to get together and party.

Everyone starts piling out the door, slapping each other on the backs and just overall being their regular dorky selves.

Sebastian starts to follow but feels a tug on his shoulder. He knows immediately what's about to happen and smirks allowing himself to be spun around. He's instantly pinned up against the wall by Thad who practically growls before attacking his lips.

Thad presses him to the wall, reveling in the power. Seb parts his lips, granting Thad access. The kiss is deep and unbelievably long, tongues playing back and forth, and teeth scraping until the need to come up for air.

Sebastian feels Thad's leg press between his, brushing his dick, causing it to start getting hard.

Thad starts trailing small love bites down Sebastian's neck playfully. Sebastian gasps when Thad suddenly bits down, sucking the sinfully sensitive area right behind his ear.

He can feel blood rushing down and although they really should stop finds himself murmuring "yes."

As he runs his hand through Thad's thick hair, pulling his head back up to crash their lips together.

It's messy and rushed because they both know this can't last long. The other Warblers are definitely wondering where they are by now so the kiss is sloppy and a little ridiculous perfect as well before they break apart.

Thad is the one smirking now as he glances at his work. Seb's lips are red and swollen, his uniform is crumpled and a bruise is already forming where he bit down.

Sebastian rolls his eyes. His relationship with Thad isn't one he really understands, it's just something that happened, then kept happening.

"We'll finish later." That assures Sebastian as they leave the room to catch up with the others.

First off no I won't write a sequel because my smut is literally painful to read. Second I really am trying to focus on my other two stories I Never Left (ghost!Kurt), and To The Death (glee/THG) so I would recommend if you want something that will actually update that you read those. Wow I sounded really bitchy in this... I should probs stop typing now.