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"I hate him." Logan stormed into Julian's dorm room, slamming the door shut behind him before throwing himself onto Julian's bed.

"That's nice dear." Julian replied, not looking up from his script. He was used to Logan hating people. Frequently. "Who's got your panties in a twist now?"

"My father, you bastard." Logan snarled before chucking a pillow at Julian's head.


Julian put down his script and threw the pillow back at Logan before crawling into the bed next to him, burrowing himself against Logan's body, despite Logan's resistance.

"What narrow-minded opinion did he try to push onto you today?" Julian whispered softly, knowing that Logan needed to talk it out, but that he was now also mad at Julian too.

"I don't want to talk about it anymore." Logan growled, his arms twitching as he tried to fight the urge to put them around Julian and pull him close.

Logan always felt sage and comforted when he was holding Julian, but damnit, he wanted to be mad at the world right now – at Julian for his moment of indifference, and at his father – oh his father – for the awful things he said about Logan's sexuality and his relationship with his Julian. Oh, his Julian.

Logan looked down at Julian through his eyelashes. Julian was watching him, waiting for him to speak, knowing that eventually his anger would lessen and he would want to talk.

Logan could never stay mad at his Julian. Sighing, Logan gave up fighting and wrapped his arms around Julian, pulling him close. Julian smelled like coffee and soap with a hint of aftershave.

"He's having a party and he wants me to come. He told me I could bring a friend or something."

"Or something." Julian echoed, knowing where this conversation was going.

"Or something, in that voice that means 'like a girlfriend, since you're hopefully over this gay phase.'"

"That's quite a voice."

"You have no idea."

The boys fell silent for a moment, the calm before the storm, so to speak. Julian felt Logan's arms tighten around him and felt the rise and fall of Logan's chest as he took a deep breath.

"I asked him if I could bring you along since, no, I am not over this 'gay phase' but you're a friend."
"And then?" Julian prompted, as Logan had trailed off, his breathing becoming more frequent and his grip almost painfully tight around Julian's body.

"And then he told me not to bother coming home unless I brought a girl home. And not just in reference to the party."

Julian was speechless. He was used to the Senator saying awful things, but he had never threatened to cut Logan out.

"Well I don't want to go to a stupid political party anyway."

"Jules –"

"You go, have fun – or rather, don't try to kill your father, and just know that I'll be here waiting for you to plow me through the mattress." Julian rolled out of Logan's grip, placing a chaste kiss onto Logan's lips.

"I'm not going."
"Of course you're going. I'm not worth losing the lovely bond between you and the slime ball that is your father." Logan scoffed. "Ok so maybe I am that fabulous, but I'm not worth you losing your relationship with Michelle. You know you don't want to lose her – I know you actually like her."

"Julian." Logan growled.

"No arguments. I love you and I know you'll make it through this; you are strong. Now get your cute butt out of my bed and go pack. I have things to do."

"So do I. I have to be angry."

"So be angry in your room while you pack." Logan grumbled as he crawled out of Julian's bed, sulking.

"You're the worst boyfriend ever."

"I still love you though. And remember, if you go to this party, I promise to make it worth your while."

Logan picked up the discarded pillow that had been thrown back and forth between the two boys and angrily threw it back at Julian before stomping out.

"You better." Logan snarled before slamming the door shut behind him.

Julian sighed and tossed the battered pillow back onto the bed as he mulled over the senator's words. Suddenly, he was struck with an idea. There were many chances for it to backfire, but if he could pull it off, it would be the biggest "fuck you" to the senator, and Logan would be in the position to cut the senator out and not the other way around.

Grabbing his phone off of his desk and flopping onto the bed, Julian shot off a quick text. His plan was good, but there was only one person he knew who could help him carry it out. Leaning back into the pillows, Julian waited for a reply, smiling when his phone buzzed and the reply was a resounding yes. Excellent.

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