Peter, Stewie, Bryan, Chris, and I yelled sat in the living room, each holding a bottle of a liquid substance that I haven't seen in a while. "Alright, you guys, I got eight crates of Ipecac all on my tab," Peter explained. Now, whoever goes the longest without puking gets the last piece of pie in the fridge." We all drank the nasty stuff. "Okay, here we go." There was a little bit of silence. "How's everybody doin'?" Peter asked.

"Good, good so far," Brian said.

"Alright, alright," Peter said.

"Nothing yet," Stewie implied.

"Me neither," I responded.

"Cool, cool," Peter said. "You know, I dunno if you guys have had any of that pie already, but that is, uh, that is some tasty stuff. That's from the uh, bake sale that Lois was..." he suddenly threw up.

"OOh, one down. I know somebody who won't be having any..." Stewie threw up.

"I'm starting to feel funny," Chris said holding his stomach. I some bile in my throat but instantly swallowed it. I really wanted that pie. "That's not good," I said as my stomach rumbled.

"Well, I feel fine. I guess I'm gonna..." Brian threw up. I couldn't take it anymore. The foul smell and color of the guys' puke made me want to just...Sudenly Chris puked leaving me standing with the strong stomach. "Heck yeah! That means I win!" I yelled hopping up onto the seat. "I get to eat the..." that's when I puked falling off the chair and onto my back. Stewie puked from the spot on the couch. "Oh, oh god...why didn't anybody tell me that..." he puked again. "Oh my God, my insiIdes are on..." Peter puked again. "No please!" Stewie pleaded. "No more, no more!" he puked again.

"Dad, I'm scared," Chris said before throwing up again. I flipped onto my stomach before puking again. "Ugh! That's awful!" I said before pulling my knees to my chest.

"Get the phone, call 91..." Brian puked again.

"Lois! Lois get in here," Peter walked backwards, threw up and hit the wall. I stood up, and stood on the couch in between Stewie and Brian only to puke and fall back onto my back on the other side of it. "Ugh."

"OK, ok. I think it's all gone. I think..." Brian puked again. Stewie rocked back and forth on the couch crying. "I don't wanna, I don't wanna..." then he puked again. I let my top half hang over the back of the couch. I then puked again. "Peter, Peter, I need you to hold my ears..." Peter yanked on Brian's ears as he puked and then Peter puked all over Brian's head. We all groaned as Peter toppled over. Lois then entered the room holding a large black pot. "Who wants chowder?" she asked. The guys and I barfed our guts out at the same time.