Dick tried to think, as well as ignore the glass that was being thrown around.

'Alright, I can still move my head and right arm, there's a start.' Dick thought as he became aware of his surrondings.

'Maybe if I just-OW, NO, moving the case is not an option!' Dick mentally screamed as pain shot through him, he was unable to lift the cabinet.

"GRAYSON!" Jason exlaimed, appearing where the grandfather clock should be.

"Jason, get back down stiars!" Dick protested, as Jason tried to move the cabinet as well.

"No way, I'm not leaving you here!" Jason argued back, still attempting to move the china cabinet. He got it to move atleast an inch when Dick groaned. He'd probably scream, but not in front of Jason.

"Grayson, are you okay?" He asked, but Dick was to far gone to know anything. With the tornado inching closer, Jason was running out of ideas. Taking both of Dick's arms, he dragged him out slowly. Knowing by now that the pain had caused his brother to black out, the nine year old dragged him through the debris filled room and to the grandfather clock, just in time to watch the tornado tear up the room.

Now safely in the Batcave, Jason left Dick on the stair landing, then ran to grab a pillow and blanket.

"Is D okay?" Tim asked, shaking.

"Y...yeah, yeah, he's okay, or atleast he will be." Jason lied, he wasn't sure at all.

"Why he no moving? Why he up there?" Tim questioned.

"He's sleeping, and I can't carry him down all those stairs." Jason slowly lifted Dick's head and placed the pillow under it, then wrapped him in the blanket.

"Oh." Tim mumbled back, climbing to see his two brothers.

Dick's left arm and both legs were obviously broken, and he had several bruises and cuts, some still bleeding.

"Dick no look good." Tim said sadly.

"I know, we just need to wait till dad get home, then he'll be okay." Jason said, checking Dick's pulse. It was weak, and who knows how long until Bruce returned.

And yet out of some miracle, Dick slowly opened his eyes.


"GRAYSON!" The two younger boys exclaimed.

"Look out." Dick could hardly mumble.

"What?" Jason asked.

"Look out." Dick said a little louder, pulling both his brothers into his arms and rolling ontop of them, just in time to sheild them from debris that had fallen through the ceiling. With that, he blacked out again.

"GRAYSON!" Jason tried to wake him, but it didn't work. Rolling him back over, he saw how lifeless Dick looked.

"What we do!" Tim questioned, totally frantic.

"We-um- we," Jason sighed, trying to calm down, "We wait for dad."

With about an hour of waiting, Jason and Tim doing all they could to help Dick, they heard someone calling for them.

"Dick! Tim! Jason!" Bruce called just above them.

"WE'RE DOWN HERE, DAD!" Jason screamed. Bruce was there almost instantly.

"Are you boys alright?" Bruce scooped all three of them into his arms.

"Grayson isn't!" Jason explained. Not waisting any time, Bruce had Dick on a table, and began bandaging him.

"Is he k'?" Tim asked shyly.

"He broke his left arm, both legs, has several rib fractures, and a concussion, but he should recover." Bruce tried to explain, but Tim only cried.

"D-don't cry, T-timmy, I-I'm okay." Dick slowly opened his eyes again. No one said anything, they were all too happy.

The Next day:

Jason's P.O.V:

The tornado just came and passed in three hours. It just blew through Gotham then died down. Nobody else got hurt, other than Grayson. As far as damage goes, our house wasn't completely totaled. The tornado took out part of the living room, and a tree fell over my room, but other than that, all other parts of the house still stood, un-damaged. Many tree were up-rooted, and the were broken windows everywhere, but that was basically it. I guess the sad part was when we started to walk around and explore the damamge. Well,dad, Tim, and I walked, Grayson was in a wheel chair, and we didn't get that far because he couldn't go over tree and such, so we went home. Dad started calling people about getting the house fixed, and said I would have to sleep in Grayson's room until mine was fixed. My first night there was really weird. Tim decided to sleep with us too, hugging Grayson tightly as he slept, as if scared he would leave again. I slept on the floor, well, I didn't actually sleep at all.

"What's wrong?" I heared Grayson ask. I looked over, he wasn't looking at me, more so, the ceiling.

"Nothing." I mumbled.

"Something is wrong." Grayson tried to sit up, but failed, laying back down.

"Well, it was kinda scary, and I know scary crap." I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, but we're all okay now."

"You're not! You're the only one that got hurt!" I argued.

"I know that, Jason, but that's okay, you two are safe, that's all I care about." Grayson was looking at me now.

"You could have died!"

"But I didn't, and you can't dwell on the past forever." Grayson moved over a bit and patted a spot next to him.

"Come on, don't sleep on the floor."

I tried to act like I didn't care, but I took his offer anyway, and lay down next to him and Tim. He wrapped both his arms around us, and closed his eyes.

"Grayson?" I asked slowly, making sure he was still awake.

"Yeah?" He asked.

"Thanks, you're the best brother ever, and...I love you, and Tim does too, that was really dangerous, never do that again, you could've died, and-and." But I didn't get to finish, Grayson just hugged Tim and I tighter.

"Shh, I know what could have happened, and now, we all just need to sleep, I love you both too, now, good night." he said, closing his eyes again. I eventually followed his lead, feeling really stupid for letting myself get all hysterical like that, but I pushed that thought aside. I'm just glad my brother is still alive.

Three months later:

Dick's P.O.V:

It's been about three months, and if I told you a killer tornado blew through Gotham, you'd think I was crazy. All the damage has been fixed, well, all the damage to houses atleast. Jason's room has been fixed for awhile, but he still sleeps in my room, saying his room still has problems with it. Tim, if possible, never leaves my side. I don't blame them really, my first tornado, I never left Bruce's side, heck, I still don't sometimes. My arm and right leg have healed already, but my left leg still has a little ways to go. But, that doesn't stop me from helping the team, and running around outside with my brothers. It's kind of sad really to see how much trama the tornado actually caused them, though it really wasn't that big a deal. Or at least that's what I think. I always think back to that conversation that Jason and I had the night after all that. I've never seen him like that before, and I've seen him like that ever again. He's back to his rough self, unless he's caught off gaurd. Well, it's funny how, three months later, and we still all feel the impact. But, it's time to move on. Bruce is finishing up the house, and I said I'd watch Jason and Tim so he could get it done. Bruce said he wasn't gonna leave Gotham for awhile, so that's that. It's all up hill from now.

A/N: Well, it started out being based off personal experiance, then, the middle and ending just came to me. Thanks for reading! I didn't have spell check, so, bear with me.