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Without further adieu, the epilogue of Complicated!

"Daniel!" I could hear my wife, Anne, shout from the hallway.

"What is it, dear?" I call back, keeping my eyes on my paperwork.

"R-Rin! S-she's..." she tried to answer.

I sigh and get up from my desk, and go to see what's wrong. Rin was probably just throwing a tantrum again, and making her mother upset. I thought I'd raised her better than that. It was all that boy's fault.

I turn the corner to see my wife standing in the doorway to our daughter's room, her hands covering her mouth and tears in her eyes. I blink in surprise and suddenly my heart fills with dread. I rush into Rin's room, only to find it completely empty. The closets are bare and the shelves mostly empty. My eyes catch something sitting on the bed. An apple. I go over to it and find a note underneath. "I'll always love you. I'm sorry." My breathe hitches. "Romeo and Cinderella." I read out loud.

I throw the note down and rush to the balcony, noticing the door is open. I look down and see a rope tied to one of the poles.

"Rin!" I shout, though I know she's probably long gone by now.

What have I done?


Two years later.

Len's arms snake around my middle and he glances over at what I'm writing.

"Watcha doin'?" He asks me.

"Oh, just writing a letter, and filling out some applications." I respond.

He looks at the paper work and smiles, nodding his head. He must've seen where it was from. I am currently applying for a college. I had finished my last year of high school through night school, and now that I have my diploma I am ready for more. For now, I am just applying. I'll wait a year or two before I become completely immersed in school life.

I have more important things to worry about.

Such as the letter I am writing.

My pencil hesitates above the paper as I contemplate what to write next. Len's reading over my shoulder and he smiles.

"You're writing a letter to your parents?"

"I think they should know how we're doing. And I think they should come to our wedding." I respond, also smiling.

Len nods thoughtfully then says, "I hope they won't be too mad at me for stealing you away." He chuckles nervously.

I turn around in my chair to face him, and wrap my arms around his middle. "I don't think so. The last time I spoke to my mother over the phone, she sounded happy for me, even if she was worried. I'm sure my father will be the same way." Of course, I had called my parents through a pay-phone. I didn't want to take the chance of them finding me and forcing me back, even though it wasn't likely. I call them every once in a while, so they won't become too concerned.

"All right. Have we decided on a date yet?" Lens voice pulls me from my thoughts.

I hum lightly before responding, "I was thinking sometime in October. When all the leaves are different colors." October was only six months away, and hopefully that would be enough time to plan. Len and I had basically decided everything we wanted for our wedding during the past two years, when Len proposed to me. We had just been waiting for a day when we knew we would both be ready, with absolutely no doubts. I just wanted to be sure that we would be happy together, and two years later I know that our relationship is perfect.

We started living together as soon as we had found a place to stay, those two years ago. We had hopped on Len's motorcycle, and we went to his apartment to collect his things, as well as to the school so we could drop out. I was glad to leave that horrid school. After that, we left town and kept driving until the bike was almost out of gas. It was then that we came across a small little town, which I thought was the perfect place for us to settle, and I was right. We rented a very nice apartment, with a nice view of the mountains and very friendly neighbors. Both of us got jobs, and we went to night school together after we had settled a routine.

Miku moved into town a few months after we did, when she finished school, and she had brought Kaito along with her. I was happy to have my best friend with me, and my life seemed absolutely perfect. Miku continued her career with Crypton, and was steadily getting more and more known. We started a group call the Vocaloids, recording songs and performing concerts on occasion.

Len and I had finally finished our song Romeo and Cinderella, and it was one of our most popular songs. Every once in a while, when Len and I go out, I can hear people talking about us, and the occasional fan comes up to ask for a picture.

Miku's and Kaito's relationship was very serious, and I can't help but smile at the thought of being at their wedding, and them at mine.

Len and I act just like a married couple. We snuggle and kiss and talk, and the occasional fight breaks out between us. But no matter how bad it gets, we always manage to get over it. I knew we were ready to get married.

"That sounds nice." Len smiles, pulling me from my memories.

"I know, I can't wait." I sigh, leaning my head onto his shoulder.

He hums in agreement, "and then we'll move into an actual house. We have enough money from our music to do so." I smile at him, "And we'll both get our degrees in music, and continue doing what we love. We'll have children too."

"I hope it's twins," I murmur, "twins would be lovely."

Len laughs, "yeah, I think so too."

"I love you so much." I lean up to give him a kiss.

"I love you too, Cinderella."