The Skies Above Them

White wedding dresses are relatively new. At least in the Western world, they didn't seem to gain popularity until Queen Victoria was married in white lace. It used to be just your best clothes, whatever the color.

Gilraen's wedding dress was blue...


Her best dress was blue.

She had worn it on their wedding day and Arathorn had said that her eyes matched the skies above them.

She had worn that dress between the two other dresses she owned as she and their son Aragorn fled south. Aragorn, a toddler, wore all the clothes to his name as well.

They had no room to carry more, riding double with the sons of Elrond.

She did not weep until they reached Imladris. Her heart hurt too much. Perhaps part of her believed that Arathorn would still return; there must have been some mistake—

When she took off the dress she noticed that it had a tear in it. A long, ragged tear that she didn't remember getting. Then her tears stained the blue darker.

She washed and mended it carefully, and then put it away.

As the years passed, she had other blue dresses, for both she and her son were well-cared for in Rivendell. But she never again wore that particular shade of blue.

Eventually, she returned to her people and it was there that she died.

To fulfill her dying wish, she was buried in her best dress.

As she passed beyond the circles of this world, Arathorn met her—

And said that her eyes matched the skies above them.