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"Welcome! Welcome! I trust that the venue is to your liking?"

There were a variety of confirmation from the guests invited, some even looked like they had agreed grudgingly.

It was no surprise after all, the building that hosted the gathering had an extremely lavish interior of western design. All of the materials were all high end, a small glance at the various utensils strewn about on the tables told him that either they had just been bought, or they had been rarely used. Those who had the looks of agreeing, albeit reluctantly, most likely boasted that they could hold a more lavish party – at least, before they attended this one.

If it weren't for the fact that he had gone into similar missions as the one he was currently in months earlier, he would have been a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of money used to set up such a venue. Although his reaction wouldn't really give him away since many of the other guests sported similar reactions.

"For the time being, please make yourselves at home. Our host will soon give his opening speech – and believe me, it will be the answer to your questions."

Once the jovial man finished speaking, soft music began playing and several butlers and maids entered with platters of food.

It was a real temptation to just drop down and eat everything that was on sight – if it weren't for the fact that doing so would jeopardize both his life and the mission.

'One of these days... One of these days I really hope I go into a lavish party like this without any ulterior motive aside from eating...'

As the saying goes, 'the way to the man's heart is through his stomach.' While Kyousuke couldn't be considered a glutton with how he wishes to live a normal life, it didn't mean that he didn't like good food. He often wished he would be able to cook the food that he had taken a liking too, but due to circumstances, he could only cook an average meal. Really, if there was one thing he'd rather not have as a normal trait, it would definitely be cooking.

Looking back a few hours earlier, he was briefed by his kohai, Junpei, that his mission was going to take place in Osaka. According to those in Inquesta and Forensics group of the organization his part of, some sort of gathering was taking place in one of the newly established buildings.

This normally wouldn't be odd, but what really put off those who investigated, was that they could in no way identify who is hosting the gathering. Furthermore, a certain number of the guests were unnamed. Even through the more questionable methods of obtaining information yielded nothing.

When this oddity was compared to recent previous cases that had not been fully solved, there was a disturbing amount of similarities.

It was due to this, that he was called to work as he had been the one that handled those cases.

Putting his utensils down after eating half of the meal presented to him, he glanced around to take a good look at all the guests present.

There was nothing to show that something was amiss, it just seemed like your average gathering – at least, in terms of a gathering.


A hesitant voice from his left side entered his ear.

Sensing that someone seemed to be addressing him, Kyousuke turned his head to his left and noticed that, yes, someone was addressing him. The person in question was a young woman with turquoise colored hair, she had a gentle face and wore an elegant yet simple white gown.

"Yes..." Kyousuke took a quick glance at the name tag by the woman's shoulder, "Makina-san? What is the problem?"

"Are you feeling alright... Nakamura-san?" It seems that she also read the name tag that was pinned to his suit.

He had knocked out the man that was called 'Nakamura' an hour ago and took the man's invitation. Thankfully, it seemed the man had a case of sore eyes which allowed him to wear sunglasses that would conceal his identity to most of the guests. Furthermore, he could also use the man's doctor certificate to get past the guards so they wouldn't even need to ask him to remove his sunglasses... although even if they did, they probably wouldn't be able to recognize a single face specifically unless they were looking for the person in question.

"What do you mean, Makina-san?"

"You didn't finish your food."

He had stopped eating fifteen minutes ago and had only finished half of his plate. He couldn't afford to fill himself up in a mission.

Raising an eyebrow at the woman's genuine worry over his well being (not that it could be seen with his sun glasses), he decided to placate the young woman.

"I'm fine Makina-san. Thank you for your worry. I had an early dinner with an acquaintance an hour earlier... I couldn't reject the offer so you could say I'm suffering for it now."

The lie that came from his mouth rolled out so well, that he often wondered why he couldn't do the same whenever the teachers asked him the reasoning for his lack of homework.

"Is that so?"

With that statement, the woman placed her focus on her hands.

Kyousuke glanced around from his seat and found that the others have already stepped out of their seat and was now speaking with the other guests. If anything, this looked more like a normal gathering of the rich instead of 'the gathering of cohorts'. Although that was also the case with the previous mission that was similar to the one he was taking on now.

He could recognize some of those that had come in the gathering, but the majority of those who attended were foreigners. Listening to some of the conversations that took place wasn't that hard even if they spoke in their respective native languages – he spoke them too of course.

But the eavesdropping yielded nothing as they continued to talk about mundane things such as their businesses and the current venue.

Once an hour had passed and there was still no sign of the host, Kyousuke sighed.

Turning to his left, he noticed that the same woman from before was still by his side. Which was odd, considering that several others had actually tried to start a conversation with her.

"So, what are you doing here, Makina-san?"

He was pretty bored, but he supposed he could gather some information from the other guests if there were anything that might stand out as to why they were invited – aside from being fairly well off of course.

"What do you mean?" She asked after a moment's pause. It seemed like she was caught off guard by the question, or the fact that he was once again talking with her.

"You don't seem to be the type to have gone willingly into such a gathering."

It was an observation he had made casually, one that sounded as if he merely stated an observation. If he hadn't been looking for it, he would have probably missed it, but the woman had just winced at his observation.

Kyousuke however, shook his head before the woman could in anyway reply.

"You don't need to explain. It's just an observation, nothing more."

He had no right to pry, their reasons are their own. Furthermore, he already knew what her reason probably was even if it wasn't concrete.

At the very least he could consider her as one of the few people in this party that he would consciously avoid from hurting if everything goes south.

"...what about you, Nakamura-san? You don't seem to be interested in mingling with the other guests." Makina-san said after a moment's pause.

He internally debated on whether he should answer with a lie or with the truth just to amuse her.

"I'm actually just here for the host. I didn't come here to interact with all the other guests in the first place."

"Is that so?"

The way she posed her question, was utterly genuine that even if he hadn't been looking, he could already picture a metaphorical question mark appearing over her head.

Before anymore could be said, the lights suddenly turned off and the music had stopped. The conversations that had been going on before hand had also stopped. A second after the silence had become the only thing present within the air, a spot light shone over the top of the stairs that had a man with a white suit gracefully stepping down from.

The man wore a white suit, one that seemed to make him glow with an overly bright light under the spot light. It was like seeing a miniature version of the 'moon' being lighted up by the 'sun'. Along with the white hair the man sported, his youthful face, and his gentle smile, it certainly gave more credence to his divine-like air.

The man's gaze scanned over the audience, momentarily stopping to where he was seated – their eyes making contact – before a smile, one that was predatory, overshadowed his previous smile.

During that moment, Kyousuke could immediately discern one thing.

With years of experience, and having survived many situations that would make even the most hardened veteran green with jealousy, Kyousuke pushed the young woman to his left out of her seat just as he himself jumped away from his position.

It was a good thing he did.

A mere second after he had pushed himself back, a gigantic sword cleaved directly where he had been sitting.

Gasps sounded out at the commotion, many scrambled as far as they could away from his position and some even started trying to run out of the venue. The woman that he had pushed out of the way earlier, was still frozen watching the display with morbid fascination.

The man that had cleaved where he was earlier, turned towards him as he shouldered the large blade. Due to the darkness, he couldn't quite see the details regarding the man's facial feature, but the man was definitely tall – a whole foot taller than himself – yet his large blade was even longer than he is tall. The fact that he wielded it using only one hand meant that this person was either really strong, or was some sort of power user.

"You are not Nakamura." The tall man said with a deep voice.

It was a simple statement, but it had the intended effect of making a cold shiver run down his spine.

Normally, such a reaction should not have come as he was experienced with these kinds of dangerous situations.

But when the large man had uttered those words, he realized that he hadn't fully avoided the attack to his person.

The name tag that had moments ago been clipped on his suit was now at the hands of the tall man.

Clamping down hard on his hesitations, Kyousuke snapped both of his hands to his sides. From his sleeves, two long combat knives dropped down to his hands.

The man however, had not been idly waiting either.

By the time the two knives had made its way to his hands, the man already brandished his sword in a diagonal arc toward his body, starting from the man's right and descending downwards to his left.

He lowered his body as fast as he could and as close to the ground as possible without actually falling towards it to avoid the attack. Even with his speed he only narrowly avoided the attack as the tail end of his suit was sliced cleanly off.

Bringing his knife up to bare, Kyousuke aimed a strike towards the man's neck with his left while his right kept the sword that had been brought down on the floor.

Just before the knife could reach the man's neck, the man swiftly blocked it with his free hand and twisted it to grab Kyousuke's wrist.

Kyousuke acted quickly, by lashing out with his other knife while at the same time jumping up towards the man's chest.

The result was immediate.

The man let go of his left hand as his knife narrowly missed the man's hand, while Kyousuke twisted mid-air as he placed both of his feet on the man's chest and jumping off of it to put some distance between the man and himself.

The whole confrontation lasted only twenty seconds.

"Isn't it about time you left... Busou Tantei's Black Ops?"

The man uttered in an impassive tone as he shouldered his giant sword.

Kyousuke grimaced.

He had forgotten that this had been a place of gathering, which meant that there were still innocents around.

His mission was ultimately to find if the man behind the gathering would be the same man from the previous missions he had entered and what the man was after. He had certainly failed on finding the objective, but at least he could conclude several things.

One, the man was prepared to go against Busou Tantei and two, the man apparently had enough power or connections to hypnotize everyone else in the room.

He had wondered why everyone had suddenly turn silent. He initially thought it was because everyone was too shock at the play of events. But seeing it now when his life wasn't exactly in immediate danger, he noticed that there was something odd – like an eerie feeling was permeating from the place he was in.

Taking a small glance at the white haired man under the spot light, the man gave a cold smile to him as if verifying his thoughts.

If what he was thinking was indeed true, then this was not a battle he could win without the sacrifice of innocent lives.

Pulling two small spheres from his pockets, he tossed one then the other towards the floor before escaping.

"Was it a wise decision in letting him see you, Master?"

The man that had attacked the intruder several minutes ago, questioned the man beside him as his own impassive gaze scanned through the audience before settling towards the woman that the intruder had interacted with.

"It matters not. With the way things are going, it'll be too late for Busou Tantei to do anything once they've fully realized what we are doing."

The white haired man took a sip from his wine, giving off an amused expression as he noticed how subdued the crowd was. It was amusing to him since he knew the reasoning as to why they all had a somewhat confused expression – they were no doubt wondering why they feel tired or somewhat apprehensive despite not having any memories as to why they felt that way.

"For now, hasten the production and gathering of the materials. We'll move our base of operations elsewhere."

The tall man bowed before walking down the corridor to which the white haired man used to enter the gathering hall.

As soon as his companion left, the white haired man turned towards the young woman that the agent had interacted with. She was currently clutching at her head, no doubt trying to sort out whatever happened. It was no surprise after all, the agent had interacted with her the most after all.

"Hmm... Maybe a few countermeasures would be beneficial."

The man muttered before he finally sat up from his seat and decided to finally interact with the guests.

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