May 10, 2004

Well my day got off to a very rotten start. While I was on my morning rounds, I happened upon the happy couple Danny and Louisa. I really wasn't in the mood after witnessing such a disgusting display at the hospital. They both said good morning but I kept walking. I refused to entertain them in any way.

Pauline called me on my mobile and informed me that Phil Pratt needed me to come see his wife on the farm. I believe Phil Pratt is Auntie Joan's neighbor. I yelled at Pauline that he could have brought her to the surgery. She said that she was not able to come. Of course not. Well color me surprised! Everything is an emergency to these people.

I went to the Pratt's and met Helen. It turns out she was suffering from arterial fibrillation. In other words, an irregular heartbeat. I remember thinking that in a way she was fortunate. Well an irregular heart rhythm is never good. If you have to have one you want arterial fib over ventricular fib. Ventricular is almost always life threatening. However, arterial can treated if caught in time.

I decided to treat it with aspirin and take it from there. I turned my back for a split second and turned back to find Helen in distress. It happened so quickly and I was rather alarmed indeed. It couldn't have been more then thirty seconds that I had my back turned. I instructed Mr. Pratt to call an ambulance immediately. While we were still conversing with the ambulance, she stopped breathing. I ran to her but could immediately see there was no hope for resuscitation. I informed them their services were not needed. I suspect that a blood clot in her leg must have traveled to her brain which in turn killed her. Blood clots are a side effect of a fib. The problem is that blood clots are quite often asymptomatic.

Auntie Joan walked in at that very moment. Well wasn't that excellent bloody timing. Just what I need more people to complicate matters. She became emotional because apparently she and Helen are good friends. I really didn't need any further distractions at that time. When it rains it pours.

We went to the kitchen so I could fill out the death certificate. Well Phil Pratt had the nerve to scream at me and blame me for his wife's death. He tried to intimidate me and almost lunged at me screaming," You could have saved her!" Well he picked the wrong man to try and intimate. I just kept a completely flat affect and handed him the death certificate. I then turned and left.

I think Auntie Joan was angry at me for getting up and abruptly walking out. Well what exactly did she expect me to do? Certainly I couldn't take that abuse. Yes the man did loose his wife. However, that doesn't mean I have to take abuse. I don't tolerate abuse from anyone under any circumstances.

Later I got a call from the school that there was an "emergency." Since Louisa tends to over react to any medical issue at school I never know if it really is a true emergency. Sometimes it's true emergency and sometimes it isn't. I really never know until I get there. It's really frustrating. I hate unpredictability.

Well it really wasn't a major emergency. A child had a small fish bone caught in his throat but could still talk and breathe. There was absolutely no reason for me to rush to the school when the child was in no distress. They absolutely positively could have brought him into the surgery. I swear these people have no issue with wasting other people's precious time.

I was about to leave the scene of the so called emergency when Louisa tells me she is concerned about her new teacher Tricia Stone. She asked me if I would take a "quick look" Tricia while I was there. Her request made me very incensed.

It should not have shocked me as she has a nasty habit of doing that all the time. She knows it makes me crazy but she does it anyway. I was obviously not willing to give in to her utterly infuriating request. First of all I don't respond well when one person speaks for another. Tricia didn't request my services. Louisa took upon herself to ask me. If Tricia wants something from me then she can use her own bloody voice. Second of all, If Tricia had a non emergent medical problem she is more then welcome to come and see me. I flatly refused and of course she got angry with me as usual. I do not care in the least for I refuse to be taken advantage of. Besides she spends half her life angry with me. She always gets over it at some point. I did not look at Tricia hands. Instead I promptly left the highly annoying scene.

This shouldn't have surprised me but I discovered later in the day that the craziness with Phil Pratt was far from over. I was catching up with patient notes, when I got a hysterical call from Auntie Joan. Apparently Phil has started harassing her. On top of that he has started using pesticides. His use of them so close to her land could seriously jeopardize her organic license. I understood but at the same time I wasn't sure what I could do. She wanted me to sit him down and explain what happened to his wife in plain terms. He still thinks I killed his wife. Obviously, I did not "kill" his wife. If that is the way he feels, there is nothing I can do about it. He has it stuck in his puerile brain that it was my fault. Nothing I or anyone else says will change that.

As I was on the phone with Auntie Joan, Phil came barreling into my consulting room. Yes, as usual Pauline was doing her usual bang up job of keeping things under control. I felt compelled to let out a highly sarcastic, "Thank You Pauline!"

He began screaming and carrying on about how I killed his wife. I was not about to tolerate that kind of abuse in my consulting room. I simply explained that he would soon get the results of the post mortem. The results would in fact clearly show that I did not in fact "kill" his wife. As I got closer to him I was hit in the face with the strong smell of alcohol on his breath. That was truly the last straw. I very calmly informed him that if he did not bugger off I would call Mark and have him arrested. As he was leaving I asked him to cease using Pesticides close to Auntie Joan's crops.

Later in the afternoon I came back to the surgery to find Tricia on my doorstep. Yes that is just what I needed. She blurted out that Louisa told her she should come and see me. Yes well Louisa also neglected to inform her that I work by appointment. I was rather infuriated but I decided to tell her to come in and get the whole mess over with. Instead of coming in, she just stood there staring at me paralyzed where she stood. She nervously said "Well why do I left you put away your shopping first." Oh I so did not need that garbage. I got fed up with her stupidity very quickly and said with annoyance "Either come in now or go away." She quickly looked at her watch and then back at me. She decided that she forgot about an important engagement and promptly ran off. I must say I was relieved because I really didn't have the time or the energy for such foolishness.

Some time later I got a call that there was yet another emergency at the school. I was highly irritated about having to respond to yet another bloody emergency. I would say that ninety percent of the time they aren't what I would call an emergency. I've come to realize that my definition and Louisa's definition of an emergency are radically different.

Once again the issue centered on that barmy Tricia. She allegedly fainted. Of course when I arrived she was fully conscious and speaking coherently. Of course she was. Yes the Doctor has nothing better to do them go running to the school every five minutes. Tricia's big revelation was that perhaps she fainted because she forgot lunch. Well that is just bloody fine. I have to come running to the school because some barmy women decides to skip a meal.

As if calling me for a non emergency was not enough, Louisa asked me again to look at Tricia. I must give the women credit for tenacity and persistence. This time I decided to look at them just to avoid hearing her mouth over and over if I didn't. Her hands were red but it was far from a life threatening condition. I asked her if she wore rubber gloves when she washed her dishes. As I expected she does not. I gave her the logical response that perhaps she should. I then decided that was the best time to extricate myself before I was asked to do any more impromptu staff medical exams.

As I was calmly but briskly leaving the school, I received a mild shock. Suddenly Tricia barged past me with a sense of urgency. She barged right past with no regard to my safety in the matter. She did not slam into me but came painfully close. I tried to call after her but she didn't stop. I was beginning to see a link between her physical manifestations and her behavioral reactions. I was beginning to think her problem was psychological in nature.

I was considering pursing Tricia when Louisa came charging after me screaming my name. Oh yes just what I bloody needed at that moment. As per usual we got into an argument. She had the nerve to tell me she couldn't keep apologizing for me. Well, I told her she should stop because I have never asked her to do so.

The heated argument continued and without even thinking I blurted out "I don't understand you! You make no sense! I find you difficult to understand at the best of times!" As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I instantly regretted them. My words just hung amidst the cool sea breeze. She responded with, "What are we talking about?" Well she inadvertently proved my bloody point. That was exactly what I was getting at. She goes and says the daftest things and then wonders why I get beyond angry with her. I mean what the bloody hell did she think I was talking about?

She decided we need to stop having these infuriating mini rows as she calls them. I couldn't have agreed more. It could be accomplished if she would cease being so argumentative and emotional all the time. She suggested we need to set down and have a talk to discuss how we really feel about each other. OH PLEASE! I decided the easiest thing to do was to agree to meet her. I just wanted to get the whole thing over with so I suggested meeting that same night. She claimed she had plans. Oh yes, I how could I forget about pretty boy Danny. Somehow the infuriating women read my mind and said "I'm NOT seeing Danny!" I have to confess I was relived to hear that. We compromised and we set the date for the next night.

Finally I was able to break free from Louisa's highly annoying grasp and I headed back to the surgery. On my way, I passed by Tricia's house. I noticed the most bizarre behavior. This behavior definitely supported my earlier theory that her problem was of a psychological nature. She was standing at her door and she repeatedly looked at her watch. She stood paralyzed unable to go inside. I confronted her and told her that she was most likely suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. Of course I was met a classic statement of angry denial "There is nothing wrong with me!" Of course there isn't. Yes, it is completely normal to not be able to enter ones home.

During the afternoon, I got a hysterical phone call from Auntie Joan. Apparently, Phil had been injured badly with farm machinery. She discovered him and there was a great deal of blood.

I rushed to the scene. Oh she was right it was a literal bloody mess. The sharp part of the machine had fallen on top of him and cut into both his legs. I dealt with the situation but I came very close to vomiting several times. As I was tending to Phil a man drove up. He came running to the scene with great alarm. He became emotional and took Phil's hand. He started crying and talked about a fear of loosing Phil. It suddenly dawned on me what was going on. Phil was obsessed with the fact that Auntie Joan might know his secret. He was obsessed with what Helen might have told her. Well now we all knew his secret. It was certainly an interesting twist to the whole crazy story.

I was able to stabilize Phil before the ambulance arrived. I informed him that I got the results of Helen's post mortem and it concurred with my original diagnosis. The ambulance came and took him away. Do you know that he didn't even bother to thank me for saving his life? I don't know why I was even surprised.

Later, I was finally ready to go and meet Louisa at the pub. I really wasn't sure what it would accomplish. However, I knew we needed to have some sort of discussion. We really couldn't continue down the same destructive path.

Just as I was about to leave Tricia came barging into the surgery. I informed her that I was on my way out. She panicked and said she desperately needed my help. She said that she is unable to enter or leave a building except on the hour and half hour. So she could not leave until the half hour. She sat down and I tried to talk to her.

As a result, I was unable to escape to meet Louisa. I could only imagine she would be furious with me. However, my hands were tied. I was stuck dealing with a barmy woman who was unable to leave.

I haven't confronted Louisa yet but I know this is gonna cause yet another major argument. Well it's her own fault because she so desperately wanted me to treat her barmy staff member.

Right now, I must stop fretting the consequences of my actions this evening. It is time to wind down with my herbal tea before bed. I'll simply deal with it as it comes.