All the rights belong to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. And the glorious people at the BBC for bringing them back to life.

Sherlock. Spoilers for, A Scandal in Belgravia.

A promise is a promise and he is a man of honor at least to a point. But he had given his word to Mrs. Hudson.

So here he was finding himself in the lobby of the theatre waiting for Mrs. Hudson to return from the ladies cloak room.

Engaging in his favorite pastime he watches the throng of people as they push and shove their way making their escape from the overfilled lobby.

Ever alert to his surroundings all of his senses working at a feverish pace taking in and dismissing all the data at an alarming rate.

Until he hears a sound a specific sound.

A sound he has not heard in a long time.

A sigh but not just any sigh.

This particular one brings to mind a fond memory and a pleasant smile to his lips.

The sigh is a soft one, one that could be described as a soft satisfied moan from a woman as she finds her release from an exquisite orgasm.

He turns his head knowing that it is to late already that she is gone.

But then he see it, a slender wrist and pale hand touching the wall before she fades into the night lost to the sea of people.

It is a game that they play and he hopes that they can play again.