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P.O.V. Person: "Talking"
Others: 'Talking'

Epilogue: Keeps Getting Better
3 Years Later
Joey's P.O.V.
Looking back at everything that happened to me I still can't believe it. After the curse was gone Seto didn't actually dump me instead he asked me to move in with him I was hesitant at first because he still didn't know anything about my home situation. After I was finished telling him he got up and said he needed some time, and of course I probably would have ran off again too if he didn't cuff me to the stairs. So after two very long hours he came back with my stuff and said rather abruptly that my father was taken care off and I would most likely never see him again…so I ran into his arms…after he un-cuffed me of course and I haven't brought it up since. A year later he proposed and we were married in the fall.

After the honey moon we thought real hard about what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives, he of course stayed with the company but he works mostly from home now so we see each other more, so the real question was me. Seto fought hard for me to live and even harder to give me something to live for and I didn't want to waste my gift, realizing what I wanted to do I went to Seto 'Puppy! So what is it? Do you want to go back to school?' I decided to just come out and say it…it was the best way to get an honest reaction out of him "Seto I want a child" I closed my eyes afraid to see his reaction but before I knew it I was in his arms 'Joey you've made me so happy' and that's when my tears started to fall.

A Few Weeks Later
The lady seemed nice enough as she brought us to where the children were she told us to take out time and come find her when we made our choice. I was overwhelmed at first there were so many I began to walk around when a lone child sitting by himself reading a book caught my eye. I walked over to him after a quick look behind my shoulder Seto gave me and encouraging smile and let me do my thing. As I got closer I could read the title of the novel he was reading a I recognized it from home "Warm Bodies, you're the only other person I've met who read it everyone's still into Twilight these days" he looked up from the book and smiled 'I like this better Julie isn't as annoying as Bella is' I sat down happy that we had something in common "so why are you over here? You seem to be the only one who doesn't want to be noticed" he looked sad for a moment "people don't usually like me I'm not like other kids, I'm a bit of a trouble maker apparently but I only try to keep bullies away from my younger brother" he was hesitant for a moment almost if he had said something bad "Who's your brother?" his gloom tripled when I asked this but he set his book down and went to open the toy box pulling out a blue haired boy around five 'Jack are they gone yet?' he held him close and said 'no Jesse they aren't one of them wants to meet you actually' the little one looked confused for a moment but he was fine when Jack gave him a small nod. After Jack set him down he came over to me and shook my hand ' my names Jesse I like crystals' I gave him one of my famous grins that Seto love and said "my names Joey see that man standing over there" I pointed him out and they both looked "he what I like" and they both laughed, as I looked over to Jack he gave me a knowing look "Jesse why don't you run over to him and introduce yourself" Jesse looked back to his brother asking permission once he got the nod he ran off. "You're not going to take him you know" Jack's tone was hard but I could see the hurt and fear in his eyes 'your all the same! You want to take him from me' his voice dropped to a whisper 'he's all I have left' I just gave him smile and pulled him into a hug "Of course I am…but I'm not going anywhere without you" as I looked into his eyes I could see the happiness and then the tears he was barely able to say "thank you" with that I took him into my arms and we went to see how Seto was doing.

I let Seto deal with the paper work while I stayed with the kids. Jack was sitting next to me his eyes red from crying reading his book again Jesse had just fell asleep. When the door open Seto whispered out that he needed me to sign stuff so I handed him Jesse and filled out the paper work and before we knew it the boys were packed and we were in the limo heading home. 'So now that we're a family' jack couldn't stop the grin from spreading across his face 'what do we call you guys?' I just looked at Seto that's when Jesse began to get exited 'I know! I know!' he pointed to me 'your Daddy' and then he pointed to Seto 'And you're Papa' I just looked at Seto and then back to the boy "And you guys are our sons who-"I couldn't finish before Seto cut me off 'who we love very much'.

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