This story is a crossover between the worlds of Harry Potter and Stargate SG1. I am aware of some other stories dealing with this however I am trying to put my own spin on this one most of it will be written from Jake's (the name I have chosen for the clone to have rather than be Jack Jr, ) prospective.

At the end of the latest meeting of the Order of the Phoenix Albus Dumbledore seemed to be very concerned about the latest new from Snape about Harry and what the death eaters were planning. He turned to the members after Snape had left he turned to the rest of the order and asked them what their thoughts about Harry having some sort of security with him even when he was at Hogwarts. At first there was talk about having an Auror with him, which Harry really might not like too much. Then Dumbledore had an idea he remembered herding from an old friend who worked in the US military who had access to some of their more secret areas, one of them being the Stargate Program, anyway he had talked to Dumbledore is extreme strict confidence about a boy who was a clone of one of the high ranking officials that was showing some interesting characteristics, that may be wizard like. Dumbledore pitched this to them and asked what their thoughts about brining an American 15 year old to Hogwarts would be?

They questioned him about what he was thinking. Dumbledore then explained that a cousin of a former Hogwarts student worked with the American Military and there was a young boy about Harry's age that had certain skills that would allow him to both blend in as a student and act as a Body guard to Harry. The order agreed to this if it could be arranged.

A couple of days later General Hammond got a phone call from one of his superiors who wanted to arrange a meeting with the two O'Neill's , he said he would try and arrange it .First he called Jack to his office and asked him if he could get in touch with his clone. Jack said he could but wanted to know why as even though in the year that they had been apart Jake as he was now know had changed a lot, it was still really awkward having him around. General Hammond explained to him briefly about what he had been told by his superiors, about someone from a boarding school in England wanting Jake to be a sort of Bodyguard to one of the students there.

About an hour later 15 year old Jake O'Neill had just gotten out of the shower, after getting home from skateboarding with some friends when his cell phone rang. He picked it up and looked at the number it said Jack SGC in the call display.

He answered it with "hey what's up, I thought we agreed never to call each other, unless one of us was in trouble"

Jack explained to him about the meeting at Cheyenne Mountain tomorrow and that it was an opportunity for Jake to do something interesting. Jake agreed to come to the meeting, but he would need a ride to Cheyenne Mountain.

The next day Jack arrived at the gas station he had met his clone at a month before when Jake had gotten Appendicitis and had to get his appendix take out by Doctor Frasier. Standing beside the phone booth was the same kid he had dropped off at his apartment a few weeks ago only now he seemed to have a different haircut, as the last time he had seen him Jake had long hair that was more of skater style now it was cut short in a crew cut.

Jack couldn't resist commenting about it "nice haircut" said Jack.

Jake turned to him and said "thanks I decided to cut it short for the summer."

The two of them on arrival at Cheyenne Mountain went through the various security checks necessary for anyone to enter, once they reached level 11 where they would have to change elevators to descend further into the complex one of the guards on the level asked Col. O'Neill he they would mind escorting someone down to the meeting room as they were heading there as well. The person in question turned out to be none other than Albus Dumbledore himself. Jake (the clone) almost did a double take as he had started reading the Harry Potter books after a friend of his at school was talking about them and was amazed that Dumbledore was actually real.

As they entered the conference room Jake noticed that the window looking out onto the embarkation room was covered, he figured that General Hammond probably did want their guest seeing it if he didn't need too.

Once General Hammond arrived they all sat down at the table Jake was next to his older self with General Hammond and Professor Dumbledore on the other side of the table. Also at the table were Dr. Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, and Major Carter.

General Hammond then said that he had a cousin who had gone to Hogwarts and now worked with the US air force on the Stargate program and that he had been contacted by Professor Dumbledore about the possibility of Jake coming to Hogwarts to be a bodyguard to one of his students.

Dumbledore then asked Jake if he had any sort of magical abilities, as normally when someone is born with them they are identified right away or they manifest them over time, so since he was brought into the world in a different manor then normal he went unnoticed by the wizarding world.

Jake then explained that he could do things that could be described as magic when he really concentrated on something, like sometimes if he was thinking about where something really hard when he had misplaced it, it would appear to him almost right where he was, but he mainly just thought of it being coincidence .

Dumbledore thought it could be something to do with both the Asgard cloning and the ancient DNA markers that both he and Jack carry.

Major Carter suggested that it might be some sort of recessive gene that came from her DNA, as Thor had needed some of hers during the re-sequencing of Jakes DNA the DNA of a female so technically well Jake was 93 % Jack O'Neill he was 7% Samantha Carter. Dumbledore suggested that Samantha could be from a line of squibs and may have some magical blood in her. Jake also looked up and said "so that explains the differences from me and Jack, like for example my hair is kind of dirty blond now instead of brown."

Once some things had been agreed on for example Jake getting his cornel's salary well he was on this mission and also him being allowed to carry a few weapons with him, another thing Jake wanted to take his dog with him too. When he mentioned about the dog everyone gave Jake a look wondering what he was talking about. Jake quickly explained to them about how General Hammond had given him one of the air force dogs that had gotten hurt in the line of duty. Jake left out the part that he had renamed him Charlie as he knew mentioning the name would bring up some hard feelings for Jack.

Dumbledore said that special permission would be grated for all the things that would be needed to be accommodated for Jake to be there.

After the meeting was over Jake and Jack made a quick trip to the armoury where Jake was issued a Zat, a P90 and an m9 berretta as well as the ammo and body armour. He also grabbed some flash bang grenades and some C4 just in case.

After grabbing his armaments, Jake, Jack and Dumbledore headed to Jakes apartment (which was located in the basement of Norman Walter Davis Harriman (chevron guy's)'s Aunt's house) to pick up some of his clothes in addition to packing some shoes, socks, underwear he grabbed some t shirts, jeans, shorts, and sweatshirts as well as an SGC uniform too just in case he needed to take some cover. He also grabbed his skateboard just in case he got an opportunity to use it somewhere.

Once he was finished packing they headed off to the airport where they took a military flight to England they also brought along Jake's dog Charlie (he had decided to name him after his long dead son) who was a former Air Force dog that had gotten hurt in battle, General Hammond had given him to Jake for some extra protection.

Once they arrived at an Air base outside of London Jake said his goodbyes to Jack. From there Jake and Dumbledore did side along Appariton to get to Diagon Alley to get all of Jake's stuff for Hogwarts, first on the advice of Dumbledore they went to Gringotts to exchange some money, and Dumbledore also explained that they needed to go to the Hogwarts vault as the school would be paying for part of Jake's supplies for his special assistants. After Jake had converted some American Dollars to Wizard Currency, he was told by the goblin doing the exchange that they money would be given over to a wizard traveling to America to return it into circulation there, the goblin who happened to be Griphook then took them to the Hogwarts vault where Dumbledore grabbed some coins to help pay for Jakes things.

After Gringotts they headed to get his robes and books, and a bag shop were Jake got a backpack that was magically expanded in all of its compartments to not only hold his school books but all of his various weapons and it also looked a lot like the bag he normally carried to school and even had straps on the back for his skateboard, it even had the same logo as his bag did. The owner of the shop said that that type of bag was very popular amongst muggleborn wizards.

Next up was Ollivander's wand shop to purchase a wand; just in case Jake wasn't able to use a regular wand Dumbledore with Ollivander help had created a wand that would be able to channel power from the magic around him. After getting some measurements taken by a magical tape measure Jake began to start trying wands as Dumbledore had explained that Jake was able to perform some very limited magic. After trying many wands Ollivander came across one and said "I wonder if this one will work", he then passed it to Jake who felt this weird rush of power and red sparks shot from the wand. "Wow that was cool, how'd I do that?" said Jake.

Ollivander then said "very curious that wand was given to me by a fellow wand maker in America, he said that someday I may need this, it's made of American Oak and contains the tale feather of a Bald Eagle, a creature that is not exactly know for its magic powers, and also a feather of a Phoenix that mated with the Bald eagle and it's off spring's feather too. Which makes a very odd combination that I would never have thought of, but in the right hand can do great work."

Dumbledore was about to pay for part of the wand when Jake said he insisted of paying for all of it himself.

After the experience at Ollivander's they had a quick meal at the Leaky caldron, as Jake hadn't had anything to eat since the previous evening when they had left the US, before they headed to Grimmauld Place.

Once there Dumbledore handed Jake a piece of paper and told him to memorise the information on it. It bore the inscription "The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix are located at number 12, Grimmauld Place", after Jake had read it Dumbledore destroyed the note well Jake looked up to see a gap forming between houses 11 and 13 and an entire house forming there. He just said "wow magic is awesome."

Dumbledore then explained that the house that Jake would be spending the summer in was magically enchanted so it could not be found by anyone that had not been told by himself (Dumbledore) where it was., as h was what's called a Secret keeper.