My first for this series, and I'm quite proud, even if the length leaves much to be desired. If I do continue, it will be much longer, about three thousand words instead of the two hundred right now. More of a drabble—at the moment. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything.

When the nightmares hit, they plagued him with the thoughts that he'd never thought about before—much. Sometimes in the onslaught of negativity, he'd see a ray of light, coming in the form of the friends he had and the good deeds he'd accomplished. But then they disappeared into a gloomy darkness that he found comforting at times. It made him different than the stupid humans that had slowly risen in his mind to be his friends. It was maddening. It made him kick, scream, yell, and curse, leaving his poor robot, Harry, to clean up the broken furniture.

He hoped that being genetically modified was something he could overcome, but in the darkness of sleep, it was only a dream.

As sweat beaded down his brow, his hands clenched in sheets that he torn from his unnatural strength, he whispered over and over again, the name of the man he'd killed. The first man he'd killed. Whispered like a mantra, over and over, until the sound of his breathing was more like the sound of his sins. He'd never believe in God, but maybe he could believe in sins.

In redemption there is the sin that has to have been committed first.

In the night, nightmares screamed, blank minds slept, and loneliness quivered.

I don't want to be alone.