Pastries, Jelly Doughnuts, and Chemistry Begins!

Chapter 1

Haruka took a deep breath as she stood in front of the door. Knowing exactly what to expect.

People would ask her why do you enev bother visiting him? Well, atleast Gotou saya that.

Sometimes she would ask herself that to. She rarely does ask herself that question but when she does she says the same thing she always says. Yakumo may seem mean but once you get to know him youʻll see that heʻs very kind hearted, and does care even if he doesnt show it. Heʻll eventualy come around. He always does.

She put her hand on the metal dorknob and oppened the door.

What she saw didnt suprise her. It was the same old Yakumo liying on the...her face paused.

I cant believe it! Are my eyes deceiving me?

But eventualy she found out thet they werent. Because there was Yakumo. Siting on the couch. Awake!

"Wait... Is Yakumo actualy awake? At 11:00 a.m? This is a miracle!"

"I figured ," he said in a flat tone.

Haruka made a confused look.

"You figured what?"

" That youʻd be here... I thought that since your usualy here at 11:00 i minus well wait for you."

Haruka blushed. Yakumo has never waited for her. She was so shocked.

"So. What did you get me?"

Haruka made a, what do you mean? Face.

"Usually when you come here you always bring something for me to eat."

Huh. You got to be kidding me. Is this the actual reason on why heʻs up? I should have known. Heʻll never wake up this early for me.

Haruka sighed. Then she took out a box full of pastries that she bought 2 blocks down out of the plastic bag she was holding.

She loved going to that store. The smell of fresh bread fills the air, that some how makes the costomers happy and draws them near every time they pass by.

"Thereʻs so many choices. Haruka, which one would you prefer?"

Haruka snapped out of her illusion when she heard Yakumo call her name.

"Ummm. Iʻve never really put that much thought into it before. Theyʻre all really good. But if i had to choose i would pick the... powdered jelly doughnuts probly?" Haruka answered.

"Probly?" Yakumo asked.

"Take it easy on Yakumo-kun. I said theyre all really good." Haruka complained.

Yakumo took a close look at the pastries, then took a powdered jelly doughnut.

Haruka noded in approval. She was glad her advice could make of some use to him.

"So what do you think? I usually eat that."

"Itʻs sweet. No wonder your hairʻs pink," he said.

Yakumo smirked as Haruka started to blush. He knew he got her.

"Why does this always happen to me," she said in a hushed tone not knowing that Yakumo heard that. Lukily he pretended not to hear a single word she said and picked up another powdered jelly doughnut. He had to admit that they wer delicious.

I wonder whear Haruka got these pastries from? I should stop by their one day. If i wake early enough.

Haruka noticed that Yakumo was really enjoying the jelly doughnuts. But then she also noticed that they were almost gone. She quickly grabed two jelly doughnuts and scarffed them down in one minute.

Yakumo was looking at her in an odd way. Like he was about to laff.

"You have jelly on your face," he said.

Haruka flushed with embarasment. She was about to grab a napkin and wipe her face but Yakumo beat her to it.

They were so close that she could see some red parts of his eye color through his contact. Then she stopped. Their faces were less than four inches close.

Harukas head turned red as a watermelon.

Then, the door slammed oppen. Ruining the moment.