Jacob and Bella one-shot

Rated M for sexual situations and language

Song-fic "Wolf & I" by Oh Land

I really like this song and when I heard it for the first time, it was just so hypnotizing. I knew I had to write something to go with it. So PLEASE! Listen to the song either before or as you read! :D So… hear ya go!

Warm August nights will always heat my skin in more ways than one. If I close my eyes and reminisce, I can still taste him. That night was coming up. I could feel it. It would happen out of nowhere. I would walk into the forest that I lived near and he'd be there. It was like he knew that I was coming. He didn't have a name, so I just called him Wolf. He got that name the first night we were together. I never knew what drew me into the forest that first night, but he was there. He drew me in with his dark eyes, his high cheek bones that were covered under his rugged russet skin. The light of the moon highlighted the dips and curves in his body, the way his muscles flexed as he walked. The way he moved… he stalked towards me like I was his prey. And ever since then, after taking me in the forest—Wolf's always been enough for me.

I glanced at the clock as it read near midnight. I made sure to lock up and headed out to the forest. My body was vibrating with what was coming.

"Before the world you know was like it is
I held a lover once and I was his…"

The walk itself wasn't long. But it seemed like I couldn't carry my legs fast enough. The moon lit up the path I was taking and it wasn't long before I reached the clearing. That specific clearing… I stopped when it felt right, right in the middle of a group of trees. The grass felt cool and a bit wet from the midnight mist Washington would usually get.

"And we walked along the river in the sun
But he's a lonely man, so this was done
The only place we had to meet is night…"

I closed my eyes and stood as still as possible. The slightly cool breeze contrasted with the warm air, making a slight sheen of sweat appear on my skin. I breathed in and out as calmly as I could. Just knowing that Wolf was out there somewhere, slowly walking towards me was enough to make my heart beat faster and my legs to quiver with anticipation. Then—I felt it. The undeniable sizzle and shift in the air as I felt him behind me. No words were spoken as he came up behind me and ran his hands up my arms to my neck, tilting it to the side. His breath warmed my skin as he breathed down my neck when he placed soft kisses up to my ear, nibbling it. My knees shook and my heart beat sky rocketed. Slowly, I turned around and his eyes met mine.
Just hearing my name leaving those sinful lips was enough foreplay for me. The whole walk over to the clearing was foreplay, just knowing that when we reconnected, all my inhibitions were gone. The whole world could vanish and it wouldn't bother me, as long as Wolf and I were here together…

"While the sun sleeps in shadows we can hide
On the mountainside we'd spent our time together…"

His hands, rugged and warm, cupped my cheeks as his lips came into contact with mine. Our tongues gently caressed each other's, his sweet breath filling my mouth as we breathed as one. I pressed my body up against his and felt his erection hard on my stomach. I couldn't wait to finally be filled by him. The air got thicker as our kisses got more heated. His fingers found purchase of the buttons on my shirt. Next were my jeans and panties, carelessly tossed to the side. My nipples puckered as the humid air hit my skin.
"Wolf… Oh, Wolf…" I moaned out at the sensations running through my body. His body felt so fucking good wrapped around me. Nothing could ever break the spell with me and him. He walked me backwards, deeper into the clearing and stopped when we reached an open space of earth. I laid myself down onto the grass, leaning on my elbows to get a good look of him undressing the only thing he wore… just a pair of cut-off jeans. I could feel my pussy get wet with what was coming. After he pulled off his shorts he dropped to his knees and kissed, bit and licked his way up my legs and torso…

"But it is gone when morning comes…"

I let my legs open when he reached my navel, silently begging him to taste me. I felt his fingers spread me open and the cool air of being exposed was soon a hot, wet feeling. Wolf didn't waste any time sucking at my clit while fucking me with his fingers.
"Oh, Wolf. Yes…yes…"
I threw my head back and saw the clear, dark night. The trees above me were close together except a wide open circle; the circle where the moon shone down on us.

"And you are the wolf…"

"Mmm… You taste so fucking good, Bella…" Wolf moaned while feasting on my wetness
that built up inside me.
"Taste me, Wolf. Please, lick my pussy!" His fingers pumped harder making me spread my legs wider and arching my back.
"God! Yes, Wolf… Yess…" I felt it building. Fuck, I felt it building since I got here… But within a flash, I was there.
"I'm cumming… Oh, oh yes, yes, yes!"
I gripped his hair and pulled him impossibly close to my pussy as I rode out the remaining of my orgasm. I came to, after letting my body relax from the intense pleasure Wolf gave me. I pulled him up my body, wrapping my legs around his waist, bringing his hot, velvet-silky cock against my drenched cunt.

"And I am the moon…"

Wolf looked into my eyes as he silently let me know he was ready to take me. I pushed his lips against mine as we fucked each other's mouths. His teeth, straight; his canines, sharp—he tugged my lip, biting it, then soothing it by sucking it in his mouth. His cock lined up against mine and—finally—shoved in to my hot pussy.
"Yes, Wolf. Don't hold back… Please, Wolf…" I moaned into the air. His legs were tense against mine, holding mine open wide, his mouth attacked my breasts again. I grabbed his shoulders holding him close, letting my nails scrape against his back, causing him to hiss out.
"Look at me, Bella." His eyes were wild as he pounded into me, hard but at a devastating slow pace. I thrust my hips against his, trying to make him fuck me faster.
He shifted his body where my legs were straight up against his shoulders, leaning down to kiss me, creating a delicious burn in my legs from the strain.

"And in the endless sky we are but one…"

Wolf's cock pounded into me faster, quickly sending me towards an orgasm. My breasts that were bouncing were now in his mouth; him biting and sucking my nipples and around my breasts, making red marks against my skin.
"Oh god, yes! Fuck me, Wolf! Wolf! Yes, yes yes…" I tossed my head side to side as he fucked me good. My pussy, so wet, it made a loud smack as his hips met mine. He grabbed my hair and pulled back my head, biting my neck as he moved his cock faster inside me.
"Oh! Oh yes! Yes, yes, YES! Wolf, baby, I'm cumming, Wolf! I'm almost there… harder! Faster!" I felt him thrust deeper, hitting a spot inside me that made me clench deliciously painful. I screamed out my final cry of pleasure, letting my body slowly rest against the ground as he slowed his thrusts. He looked into my eyes and they were burning with desire. My breaths were loud and I could feel my heart pounding in my ears. But I knew that we weren't done. Not at all…

"We are alive
In my dreams wolf and I…"

He lifted me to a sitting position. I could still feel his still hard cock against my stomach and knew we weren't done.
"Turn around, Bella." He commanded, his voice stern, but able to hear the love and longing behind it. I turned myself, letting my hands sink into the ground below me. My breasts swayed as I waited for him to enter me. His breath was hard as well, and I could feel his warm air hitting my back. I jumped in shock as he bit the fleshy part of my ass, rubbing the sting away. I squirmed my backside against him, wanting him in me to ease the ache that was building once again and easily enough, he slid his cock right back in me. His thrusts were shallow, soft and gentle. Warm hands massaged my back working down until he reached my ass. Once he was there, he gripped my ass and with a firm pull, shoved his glorious cock into me; hard and fast.
"Ahh! Fuck, Wolf! Oh, oh yess… Oh Wolf, god—yess!"
My hair, swinging back and forth, side to side, was a frizzy mess with leaves stuck in it. He grabbed a hold of my hair and brought my head back to kiss me.

"How many days and nights will come and go
While the only light you'll see is from my glow…"

"Fuck, Bella… You look so wild out here… So fucking beautiful…" His voice was rough and his hands were firm. I was sure that I would have bruises tomorrow morning, but I wore them with pride. Any mark, scratch or bite that was left on my body was just a reminder of the night we shared and the many times to come.

"There will never be a dawn that breaks the spell surrounding us
Till the earth dies with the sun…"

"Woollff… Please, please! Harder!" His thrusts were frantic, and I could tell he was fighting off his orgasm. He came to a complete stop and turned me around again. He sat on the forest ground and maneuvered me to sit on his lap, guiding his cock into me at the same time. He crossed his legs around me.
"Wrap your legs around my waist." He looks into my eyes and says. The position made us tighter together, making our fronts completely flushed with each other. We kissed slowly, making our desire for each other build to unattainable heights. Our hips rolled against one another's. I leaned my head back and gazed up at the sky. The moon had moved since I came here and the stars seemed to be at their brightest. Our legs that had been so tightly wrapped around each other were now hanging loose, giving our hips more room to move, but I knew that we weren't going to cum by fucking hard and fast; we were going to have that slow burning orgasm.
"God, Wolf… I can't… get… enough of you…"
He rolled his hips harder against mine, dragging the head of his cock against wonderful spots deep inside me.

"And you are the wolf,
And I am the moon…"

"Oh, Wolf… I'm almost there…"
"Me too, Bella… Oh, Bella… Yes…"
His thrusts, still slow was hitting all the right spots as I let out a long cry.
"Ohhhhhh, yesssss!"
My hips twitched against his as I gripped onto him hard. My finger nails dug in one spot on his back as he continued thrusting.

"And in the endless sky we are but one
We are alive
In my dreams wolf and I…"

"Wooollfff! Yessss! Oh, Gooodddd!" My cries were louder as my body started shaking more pronounced.
"Mmm, Bella! Bella… Bella… Yess…." I could feel Wolf's cock get harder inside me as his cum built up, ready to spill inside me.

"You are the wolf
And I am the moon
And in the endless sky we are but one
We are alive
In my dreams wolf and I…"

"Fuuccckk yeesssss, Wolf! I'm—I'm cumming!"
With a couple hard thrusts inside me, Wolf came. Long and hard. My body shivered—from both my long lasting orgasm to feeling Wolf's hot cum overfill me. I already know that when I get back home, I'm going to be counting the days until I come back to reunite with Wolf.

When we get up, he grabs my face, kisses me sweetly and walks back into the forest with that silent promise that he'll be back.

When I return home, it's light out. I take a glance in the mirror. My body is covered from neck to my navel in various forms of marking. Bites, scratches and finger print bruises on my hips. My hair is a tangled mess, matted with leaves and my back is splotched with mud. But most important, my eyes… my eyes are happy.

"In the endless sky we are but one
Hmmmm mmm…"