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Rated M for sex and language.

'Today's the day' I thought. It was November now and the leaves had turned color, leaving a fire-y blaze of colored leaves everywhere. I couldn't remember when I met Jacob- Wolf... sometime back in August. It's funny how it feels like a lifetime ago. A lot of people, mainly acquaintances I knew in school that found out about my impending marriage, feel that it's too soon for me to marry Jacob. They just didn't understand. That's why my wedding will only have Charlie, his girlfriend Sue, her two kids and pack members Leah and Seth and, the rest of the pack and Billy. I made Leah, Emily and Kim my bridesmaids. Jacob's imprinted pack members are his groomsmen of course.
I sigh. Jacob... I can't believe to this day that he's all mine. From the moment we met in the woods, spending hours making love- who am I kidding, fucking, was the greatest I'll ever have in my life. He made me do things that I NEVER thought I'd ever do. So here I stand- In front of my body length mirror, looking at myself but having a hard time believing it's me in the reflection. My hair is long, resting just barely above my butt, in messy waves. A crown of baby's breath and natural wood twine from the forest where we met is sitting comfortable on my head. My dress is a creamy white, with 3/4 sleeves made of lace. The bodice is fitted, open down to my mid-back and the skirt has long layers of lace that graze the ground when I walk. I chose to wear simple white flats considering my luck with balance, not wanting to cause a scene if I trip walking down the aisle.

"Knock, knock."

The door opens and Leah comes in. She looks absolutely stunning in her smaller version of my dress. All the bridesmaids have the same 3/4 sleeves but knee length instead. The cream color clashes beautifully against Leah, Emily and Kim's skin along with their jet black hair. Instead of the baby's breath and twine, they have a small bouquet of baby's breath.

"Hey Leah." I smile at her through the mirror.
"Are you nervous, Swan?" she teases. "It's okay, Paul says Jacob's a nervous wreck. He thinks he'll end up stuttering up there."
I grin, thinking how we both think we're going to mess this up.
"You look beautiful Leah."
Now it's her turn to blush and grin.
"Thanks Swan. Now. Let's go. Can't keep Charlie and Jacob waiting."

I walk out of my room, down the stairs and out the back door. Jacob and I decided to have the wedding ceremony take place where we met- among other things. Leah walks off to the side to wait for me and Charlie to give them the signal to walk into the woods.

"Hey kiddo." My dad can't help but smile wide as he sees me for the first time since I locked myself in my room to get ready.
"Hi dad." My cheeks blush, and I don't know why. I feel like a nervous school girl who's getting ready to see her prom date. "I'm ready."
Charlie nods to the girls and they start their bridesmaids walk. I close my eyes and take a breath, letting the cool November air hit my hot face. When I open them, Charlie guides his arm out for me to take and we begin our walk.
I take in my surroundings as we glide through the fall leaves. The pack wired twinkling fairy lights around the trees making a path down to the circular path where Jacob was waiting for me. We turn a corner and my breath catches as I see him. He's wearing khaki slacks with a crisp white button down that contrasts with his perfect Native skin. His cream colored vest matches my dress perfectly and he has a small bunch of baby's breath in the breast pocket.

I finally meet his eyes and I blush under his gaze. His dark eyes are hooded as he takes me in. I feel as though my breathing is labored and I haven't even gotten to touch him yet. Charlie stops me before I turn towards Jacob and kisses my cheek, whispering his luck and love to me before placing my hand in Jake's. Billy was going to perform the ceremony for Jacob and I. He looked so proud of his son as he glanced at us with shiny eyes.

"Family and friends, let me start by welcoming all of you who are here today to celebrate the joining of Jacob Black and Bella Swan. Words cannot describe how happy I am, both as a friend and as a parent to see these two making a lifetime commitment. To choose each other, to love each other and, to be with each other for life. Jacob, son..." He turned to Jacob, waiting for him to get the ring from Sam. "Do you Jacob Black take Bella Swan to be your wife, your soul mate, for as long as you both shall live?"
Even though I knew his answer, my stomach was in knots. I couldn't breathe. I looked up to Jacob's tall 6'6" frame... He turned his head to the side, pursing his lips in thought, as though teasing me with his long pause and finally gave me my favorite smile.
"I do."
"And do you, Bella Swan, take Jacob Black to be your husband, your soul mate, for as long as you both shall live?"
I sigh, mimicking Jacob's movements as I put my finger to my lip, thinking of my answer. Jacob gives me a throaty laugh and tells me to hurry on up, giving me a wink. My blush deepens knowing why as I excitedly say yes. I stand on my tip toes as I throw myself against him.
"Alright, alright, give me a second kids, let me finish." Billy says smiling, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride, son."
Jacob grabs me by my waist and lifts me up till my feet aren't on the ground anymore. I giggle against his lips as he kisses me like he's done thousands of times before. The small crowd cheers us on, clapping and hollering. He gently puts me down and kisses me again, once, twice, five more times before we separate and face our family. I have never been happier to finally be Mrs. Jacob Black. We walked back the same path I came on as our family and friends lit sparklers, waving them in the dimming evening sun.

Once we made it to the house we got into his car and started our short drive to the beach. The pack had set it up for our reception party before the wedding.
"So Mrs. Black." Jacob says as he takes my hand in his. "How do you feel about a quickie in the woods before we have to mingle with everyone for a few hours?"
My eyes shoot to his. "Jacob! Are you serious?" I laugh like crazy only to stop when I realized he wasn't kidding.
"Aww come on Bells! Please? I missed you so much last night and all day today." I looked at him again, noticing his slight pout.
"Fine," I say, "pull over somewhere."
We found a little beaten down path close to La Push and parked deep in the woods.

"I can't believe you're making me do this." I shuffle around trying not to ruin my dress. Jacob grabs the bottom of my dress and hikes it up to my waist, taking in my bare thighs.
"Fuck baby you're so beautiful." He unbuckles his pants and pulls out his cock, careful not to let his pants hit the forest floor. I hold onto his strong neck as he pulls my white panties to the side and plunges himself into me in one fluid stroke. I gasp, throwing my head back at the feel of him buried balls deep inside of me.
"Mmm Bells... Oh baby..." He begins a slow but hard thrusting rhythm that has me moaning for more. We put our foreheads together as we look into each others eyes, our breaths mingling with each other. His full bottom lip stuck between his white teeth, trying to hold back from the punishing rhythm his body is craving for.
"Do it. Fuck me Jacob." I squeeze him harder as he tightens his grip on my ass and gives me a hard thrust.
"Fuck, Bella! Oh god baby..." His mouth attacks mine, bruising my lips in a deliciously painful way.
"Yes! More... please Jacob..." My hands can't stop wandering, touching every part of his body that I could. Feeling his back muscles clench and shake under my fingertips. I start to protest when he slows his thrusts but he quickly regains speed, bringing his fingers forward to swirl around my clit. I go crazy.
"Ahhh! Yes, yes, yes Jaaaake! Oh yes, fuck me! Fuuuck meee!" I scream out into the forest.
"You like that Bella? Mmm baby... You gonna cum for me?"
I try to reply but nothing seems to come out as he literally fucks my brains out. A few more thrusts, along with a few more swirls and pinches to my hardened nub, I'm shaking, cumming harder than I ever remember. My nails dig into his shoulder as I bite down on his neck. He cums jerking once, twice and a hard third time as he fills me up. My body can't stop shaking as he pulls out, slowly lowering my feet to the ground. We stand there- silent, until we can catch our breath.

"Wow." I say once I catch my breath. "That... was amazing."
"Fuck yes. God Bella... I-I can't even... Gahh..."
We laugh a little, still trying to stand steady. I don't trust my feet to move from their spot so I lean against the tree behind me.

A small distance away, we hear a cell phone ringing. Our wide eyes meet as we realize we were taking longer than necessary to reach La Push. Jacob hoists me up over his shoulder careful not to drag my dress as he sprints to his car.
"Hey Dad!" I say brightly.
"Where the hell are ya'll kids? Ya'll left before us and we've been here for about 20 minutes already."
I glance at Jacob and pointed to him as if saying I told you so!
"Oh! Yeah, about that... we uh- We stopped to get something to drink at the gas station. I was really thirsty-we were really thirsty." I drop my face into my hands as I give my dad the lamest excuse ever. Don't forget the fact that I'm a horrible liar.
"Hmm... well, I guess Bella. Be careful driving. See you in a few."
I hang up groaning into my palms again.
"Oh yeah, Dad we were so thirsty." Jacob mimics me.
I throw Jacob a dirty look.
"We'll see how thirsty you are when you're sleeping outside tonight babe."
He did not mimic me again the whole car ride.


We arrived. WAY later than we thought we'd be. The pack could instantly tell what we had been up to. I'm sure my dad and Billy knew but didn't comment. Smart guys. Embry- the quiet one in the group surprised us all by shouting and hollering as we walked down the sand path.
"Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Black everybody!"

Everybody cheered, laughed, clapped and even shed some tears. I was finally with my family and friends and the greatest person I've ever met- my husband, my lover and my best friend, Jacob Black. It's been a long, crazy ride since I met him, but I wouldn't take anything back.

"What are you thinking about Mrs. Black?"
I look up at Jacob while we slow dance. It's dark out now and the sky is clear for once, letting the stars shine bright against the ocean. The music gave the beach a tranquil feeling, stripping everybody's stress and worries away.
"I'm thinking about how much I love you and how far we've come."
He squeezes me tighter before spinning me once, bringing me back to his chest. A quick glance around shows the pack at its silliest. Some mated pairs were slow dancing like Jacob and I and some were acting plain silly. This joyous mood was affecting everybody apparently. I turn my attention to my left and I see Charlie and Sue huddled in the back, a little bit a ways from the rest of the party.
"Looks like Charlie and Sue are getting cozy."
Jacob looks back passed me and grins.
"It's about time." he says lifting me off my feet for a quick spin.

I was glad that things were falling into place. I had my amazing husband, whom I couldn't wait to start a family with and my extended pack-family and friends. I was truly blessed in my life.

"Wolf?" I said quietly.
Jacob's eyes snapped to mine. I hadn't called him that in a long time.
"Kiss me?"
He grinned, stopped dancing and lifted me up by my waist and kissed me like that first night we met... in the forest where we got married, in the forest where we'd eventually conceive, in the forest where out twins would run and play... in the forest where everything started coming together.


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