I just want to thank you all for your support, your amazing reviews, your story alerts and favouritings. I love you all! I really really do. Before this story the most reviews I had ever received was four. And to me that was a lot. And then I wrote this one and omg I still can't believe it. I really can't! But thats not really what this note is about.

Yes there will be a sequel.

You see originally I wanted this to be a maybe ten chapter fic or something. Not very long. I was annoyed that I couldn't find fics that dealt with other characters beside John, that showed the funeral as well and how they coped. And that wasn't slash. I wanted a realistic fic that showed how his fall affected everyone. Before this fic I had only answered prompts. Aside from my introspections. So I thought, screw it, I'll write my own. And then suddenly I had all these ideas. And it just kept getting longer and longer.

Around the 50 or 60 chapter mark I realised, I'm nowhere near done but this amount of chapters is getting ridiculous. So I made a decision. Cut the story in half and make a sequel. Leave it on a cliffhanger to create interest, just like Moffat and Gatiss did. I didn't want it to end all happy because the theme of this story was grief, pain, sadness, etc.

So the sequel will contain these things but the overall theme will be hope. They will all reunite, it won't be right away because unlike the first fall, Sherlock has some very real injuries. Mycroft will get his revenge and we have much left to see of Sebastian Moran. Sherlock's reunion with John is mostly planned out. It would be omg your alive, let me punch you and give you a hug. Because frankly, John's going to be pissed and then even more pissed when he learns about Normund and Basil.

And then there's Mary.

There will be tears and laughter but I really want you all to know that this story will be continuing, in another fanfiction. I tried to upload this last night to save you from the pain but the net was turned off. Well it was based 3 am...

This is been bugging me for ages, I really wanted to tell you but I didn't want to spoil it. Only two people knew. They will remain nameless.

Thank and look out for the sequel. You know I update fast, I may even get the first chapter done today.

Also..I don't know how to complete a fanfiction... ._. never done that. Can I still go back and correct typos and mistakes if I do? Guys? A little help...e