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Note: This is also my first fic for the TF:Prime verse. The word after the chapter is the position from the Kama Sutra. So in this case, it is the 'Peepshow' position (This is what it's called on the app I downloaded).

Warnings: Sticky sex, slash

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Kama Sutra: 30 positions as demonstrated by TF's – Chapter 1 – Peepshow (Breakdown/KnockOut)

Breakdown growled as his lover 'checked' his injuries over. Yeah, running those lovely slim medics hands over his thighs while reading the diagnostic was oh so professional!

"Knock Out," he murmured warningly.

"...and that weld seems to have healed well enough to support...and what, Breakdown?" the red mech asked pseudo innocently.

"Would. You. Get. On. With. It?" the larger mech hissed, fans kicking on smoothly as his lover smirked in that sexy way of his. When those lips curved like that, it made him want to kiss the other mech into oblivion.

"With...what?" purred Knock Out, knowing exactly what the bulkier mech was talking about.

"Knock Out...just...rrgghh."

The medic chuckled, relishing in the power of desire he held over his lover. It never ceased to make him or Breakdown feel desirable. So he turned and locked the doors to his medbay, smiling over his shoulder at Breakdown, whose optic darkened with desire, and his monocle optic followed suit. Turning slowly, Knock Out slid his hands over his thighs as he sauntered back towards his 'patient.' He then avoided him completely and began to move other medberths next to Breakdown's, making a nice and wide surface for him to lie on as he performed a 'check up' in a certain area.

"KO..." moaned Breakdown as he watched his lover.

"Can't even manage my full name?" teased the smaller mech, sitting on the furthest berth.

"Primus no...not when you're intentionally being sexy," Breakdown bantered back, not bothering to hide how hot he was, as his cooling fans whirled in their housings as his optics roved the smooth crimson plating and over the crotchplating, knowing of the treasures hidden behind it.

Knock Out purred, leaning closer and whispering, "Just relax then. And enjoy."

Spreading himself out, he inched closer to the prone form of his lover, hands reaching out to stroke the strong, cabled thighs. Breakdown didn't move, apart from the occasional twitch. He knew that if he lunged for Knock Out, he would be kicked out, and locked out of his lover's quarters later that night. When KO was in control, he was in control. Skilled hands continued to tease his legs, before one lifted the knee closest to Knock Out up, and the smaller mech wiggled underneath to rest his helm on the opposite thigh, optics smouldering up at Breakdown.

"Keep that leg up…it'll give you leverage in a moment," murmured the red mech lustfully.

"Want you," hummed the blue mech, "so tight behind my panel, sexy."

"Open then. Show me how revved you get," replied Knock Out, crimson optics dimming to watch as his lover's interface panel opened, and his spike rose, thick and wanting, from the housing.

Wiggling his hips in delight as he took the thick length in his hand, Knock Out hummed in approval as Breakdown slumped back, moaning in simple pleasure as he was stroked. The smaller mech allowed this for a time, before murmuring, "On your side."

Knowing it was an order, and not minding at all, Breakdown shifted so that he was on his side, but he and Knock Out were still locked by their optics, both gazes desiring on each other. Knock Out released the spike, both hands cupping the housing as he opened his mouth wide to breathe hot air over it. It twitched. Purring at the hot stiffness of it, knowing it felt amazing inside him, Knock Out slowly sank his mouth down on it, sucking deeply.

"Primus," grunted Breakdown as he was swallowed.

The medics hands began to move, rubbing over the pelvic area, dipping his fingers into seams to tease the sensitive points underneath as he flexed his throat cables. He then drew off, but his optics indicated for his lover to move. In the position they were in, Breakdown's hips had a lot of flexibility and allowed him to control the depth of the thrusts.

Knock Out continued to stimulate, rough alternating with gentle, quick alternating with slow, as the larger mech shifted his hips back and forth into the hot cavern of his mouth. He loved it. He loved seeing the big, tough warrior relax in pleasure, to see his face contort when he came, to allow him the control in times like this. Humming and moaning around the shaft, the red mech wasn't surprised as it bucked sharply into his mouth in reaction. He could feel it quivering, and he tongued the delicious little cluster of sensors just behind the tip on the bottom of the spike.

"Knock…Knock Out," moaned Breakdown, hands sweeping down to grip his lover's helm to keep him in place as he lengthened the thrusts of his hips. It was so tight…so wet…so good.

The smaller mech's gasp was muffled as scalding transfluid abruptly flooded his mouth, and he tightened his lips around the spike to keep it all in. His glossa softly lapped against the underside as spurt after spurt went down his throat. He stilled his movements as Breakdown panted, coming down from the high.

"Uhhn…Knock Out," purred the larger mech, stroking the angled helm softly, in thanks.

Pulling off, the medic smirked at him and audibly swallowed the load of fluid in his mouth. It prompted another groan from Breakdown.

"Mmm, so sweet," purred the smaller mech, "love it when you overload. But I want to hear you."

Shrugging apologetically, Breakdown said quietly, "I don't want them to hear us…I don't want them to come in and think less of me as a soldier…as much as I care about you. It's for our own good. You can make me scream when we are in our soundproofed quarters later."

"That's a promise," purred Knock Out as his optics turned mischievous once more.

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