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The blood was everywhere, Shawn watching helplessly as Lassiter stopped squirming, his eyes dulling and loosing focus. Shawn yelled and tore at his restraints, trying to get towards his friend to save him.

It was then that Norman Blake turned to him, a sickening smile on his face as he began to creep toward the bound psychic, an evil gleam in his eyes. Shawn felt his heart beating in his chest as his captive's hands began roaming his body, tearing at his clothes

Shawn woke with a start, sitting up and looking around. He was in the Psych office, lying in his chair. It was completely dark outside, and rain was pouring down in a torrent. Recalling his dream, the psychic shivered and curled up in his chair, trying to calm down and think of something, anything that could get the criminal off his mind.

This eventually led to him spending a few hours pacing around the office, bouncing pieces of captain crunch into cups, and chopping up a pineapple and eating it.

Sadly none of these things helped.

"Oh god there's gotta be SOMETHING…" Shawn groaned in frustration, trying to think of anything that could help put his mind at ease.

If you want to come back and stay with me again… don't hesitate to ask alright? I won't turn you away.

Shawn recalled Lassiter's words to him earlier, and the psychic glanced at the clock, "2AM… He's probably sleeping…" Shawn whispered.

A large crack of lightning sounded, causing Shawn to jump up off his couch, "Well, time to go." Shawn said as he grabbed the keys to his bike and ran out into the storm.

Meanwhile, at the prison, a guard was yawning as he checked the cells. "God they don't pay me enough for this, eh Winters?" The guard said to his radio. When he heard no reply, the guard raised his brow, "Officer Winters?" He asked before rushing toward the cell-block that he was supposed to be looking after.

The cop felt sweat collect on his brow when he got to the cells, his partner lying on the ground, and one of the cells open and empty, the cell of Norman Blake. The guard ran up and checked his partner, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw that the officer wasn't harmed, before taking his radio. "We have ourselves a jail-breaker, seal all exits and begin the search. We're looking for Prisoner Norman Blake, I repeat, Norman Blake."

By the time everything was scrambled together, Norman Blake was already long gone.

Lassiter could honestly tell you that when he heard his doorbell ringing at 2:20 in the morning on his day off, he was more than a bit peeved. The head detective grumbled and sat up, grabbing his gun from under his pillow and tucking it in the pocket of his pajama pants before strolling to the door, feeling his blood pressure rise a bit when the doorbell-rings got much more urgent.

When he opened the door, he wondered why he was mildly surprised.

Shawn was standing in his doorway, the man still in the clothes he had seen him in last. The psychic was soaked head to toe, his pale blue shirt transparent and sticking to his skin just as tightly as his pants were, and his hair dripping from the rain. Lassiter quickly took note that the psychic was also shivering slightly.

Shawn let a nervous smile cross his lips, "H-Hey Lassie… I-uh… W-well you said you w-wouldn't turn me away if I came over s-so…" Shawn said through chattering teeth.

Lassiter was snapped out of his thoughts and cleared his throat, "C'mon, its cold." Lassiter said as he tugged the soaked male into his house before closing the door. Lassiter sighed as he stared at the dripping, shivering psychic, "Spencer what are you doing coming to my house at this hour, and in this rain?" Lassiter questioned, crossing his arms.

Shawn hugged himself as he looked up thoughtfully, "The spirits… they called to me. They told me that I shouldn't be alone tonight, so I decided to come here." Shawn said as he let a grin rise onto his face, "And I always listen to the spirits, otherwise I'd wake up with bad hair days, or miss out on a chance to find true love, or end up losing to Gus in rock-paper-scissors… and that last one would just be a sad tragedy." Shawn said as if he was appalled at the idea.

Lassiter noticed a puddle of rainwater was starting to collect on his floor, and he groaned, "Come with me Spencer, Let me get you into something dry… You're dripping all over the place." Lassiter said in slight annoyance as he walked back to his bedroom.

Shawn followed and was handed a shirt, "Aww, No pants? What if there's a draft?" The psychic said with a smile.

Lassiter turned away when he saw Shawn stripping out of his soaked shirt "Well, if you're staying here then I don't see any reason why I should give you pants. You run around in your underwear anyway."

Shawn smirked, "Lassie, if you want to see me without any pants on then you don't have to be subtle. Just ask." The psychic said as he struck what was supposed to be a sexy pose.

Lassiter sighed and walked back to his bed, lying down and pulling the covers over his head, "Whatever. Now if you don't mind, I'm exhausted and want to get some semblance of sleep." The head detective groaned out.

Shawn nodded and hopped in the bed, causing Lassiter to stiffen significantly. Shawn noticed and lay back, "What's the matter Lassie-Pants?"

Lassiter let out a small, shaky exhale as he tried to calm himself down, "Nothing Spencer. Just go to sleep." Lassiter said quietly.

Shawn smiled and gave a salute, before laying back and quickly falling asleep beneath the sheets.

Norman Blake turned to him, a sickening smile on his face as he began to creep toward the bound psychic, an evil gleam in his eyes. Shawn felt his heart beating in his chest as his captive's hands began roaming his body, tearing at his clothes. The psychic had never felt so vulnerable, so helpless, and that feeling scared him more than the man in front of him.

When Norman moved to start kissing him, the psychic struggled and tried to get away, crying out, and hoping that someone, anyone would hear him. Norman shook his head and leaned in, "No one's going to help you Spencer… Spencer."


Shawn jolted awake and took note that he was in a kneeling position on Lassiter's bed, the head detective gripping his shoulders like a vice as he shook him.

The psychic shuddered, the shock of the nightmare still with him as he wrapped his arms around Lassiter's neck, burying his head in the detectives shoulder as he tried to calm his breathing, "Oh thank god… You're safe… I'm okay…" Shawn said quietly, as he slowly came down from the adrenaline high that the nightmare had left him with.

Lassiter felt shock rise on his features before he slowly wrapped his arms around the shaken man, rubbing circles in Shawn's back soothingly, "Of course you're okay… Spencer, what's wrong?" Lassiter asked, feeling protectiveness washing over him.

Shawn tensed up at the question, realizing how un-Shawn-like he was being, before he pushed Lassiter away and scratched the back of his head, "U-Umm… N-Nothing Lassie just had a nightmare that killer kittens took over the world with their fluffy tails of doom." Shawn said quickly.

Lassiter felt his blood pressure start to rise again. Anger bubbled in the detective's chest before he smacked the man in front of him.

Shawn flinched and looked up, "Lassie, what was that for?" Shawn whined.

Lassiter glared at the man in front of him, "Spencer, I'm getting sick of you avoiding the subject. You show up to my house unannounced in the middle of the night, you invade my bed and consequently my personal space, and then I wake to you crying out for help and even when I offer said help you still refuse to tell me what's irking you. Now I don't know how you were taught social interactions work, but I believe I deserve some sort of explanation." Lassiter said as he looked at the man expectantly.

Shawn stared at Lassiter for a few moments before giving a weak smile, "Ah, well if that's the case then I shouldn't waste your time anymore. I'll grab my stuff and head home, but thanks for the nap Lassie; it really helped me freshen up." Shawn said with a sugary tone as he moved to get off the bed.

Lassiter moved forward and grabbed the psychic's wrist, holding it so he couldn't get off the bed. "You should stay and talk to me Spencer. It's not good to keep things bottled up." Lassiter said quietly.

Shawn shook his head and waved the detective off, "Nah, its better if I just go. It's a boring story that doesn't have a lot of twists, and you know that boring isn't my style-"

"Please…" Lassiter interrupted, looking at the psychic with a sincere gaze, "…Shawn, let me help." The detective said quietly.

Hearing the detective's tone, Shawn let out a small sigh before turning and looking at the older man with a bit of defeat in his eyes, "Fine… If you must know I've been having bad dreams about big-bad hick-town and his cabin out in the woods." Shawn said quietly, before looking away, "To be honest… I don't exactly feel safe. Call it stupid, or being paranoid but I'd rather be here than alone by myself." Shawn said quietly.

Lassiter took in this information before nodding slowly. "I can see why this is bothering you. You were put in a situation that would have normal people going to therapy for quite possibly the rest of their lives. It's understandable that even you would be a bit shaken." Lassiter explained.

Shawn nodded before bringing a finger to his head, "I sense a but coming on." Shawn said in his mystic voice.

Lassiter felt a smile threaten to crack onto his lips, "But, Norman Blake is locked up behind bars. I can assure you that there's no way he's going to hurt you, and even if he did somehow manage to escape from prison he has no idea where you live, so you don't have to feel the need to abandon your house because of a bad feeling."

Shawn took in this information before nodding, a half smile resting on his face as he looked down, "I know. Sorry for being such a timid-puss. Sometimes it's hard to discern my magical premonitions from my delusions of paranoia." Shawn joked, trying to save face a bit.

Lassiter nodded and looked at the time, "Well, its 4:00 in the morning… If you want you can spend the rest of the night here, I honestly don't mind." Lassiter offered.

Shawn brushed the man off, getting up and grabbing his now barely damp pants from the dresser, "Nah. I should be heading home. You said it yourself that you have a vacation to get ready for, and I'd hate to bother you on your day off." Shawn said with a bright smile as he changed, "Plus the rain's stopped, and I should head back home."

Lassiter scratched the back of his head, "Well, alright Spencer. You take care alright?" the detective said lamely as he tried to show the other some form of support.

Shawn nodded, before walking up and giving Lassiter an affectionate pat on the back, "Thanks Lassie, I really appreciate it." Shawn said with a warm smile, before leaving the detective alone as he left the house.

Lassiter stood in his room for a few minutes staring at the open door that Shawn had left through. He knew it was pointless to keep looking, he knew that Spencer wouldn't be knocking on his door again that night. Still, it had only been a few moments, and Lassiter already wanted to see the other man.

"Oh god, what am I a sixteen year old girl?" Lassiter said as he sat down on his bed.

Lassiter thoughts were interrupted when his phone started to vibrate on the dresser. Picking it up, he was surprised to see Juliet on the caller ID. Lassiter quickly flipped the phone open and raised it to his ear, "Lassiter Speaking."

"Lassiter thank GOD." Juliet's distressed voice came through, the girl sounding at ends with herself. "Please tell me that you know where Shawn is." The blonde said urgently.

Lassiter raised a brow and looked out the window, "Well, Spencer was here about…" Lassiter checked the clock, "fifteen minutes ago, but he left, saying he wanted to go home."

"Oh God. Lassiter, I need you to go after him. Norman Blake escaped. He tore up the Psych office and then went to Shawn's house. Some patrol officers were called in because of a disturbance, and Blake was in the house looking for Shawn. He managed to evade arrest and now he's out on the streets."

The color drained from Lassiter's face as he stuck the phone on speaker, and proceeded to change "Why didn't you call Spencer to warn him?" Lassiter said as he stripped down and pulled a pair of pants out of his drawer.

"I tried! But he's not answering his phone. Gus and I are out looking for him in his normal hang out spots. We would have asked his father, but the chief sent Henry away yesterday to look at a future recourse out in Chicago, Illinois, and he's not picking up either." Juliet explained.

Lassiter finished getting dressed and picked up his phone as he walked out of his bedroom. "I'll see if I can track him down. If I find him I'll bring him back here to my place, and we'll discuss all of this with the chief when she gets in. The last thing we need is to let this sick, twisted bastard get what he wants." Lassiter said as he grabbed his keys and walked out the door.

"Just be sure to call if you find him. Gus and I are worried sick." Juliet said quietly.

"Don't worry. I'll find him and keep him safe." Lassiter said quietly, before hanging up his phone and getting in his car.

The rain had picked up again.

Meanwhile, Shawn was sitting in a 24 hour diner, the psychic getting hungry as he drove his bike home. Remembering that this particular place stayed open all day, he found himself finishing up the earliest breakfast he ever had.

When Shawn walked out of the diner, he was surprised to see a patrol car parked next to his bike, an officer leaning against it with an umbrella keeping him out of the rain that was picking up.

"Shawn Spencer? I'm officer Scott Winters of the Santa Barbara Police Department. I'm here to escort you to your house on account that Norman Blake has escaped and is on the loose." Winters explained.

Shawn felt the color drain from his face at the new information, the psychic shuddering at the thought. "U-Um… Okay, uhh. Can you take me to Henry Spencer's house?" Shawn said with a not so even tone.

Winters crossed his arms, "Well, Mister Henry Spencer is off on business. I can tell you that right now, but I can take you there anyway if you like." Winters explained.

Aww, Crap. Shawn thought to himself, not liking that his dad was gone. "Okay, umm… Then I would like to be taken to Carlton Lassiter's house." Shawn requested, feeling himself start to panic.

Winters nodded, "Sure, Just be sure to lead the way. C'mon." The cop motioned.

Shawn let out a sigh of relief as he walked toward the man, happy that someone came to get him.

Wait a minute… Shawn paused, taking note of the man's appearance. Winter's had a necklace of an Ouroborous on his neck; the stone snake looking sort of like it was carved from bone. He also took note that the man was blind in one eye…

Shawn recalled the night that Blake was talking on the phone with his colleague, Oh, C'mon man; you still have that ol' Ouroborous necklace I gave ya? I carved that thing out years ago. Just shoot it or something- oh wait, your good eye's gone bad hasn't it?

Shawn's blood ran cold, and he stopped and stared at the cop in front of him with a look of fear. "U-Umm… Winters? How do you know that Norman Blake busted out of jail?" Shawn asked carefully.

Winters let out a laugh, "Well, I was watching him. It was my shift, and he totally got the jump on me. Tricky guy, I'll give him that." Winters answered.

Shawn nodded, "And umm… I haven't seen you around the station much; do you always stick around the cells? Or…"

Winters shook his head, "Yesterday was my first day, and I just transferred in."

Oh god… Shawn let out a forced laugh, "Is that right? Well Scott, umm… Thanks for the offer, but I think that I'll just take my bike to Lassiter's. I don't want to make you go out of your way." Shawn said quietly.

Winters let a sly smile slip onto his lips, "Oh, but I insist Shawn. I'll take good care of you, I promise." Winter's offered, as he began walking toward the psychic.

Shawn paled and turned around, bolting away from the man.

Winter's let his smile turn into a sadistic smirk, "If it's cat and mouse you want Shawn, then I'll give you a good game." Winters said as he began to run after the fleeing man.

Shawn ran as fast as he could, rushing and finding himself going through alleyways as he tried to shake his pursuer. The rain had begun to fall harder, soaking him through once more as the psychic tried his best not to slip as he sprinted, his heart pounding in his chest more from fear than the running.

The psychic pulled his phone out, turning it on and scoffing when he saw all the missed calls from Gus and Jules, "The ONE time I turn off my phone." Shawn whined as he scrolled down and clicked on Lassiter's number.

Lassiter grabbed his phone when he heard it buzz, answering it as he drove down the street. "Detective Lassiter here-"

"Lassie! Oh thank god!" Shawn said in a panic as he turned to run down another alley, still hearing the footsteps of his pursuer.

Lassiter felt relief wash over him when he heard Shawn's voice, "Dammit Spencer; Guster, O'Hara and I have been looking all over for you. Where the hell have you been, we've got a problem on our hands." Lassiter scolded.

Shawn panted as he felt fatigue start to set in, "U-Umm… I'm uhh… running. Listen Lassie, I need your-"

Shawn screamed like a little girl when he heard the gunshot, the bullet whizzing by his ear.

Lassiter felt himself grip the wheel at that sound "Spencer, was that a gunshot?"

Shawn bolted faster and turned a corner, hissing when he felt a bullet graze his shoulder, "Ah- mmhh… okay that hurt…" Shawn said through gritted teeth as he crossed a street and ran down a hill into a nearby brush, slipping on the mud and rolling down a large hill.

Lassiter pulled over and grit his teeth, "Spencer. Where are you, I need to get over there if you want my help." Lassiter said with the utmost urgency.

Shawn nodded, "U-Uhh… I just passed by… ohh what was it? Oh yeah, I'm by the park… uhh the-"

Lassiter could barely hold back his dread when he heard Shawn's phone cut off.

"H-Hello? Lassie?" Shawn looked at his phone and saw that it was dead. "Oh no… Nonono…" Shawn said as he got up.

"I wouldn't move if I were you."

Shawn paled and stayed completely still before he turned and stared at Winters, his smirk widening as he pointed a gun at the psychic.

Scott laughed, "Well, you were a tough one to catch, but looks like I got you. Why don't we go for a little walk, hmm?" the cop offered as he slicked back his soaked hair as the rain continued to pour.

Shawn let out a shaky exhale before looking the cop over, "Well, I'm sensing that you're not a cop. Let me guess, you're a friend of Blake's that is able to get around the system in case your buddy gets in trouble." Shawn said with venom in his voice.

Scott smirked, "Well now, you aren't their beloved psychic for nothing. Yeah. I'm a con-man who's been good friends with Norman for a long time. He gets into trouble, I play cop and make sure he gets out of it, let's just say we both like games." Winters said with a smirk, before walking forward and grabbing Shawn, twisting his arm and placing the barrel of the gun on the man's temple as he pulled him close, "So, what do you say we go see my good friend hmm? He wants to see you again Shawn." Winters offered.

"Drop your weapon!"

Winter's turned and saw McNab walking down the hill in his uniform and a police-issue raincoat, a gun in his hand as he had it trained at the other cop.

"Shawn you okay? I got a call that there was a disturbance in the area." McNab said as he glared at Scott. "Officer Winters, drop your weapon and the innocent or things will get ugly." McNab ordered.

Winters rolled his eyes, "How about no. Also, drop your gun… take one more step and I'll blow his brains out." Scott said in a warning tone as he pressed the gun against Shawn's temple and twisted Shawn's arm roughly, causing the psychic to visibly blanch in pain.

McNab faltered and raised his hands, "A-Alright… no need for you to get touchy..." Buzz said as he slowly lowered his weapon to the floor and raised his hands.

Shawn shook his head No… C'mon Buzz, don't fall for that. Shawn thought as he saw the kindred cop unarm himself.

Winters smirked, "Thanks." He said slyly before pulling his gun from Shawn's temple and shooting McNab, the kind cop falling back from the force of the bullet and hitting his head against a tree.

"Buzz!" Shawn yelled before getting a swift pistol whip to the head by his captive. "Hush. Your voice is grating." Winters said before shoving Shawn on the ground, "Check him, and make sure he's either dead or knocked out." The twisted cop ordered.

Shawn scrambled to McNab, and felt relief wash over his face as he saw the man's steady breathing. Touching the man's chest, he felt the bulletproof vest on the man's torso, the bullet embedded in its Kevlar, but not piercing him.

Shawn turned and glared at his captor, "He's just knocked out, you jackass."

Winters scoffed, "Knew I should've gone for the head. Move little psychic, I have to finish the job." The man said as he aimed his gun.

Shawn felt sweat begin to form on his brow, "Why? He's not a threat anymore." Shawn said as he crawled in front of McNab protectively.

Winters glared, "He knows my face, and my name, as far as anyone else is concerned I'm still a cop on the force. Gonna be hard to get myself 'transferred' if this lug blows my cover. Now move or I'll make you move. I'm sure I can explain away a few bullet holes in you to Norman. He'll understand." Scott said as he cocked his gun, getting ready to shoot the annoying psychic.

Shawn shook his head, "Sorry, you're gonna have to shoot me pal."

Winters smirked, "Good. I've been waiting to put you in your place."


Winters flinched, and looked down. A bullet had imbedded itself into his shoulder. Confusion writ itself onto the crooked cops face, and the man turned to see a very calm, but very infuriated looking Carlton Lassiter.

Lassiter grit his teeth, "That was a warning shot. Officer Winters… You better put that gun on the ground NOW if you don't want me to personally send you to hell in a hand-basket." Lassiter ordered his voice dangerous and collected.

Winters glared at the man, before strafing to the side and running into the brush.

Lassiter glared hard at the man and attempted a few more shots before turning and rushing toward Shawn, kneeling down and inspecting the psychic gingerly, "Shawn, are you alright?" Lassiter asked as he brushed his hand over the nick on Shawn's shoulder.

Shawn winced, but smiled up at the head detective. "More or less, now that my knight in shining armor came to save me… So, how did the valiant Lassie find his shockingly handsome princess?" Shawn said with a cheeky grin.

Lassiter rolled his eyes as he inspected Shawn for more wounds, "There was a call on my radio about gunfire around this park. I heard you say park before your phone cut off, so I figured it had to be this one." Lassiter said quietly.

Shawn smiled and opened his mouth to speak, but his words caught in his throat as he saw Winters through the brush, aiming his gun at the head detective.

It was like the world slowed down at that moment.

Shawn shoved Lassiter, but when the gun was shot, all the psychic could see was blood, the substance splattering on his wrist as he watched Lassiter fall to the ground from the force of his shove.

Lassie's bleeding… Lassie's been shot… He shot Lassie…

There was no thought. Shawn grabbed McNab's gun from the ground and raised it up, shooting the gun out of Scotts hand before shooting the man in the kneecaps, watching his captive cripple to the floor.

Shawn got up and walked briskly toward the heap of a man, kicking the gun away from him and glaring down at the man, the gun trained expertly on the man's head. "You… stay right there, and if you even THINK about getting up I will put another bullet in you…" Shawn said shakily.

Winters shook and glared up, a bitter smile on the man's face, "Well, someone's dangerous with a gun…" The man winced before curling up, "Don't think I'm the only friend Norman has… You won't ever be safe again kid, not until you're dead and buried." Winters said with a sickening laugh.

Shawn glared at the man, "On second thought." Shawn said before kicking the man in the temple, effectively knocking him out, "There, that's better." Shawn said quietly.

Lassiter winced as he sat up; staring in shock at the psychic. The detective was unsure if he saw what he thought he just saw. "Shawn…?" Lassiter asked, just making sure he wasn't hallucinating.

Shawn perked up and turned around, immediately rushing toward the detective and kneeling down, "Lassie, you alright?" Shawn said as he looked at the other man with a worried expression.

Lassiter stared at the psychic for a few seconds, before shaking his head, "Y-yes Spencer, I'm fine. He grazed my arm. What about you?" Lassiter asked.

Shawn nodded, "Yeah… just a graze on my end too… that guy really is blind, and he's a horrible shot." Shawn noted.

Lassiter turned to stare at officer Winters, "Yes he is… unlike you. Shawn… Wh-Where'd you learn to shoot like that?" Lassiter inquired, shock still on his face.

Shawn cocked his head to the side, "Well… I've always been good at things like that. Plus my dad was a cop, so he taught me how to shoot. Why do you ask?" the psychic asked curiously.

Lassiter felt a blush burn to his ears as he got up and pulled out his phone, "N-No reason." Lassiter said as he dialed O'Hara. Except for the fact that what you just did was the hottest thing I've ever seen. Lassiter thought to himself.

The cops were at the scene in no time, Juliet, Gus, and Lauren arriving and chatting with the two men.

"Why didn't you have your phone on?" Gus and Juliet both yelled in unison.

Shawn flinched and scratched the back of his head, laughing nervously, "Well… I-It was dying so I turned it off…" Shawn explained lamely.

O'Hara scoffed, "Shawn, you got both McNab AND Lassiter shot. You've got a flesh wound yourself, and you could've gotten innocent people killed. Don't turn off your phone when you're out alone again." Juliet said as she crossed her arms.

Gus nodded, "She has a point Shawn. If your phone was on, then I could've just called you over and we could've stayed up all night watching some TJ Hooker while the cops looked for the bad guys. Instead I'm exhausted looking for you, and am probably going to take a sick day today just so I can catch up on my sleep because of all the stress I went through." Gus said in a slightly annoyed tone.

Lassiter watched the duo chew Shawn out with mild interest, wincing as the nurse finished patching up his bullet wound by the ambulance that showed. Lauren was sitting by him and giggling, "Poor Shawn, you should vouch for him." Lauren whispered into her brother's ear.

Lassiter raised a brow, "Why? O'Hara and Guster do have a point." Lassiter noted.

Lauren shrugged, "Well, you're still trying to get Shawn to like you right? Taking his side couldn't hurt your chances." She said quietly.

Lassiter thought about it for a few moments, before getting up and walking toward the trio. "O'Hara, Guster, you should cut Spencer some slack, he's had a long day."

The two upset friends stopped their ranting's, and all three looked up at Lassiter, shock on their faces.

Lassiter raised a brow, "What?"

O'Hara cleared her throat, "N-Nothing… it's just… I don't think I've ever heard you willingly take Shawn's side before…" Juliet pointed out. Gus nodded in agreement.

Lassiter scratched the back of his head and looked down, "Well… Though he got me into this mess, he showed great courage today, and he saved my life. Also, as far as I'm concerned he deserves praise for unmasking Officer Winters as a crooked cop and a con artist." Lassiter commented.

Guster kicked the dirt, "Well, I guess that's true." He said lamely.

Juliet nodded, before looking apologetically at Shawn, "Yes, it is… I'm sorry Shawn, we were just so worried." The blonde offered.

Shawn smiled, "It's alright, I hear you." Shawn chirped, "I'll keep my phone on okay? Just in case another mass-murdering psycho decides to come after me this week" Shawn said with a laugh.

Lassiter nodded, "Well I was going to head back home... Spencer, you're welcome to stay with me if you'd like. Now that Blake is out and around I guarantee that there's no safer place." Lassiter offered as he motioned to his car.

Gus raised a brow, "Shawn? Go home with you? Not that the offer isn't appreciated, but I'm sure that Shawn would rather come and have a good time with me-"

"I'd like that Lassie." Shawn interrupted.

"Really?" Gus and Lassiter both said in unison.

Shawn laughed, "Really."

It didn't take long for Gus to grab Shawn and drag him behind the ambulance for a private talk.

"What the hell Shawn. What did I just tell you not a day ago? It literally has not even been a day!"

"Oh c'mon, He offered! Besides, he's not like the chicks, and one dude, that I used to go home with at the diner. I'm not gonna go home with him and coax him into sex, it's not like that… hell, HE'S not like that." Shawn said as he crossed his arms.

Gus pursed his lips and sighed, "Promise me you'll keep things platonic until you know if he likes you or not Shawn. I don't want you to ruin not just your job, but your reputation with the police force just because you have to indulge yourself." Gus said in defeat.

Shawn smiled and patted his friend on the back, "Don't worry, I will. Besides, if I get with Lassie who knows? You might just be able to hit it off with his hot sister eh?" Shawn said as he nudged his friend.

Gus felt a smile fall on his lips, "That… would be pretty sweet." Gus admitted.

Shawn nodded, "Good. So I'll be going with Lassie-Pants now." Shawn said as he half skipped back toward the head detective.

Gus stayed in daydream land for a few more moments, until he heard Lassiter's car start, and he was snapped out of his stupor by Shawn waving at him from the window. "Sh-Shawn I mean it! Don't screw this up!" He yelled at the fleeing car.

Lassiter glanced at Gus through his rear-view mirror, "What's Guster yelling about?"

Shawn laughed, "Oh nothing. He's just worried I'm going to steal your heart." The psychic chirped.

Lassiter rolled his eyes, "Whatever Spencer. Just don't tell me if you're going to beat around the bush." Plus it's a little too late for that.

Shawn let a warm smile cross his lips, "So… Why the offer Lassie? It seems like I just keep ending up at your place." Shawn said as he looked at the detective with a hopeful gaze, "Do you miss me that much when I'm gone? Hmm?"

Lassiter coughed, "W-well, your father's out of town, and there's a psychotic serial rapist-slash-killer on the loose who has his eye out for you in particular. The last time you left my house to be by yourself you almost got killed by his posse, and they know where you work and live… I'd say that your best bet is staying with someone who can protect you is all…"

Shawn felt his face light up, "Oh? So you're saying you're willing to protect me then? D'aww, I didn't know you cared!" Shawn said as he leaned in and placed his head on the detective's shoulder.

Lassiter stiffened and felt those butterflies in his stomach God how I wish I could shoot all those god-damn butterflies… Lassiter thought as he tried to adjust to Shawn being so close.

Shawn, however; could hear it. He could hear the detective's heartbeat quicken in his chest, he heard the hitch in breath that Lassiter had let out when he laid his head down on the detective's chest, and he could feel how tense the man was. Could he…? Nah… Maybe… Shawn felt the wheels happily turn in his head.

When Lassiter pulled into his garage, he sighed, "Alright Spencer, time to head inside."

Shawn didn't move, he stayed with his head against the detective's chest.

Lassiter rolled his eyes, "C'mon Spencer, I'm not a pillow, now get off so we can head to bed." Lassiter said as he nudged the other man with his shoulder.

Shawn moved his head off the detective's shoulder, but then moved in close, touching his forehead gently to the detectives and staring at him with a half lidded gaze. "Yesterday you asked me if I knew who it was you liked…" Shawn said in a husky tone, his breath ghosting over Lassiter's lips like an unspoken sin.

Lassiter felt his heart pound in his chest, the electricity between them making him want, need what was currently tantalizing itself in front of him. As if mesmerized, Lassiter leaned in to close the distance between their lips.

Shawn pulled back slightly, touching his hand to Lassiter's chest to halt him, so their lips were only centimeters apart, just out of reach. A sly smile slipped onto Shawn's lips. "I think I have a pretty good idea of who you like, my little, loyal Lassie-Love." Shawn said with a seductively sweet voice.

With that, Shawn got out of the car, half skipping toward the door as he waved for Lassiter to let him in.

The detective sat in shock in his seat, and he looked over at the man who was hopping around like nothing had happened. Oh god… Screw nightmare… this just turned into the seventh circle of hell… Lassiter thought as he got out of the car.

As the sun rose, the storm finally cleared.

Aww Snap. Norman Blake is out of fookin jail.

And he want's Shawn's little candy ass on a stick for putting him away, and so does his posse.

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