A forward: Just to clarify this takes place in it's own universe separate from any comic or TV show. I've redone this first chapter because I honestly hated a certain chunk of it that really didn't fit with anything else in the story. You're going to notice that the character seem different than they do on the show and the comics. This is on purpose, just keep reading and they'll get there. That's part of the whole character development I've got going on here. Just take it for what it is, I hope you enjoy it.

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before;" She read her favorite words of her favorite poem in that stale beige room. A small chuckle grabs her attention so she peers up glancing through her dark black bangs. Two moronic jocks joking to one another. She knew their names and not much else. She certainly wasn't their friend. She had very few in this boring institution. As she stared for a second, one of the jocks looked back at her. It was Victor Stone the unstoppable athletic machine with more school football records than any previous player. Not that she really gave a shit. Raven never gave a shit.

Like the worlds most extreme hipster, but not some emo fag like everyone thought. At least thats how she saw things. She didn't have to tap into that dumb jock's mind to know what he was thinking. But she did anyway, let's her know she was right. As he gave her a slightly neutral, slightly threatening glance Raven tapped in, "What's she looking at?...She looks good with her hair like that..." Whoa, of all the people in the school to take an interest; one of the fucking jocks would. She never put much work into her look. Sure she would clean her cropped shoulder length hair, but a mirror wasn't her best friend. She hadn't ruled out the possibility of someone liking her at this stupid school. But the likely hood of it being one of 'those' students was absurd. She always figured she'd attract some shy perverted geek who was only looking for a way to live out of the the many fantastic ecchi manga scenarios he's read.

Every now and then though while sticking her mind in other peoples heads she caught a glimpse of what hinted that she could be so much more. Maybe even one of 'those' students that everybody gave a fuck about for no apparent reason. She refused to believe it. Just shoving it back into those dreams she dreams so quietly. Knowing how different she has always been, how it will never change. Maybe she'll write a book of her crushed dreams and sell it to all those people in the world who think they have problems and fill that artificial self generated void with words of melancholy. Or maybe she would end it all one day with one hell of a suicide note.

Until she figures it out, she plans to wander around and live by her creed. Those words she recites to herself again and again, "Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before..."

The ring of the school bell marks the moment she has been waiting for, end of the school day. She throws her Poe book into her over the shoulder backpack and heads out of the school as fast she could. Her long sleeve shirt and black baggy jean ruffle against the various attires of the other individuals in the room. As she exits she turns and catches Victor staring at her. Not for long enough that she's able to discern his expression but she's pretty sure that it's got something to do with that little thought she grabbed a hold of earlier. If she were slutty enough, she probably would've rubbed up against him 'accidently'. She'll leave that shit to the real sluts at this school.

Once she hops the wall surrounding the back of the school, Raven indulges in her stupidest addiction and pulls her cigarettes out of her bra. Lighting one up she feels the relief that has been bugging her since lunch when she managed to sneak some dip while the administration was taking care of the daily fight. A slow exhale flows from her lips and words echo in her head, 'Dreaming, dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before...'

She hears the sound of cheap shoes smacking the sidewalk behind her. She takes another drag knowing full well its her biggest fan.

"Hey RAVEN!" He shouts. He catches up to her and Raven makes a quick note of his green hair, stupid unreadable dog tag, and clearly vegan clothing. Fucking hippie. If only he wasn't the nicest guy in the world Raven could bash him like the rest of the school. But he's not fake, so she tolerates him. He catches up to her and begins his usual friday afternoon spiel. "Hey, I'm volunteering at the animal shelter downtown if you actually want to stop by this time." Raven takes another drag.

"You already know I'm busy."

"I know you're not this afternoon, you never work fridays and since you're not much of a social type I can't imagine what else you'll be doing." Raven exhales the puff she took while Garfield went on his usual pleading. She looks at him with an annoyed glared and very blandly answers.

"I'll be in my room. Reading my books." She takes another inhale of her cigarette.

"You know you shouldn't smoke." Garfield warns. Raven exhales the smoke through her nose with a vigorous puff and flicks the butt into the street.

"Are you sure.." Garfield begins to say but is interrupted by his cell phone ringing. He answers. "Hey...Yeah I'm on my way dude, I'm always there right..." He walks off talking on the phone. Raven begins her trek home. It's not to far but she is going to stop at the bookstore on her way home.

A few hours pass as Raven slides her finger over the covers of various novels in the bookstore rack. Not really sure what she is in the mood for this friday ritual. She always picks up a new book and manages to read through almost all of it straight through in one night. Depending how heavy the reading load was. She drifted through her usual tastes. Horror, fantasy, or at least something with a lot of people dying in it.

"Need help finding anything?" The store clerk asks her.

"Not really..." She replies, trying to make him go away.

"Okay. But I do have a suggestion for you." He hands her a very heavy novel. She eyes the book with a raised brow.

" 'A Song Of Ice and Fire'?"

"Trust me. Based on what you normally buy, this thing is right up your alley." He tells her. It strikes her that the cashier remembers the things that shes bought here before. She flips the book over and reads the summary on the back.

"Alright." She pays for the book heads outside and grabs the city bus home. She thinks back for a moment about the fact that the cashier seemed to take so much interest in her reading habits. Maybe he's one of the souls out there that actually gives a fuck. Who know really. About half an hour later she arrives at the front of her home, she checks the surrounding areas. No one around, she hovers up to the second story window in this shit hole neighborhood. She opens the window and climbs into her room.

Downstairs in the Kitchen Raven's Mother is having a conversation. Her mother looks so much like her. At least she did when she was younger. A toll has been taken on her from all the years of hard living. But she is still a beautiful woman by any standard. She sips tea from her mug while listening to the reasoning of this older gentleman with an eye-patch.

"You must understand Arella, if she stays here it will be much harder to protect her. We're the only people who really understand the danger she's in. I want to protect her from that." The man says. Arella finishes her sip and rests her cup on the table.

"I've protected her all these years Slade. If I let her go with you, she will be in around exactly the people I'm protecting her from." The look on her face screaming 'no'.

"Arella I hate to pressure you but this is the best thing that you can do. She'll be around people like her that will care for her an protect her. I'll help her see the potential she has-"

"NO! I don't want her to know what she's capable of doing. What she's 'supposed' to do, I can't let her learn the truth. She's already stumbled upon her abilities and I leave it up to her choosing how to use them. I won't let her get involved, I let you persuade me to get involved all those years back. I'm lucky to be alive and sitting here."

"You remember how I helped you back then, If I hadn't intervened you would be dead and Rachel would be with her father. Out of guilt I've given you support to take care of her all these years. But if you don't want it then I'll let you struggle. She can find out on her own when those horrible people come here to take away and it will be to late to stop them!...If you let me protect her, I can make it so you never have to work a day again in your life. You deserve that much don't you?"

"Leave. I need time to think this over, withOUT you here to influence my choice. I never asked you for help to begin with."

"You have a week to decided. If you don't answer I will present the offer to her myself. She's a big girl now, she'll decide what to do. And I promise you, history will not repeat itself." His tone is stern. Arella rubs her face in frustration.

"What makes you think that they'll find her? That she's even in any danger?"

"Because blood knows where you are. He above everyone else worshiped her father like a god. Now that Rachael is old enough, it won't be long before he sends out his followers to make a move."

"And you can't prove that he's going to do this? That he leads some cult of fucking wack jobs? You've lost your touch." Her remarks hit him. His hand tightens slightly.

"He can't ever hide secrets from me. You know that. I don't have definitive proof. He knows how I and everyone else there operates. He's been able to cover his tracks well enough. But once he decides to make a move none of that will matter anymore."

Arella breaths deep. "I'll think about it. Please leave." Without a word he stands and walks out. Arella fights back the emotional frustration. She holds up her hand and a cigarette levitates out of its pack and into her fingers. She grabs the lighter off the counter and heads out to the porch. She lights up, needing time to think and to fight back the tears. "Why can't this ever end?" She asks herself.