"Dude, you've never gotten laid? Seriously!?" Garfield asks Victor, genuinely surprised.

Victor keeps staring at the TV. "Nah man."

"But Jinx is all over you. Plus you were and football player and cool and stuff. How could you turn all that down?"

"It's not impossible to say no. Especially when you stick to what you believe. And I'm holding out until I have a wife."

"Really? I never took you as a church type."

"I don't run around telling other people what to believe in. I just have faith."

"there's no wrong with it or anything. I just can't believe jinx hasn't-" Garfield starts

"Trust me, she tries. But I swear that girls got issues." Cyborg interrupts.


"I really shouldn't say." Victor turns to him for a moment. Garfield sits up straight on the edge of the bed.

"I promise I won't say anything. You can trust me." Garfield assures. Victor takes a moment before answering.

"She doesn't know her parents. She never met them." Victor begins to explain. "She needs attention."

"huh. Makes sense I guess. At least Terra's not like that." Garfield flops down on the bed.

"And how is she."

"Awesome... I can't say anything e-" Garfield's phone rings. He checks it. It's Terra. "Hey what's up..." His conversation continues into the hallway as he exits the room. Victors phone buzzes. It's a text from Cassie. 'She'll be there' Victor nods in approval. "Nice but first, TIME TO EAT SOME LEAD FELLAS!" he clicks the controller and shoots away.

Cassie walks down the hall towards her room. She see Kori bubbling her way down the hall. She sign to herself knowing of the impending berating of kindness from the worlds happiest gentle giant.

"Cassandra, I have the most wonderful news!" Kori stops with her hands clapped together grinning as wide as humanly possible.

"What?" Cassie asks with some genuine interest.

"This woman came into my work today and told me she would like to be a model. I got her business card and everything."

figures..."Thats great Kori. If you don't mind I have to get ready."

"What for?"

"I got a party to go to in a little bit."

"Oh, might I tag along?"

"I'll check..." Cassie begins, then she remembers what a pot head this girl is. Good chance she'll bring some with her. "...Sure. I'll let you know when we're leaving" Just as her sentenced is finished she is embraced by a sternum shattering bear hug from.

"Thank you so very much. You are a true friend."

Cameron enters her room to find Slade waiting for her.

"Just give it over and this will go a lot easier." He demands.

"I don't know-" Cameron begins.

"Bullshit. Do you take me for an idiot? You think I don't know what you we're up to for blood." He cuts her off. Cameron's blood begins to boil. Nobody speaks to her like that and gets away with it.

"You have no idea what you have do you. What you have is of serious value."

"Then I'm going to keep my hands on it. At least until I get my compensation." She sneers

"I'd laugh in your face if this wasn't as serious. Cameron, I know how smart you are. I also know how smart you think you are. Truth is, however intelligent you are, you lack experience and good judgement."

"Like knowing when you hold all the right cards." She interjects

"Like knowing when to fold." He leans into face. "And your are about to loose the pot."

"All you have to do is give me what I deserve."

"You don't deserve shit. All you did was bow to the whims of and old kook just so you could get off." He last statement strikes a chord with her. How could he know her well enough to make an accusation like that. How could he be so accurate.

"How could you-"

"That man can keep no secrets from me. Including what he does with you. I know what you have, I know what you did to get it, and I know why. Now give over what copies you've made and this will all disappear."

"And if I don't?" She regains her snotty composure.

"You go away." He looms close to her. "Your not stupid Cameron. I know that. But don't think you can win this." She looks off to the side for a moment. It takes her only a moment to make a decision. She reaches into a slit she cut into her mattress and pulls out a flash drive and hands it to him. "Remember what you learned here tonight." Is all Slade says before he turns and leaves. Cameron's hand ball up into fists wound tight enough to shatter golf balls. Her blood boiling she screams out in rage. Energy blasts out from her eyes and shatters a mirror hanging next to her bed. It falls to the ground. Surprised by this, she is taken aback. She steps towards the mirror and understanding what she just did, grins ever so slightly. Her eyes glow in the reflection back to her.

Cassie opens the door to the house from the garage. Greeting people as she enters, almost having to drag Raven into the house with her. Raven looks around the house and make note of everything. People she doesn't know all over the house. The kitchen has a garbage can filled with ice keeping a keg cold. The condensation on the outside of the can has left the floor drenched. Red plastic cups and small plastic shot glasses litter the counter tops. A table with cups on it surrounded by teenagers all screaming and shouting at each other as they play a game. The house rumbles with music.

"Raven, this is Mason." She ways shy and mutters out a 'hi'.

"Hey...So you ladies need a drink?" Mason asks.

"Yeah, what do you got?" Cassie asks.

"Well, beer. And some liquor. El cheapo vodka and rum."

"What do you think Raven?" Cassie asks her. Mason also turns his attention to her.

"Um...I've never really had any before..." She informs with shame.

"Why am I not surprised." Cassie rolls her eyes.

"If that's the case then I know exactly how to ease her into this situation." Mason says as he flips a red cup in his hand and brings it to the kegs tap. Though he holds the cup tilted the beer still comes out as mostly foam. He fills it only halfway and hands it to Raven.

"You ready?" He asks with a grin. Raven takes the cup. She knows the smell from working in a restaurant. She stares at the bubbles the don't go away. She brings it to her lips. The off tasting foam gets pushed aside by the liquid in the cup. She swallows a gulp with a dissatisfied look.

"That tastes like ass..." She tells them.

"Yeah it's cheap beer. Great for a party though." He says over Cassie's giggling.

"So, you said you have vodka?" Cassie asks.

Mason replies with a "Yep."

"Shots." Cassie says holding up three fingers. Mason grabs the bottle from the fridge and sets up three plastic shot cups. He fills them about halfway and hands one to Raven and Cassie. They all put their shots together.

"Ready?" Mason asks. Raven nods her head.

"Just open your throat and pour it down. Here's to the rest of our lives." He toasts. The all throw the shot back. Mason and Cassie take theirs smooth. Raven coughs slightly at the foreign taste and tingle that's in her throat.

"You good?" Mason asks Raven as she fights off a slight gag reflex.

"The first shot burns, the rest are water. You want to keep drinking that beer or would you ladies care for a mixer?" He asks gesturing to Ravens plastic cup.

"Mix the Vodka with something good. It's probably her first real party and this shit won't do the trick." She grabs Ravens beer and sets in on the fridge. Mason whips up vodka mixed with Lemon Lime soda and gives it to them. Assuring them Ravens isn't as strong as Cassie's. Raven takes a sip and finds it's far more pleasant to taste than straight liquor or beer.

At that moment Jinx and Victor come in behind them.

"No fucking way." Raven hears Jinx voice ring out. "You're at a party. Bravo Cassie." Jinx squeezes past everybody and heads straight to the bottle of Vodka and pours herself a very strong version of the other two girls drink. Victor nobs at Mason and looks down at Raven. Then he looks at her drink and then back to her. She doesn't look comfortable here.

"Are you sure you want to drink Raven?" He asks reaching out for her drink cup. Jinx blocks his hand and explains "Leave her alone Victor. She needs to experience her first real party."

"I'll be fine." Raven says and looks away. Taking a sip of her drink.

"Just take it slow. Okay."

"Or what?"

"You'll regret it." Victor warns. Then he sees a couple of his former football players and runs over to them. Cassie starts having a conversation with mason. Raven start to wander around the house. Sipping her drink and not talking to anybody. She bumps into some random guy. Black hair, kinda emo looking. He excuses himself for bumping into her, then he notices her tattoo running up her arm.

"Nice tat. You got any others?" He inquires knocking back some of his beer.

"Uh, yeah." Raven mutters. She turns and lifts up her shirt enough to see the Raven tattoo across her lower back.

"So your a Poe fan?" The goth kid says.

"Yeah..." Raven answers still uncomfortable with this stranger.

"a very good joke, indeed -an excellent jest. We will have many a rich laugh about it at the palazzo" He quotes a line from Poe's 'Cask of Amontillado'

Raven's attention is pulled from her drink to his eyes. And she replies with "But is it not getting late? Will not they be awaiting us at the palazzo, the Lady Fortunato and the rest?" Another line from the same story. It's clear that this is someone she's actually going to like talking to.

Richard and Kori show up a moment later. Kori immediately hugs Cassie. Robin surveys the scene and spots Raven talking to some guy with a drink in her hand. He should keep an eye on her. Kori then hugs Mason. Richard shakes his hand.

"So Kori, you bring some herb?" Cassie asks

"Of course I did." Kori replies.

"Then lets head to the porch. Care to join us Mason?" Cassie asks

"A totally unnecessary question." He replies showing every body to slider door. The group gets outside and forms a circle out of the various pieces of patio furniture. Kori begins roll a blunt while Cassie and Mason make idle chit chat.

Inside Victor is explaining to his former teammates just where hes been. He doesn't give them any crucial details, he just leaves it at him being at military school because the cops and staff at school thought that he and the others were at fault at the football game. Jinx Makes her way over the beer pong table. She spots someone from Hive playing a game of beer pong. She doesn't know who he is, but his spiky red hair is hard to miss. She walks up next to him and runs her nails up and down his back.

"Hey. You look familiar." She says.

He turns at the surprise nails on his back. He has a bit of recognition of her face but he can't pin point it. "Same school maybe?"

"What school is that?" She says.

"Hive?" He says somewhat unsure if he should be telling people about the school.

Jinx put on the dumb girl act, "Oh yeah. *giggle* I thought so. Can I play the next round?" She says taking a drink and running he nails back up and down his back.

"I don't know, ladies aren't always the best at sports." He says with a fake macho smugness

Jinx catches the ball as it bounces of of the cups in front of them. She tosses the ball and sinks a shot with the help of her abilities, but they don't need to know about that. He looks at her with surprised eyebrows, her slick Cheshire smile across her face.

"I'll think about it." He replies with intent to bug her. She slaps his shoulder and continues drinking.

Back out on the porch the blunt has been in rotation and it's Mason's turn. He takes his puff and tries to pass it to Richard. "You smoke?"

"No. I don't do that stuff." Richard replies.

"Really, why not." Mason asks out of genuine curiosity.

"I don't need that stuff to be happy."

"We don't do it to be happy. We do it because we want to."

"To each his own." Robin replies. Ending the conversation.

Inside the whole room cheers as Jinx makes her third shot in a row. The guys on the other side of the table throw their hands up and exclaim "the fuck!?" Jinx flips them off, her pink nails with a black skull glinting in the light.

Raven has been locked in conversation with this goth looking dude for almost an hour. She still doesn't know his name. Somehow she wound up with another drink. And on someone like her with no tolerance, it's clearly having an effect. Her speech is slurring, she giggling at the dumb things this guy says. And she's having a hard time balancing.

Richard excuses himself to use the bathroom. When he comes back inside he see Raven having conversation with someone. Odd for her, but not suspicious. He looks over to the other side of the room and see Jinx and a group of teens throwing back shots. Squinted faces give way to shouts and exhales. Jinx gets all googly eyed with this red haired dude. Victor is still hamming it up with his old school buddies. Time to intercept Jinx.

"Can I speak to you for a second?" He states more so than questions.

"About what?" She spouts after knocking back yet another shot. Richard grabs her arm and pulls her aside. "What the fuck!" she exclaims.

"What do you think you doing?" Richard begins.

"Enjoying myself. Duh." She retorts with annoyance in her voice.

"Your making moves on some guy while Victor is right over there."

"I'm just talking."

"And Rubbing up against him. And making googly eyes. You want to sleep with him."

"Shut up." Jinx spits. She shakes her head trying to force her thoughts through the intoxicated haze. "I'm just having fun. Victor won't-"

"You don't know him like I do."

"I was just saying Victor keeps holding out on me. You know how pent up I am having him around? At least you and the big red giant fuck. You know what I do? I like to fuck my boyfriends." She says in slur. Her finger going between pointing at Richard and herself.

"Just be careful." He warns her.

"I'll be fine." She replies.

"You're not the one I'm worried about." Robin turns to leave the room. He can't see Raven and the guy she was talking with. He walks around through the house until he reaches a hallway. He presses his ear against a closed door. On the other side he hears Raven. Moaning. He doesn't know what to make of this. If he kept a closer eye on her he might've prevented this from happening. Not that he doesn't want Raven to be happy, if anyone deserves it she does. He just doesn't want her to get hurt. With nothing to do in this situation he leaves and heads back out to the porch. Buy this time everyone is laughing at nothing. What remains of the blunt has been snuffed out and left in the ash tray for later use.

Victor sits inside jokes with his other jock buddies. All of them replaying their best moments on and off the field when suddenly Jinx voice rings out over the conversation. "VICTOR! Get you sweet chocolate ass OVER HERE!" He looks at his bros and informs them. "I believe the young lady requires my services. He walks over to her. When he's in range she jumps up and straddles him. Shoving her tongue forcefully into his throat. He breaks off, "Whoa. What did I do now?"

"Nothing." She replies while dragging a finger up his jawline. "I'm just really in the mood for you." She breathes into his ear. She's good, he thinks. But he will not be broken. He just rocks her half conscious body back and fourth. Lets her cling to him in the hazy atmosphere and reverberation sound waves.

The hallway door opens and Raven comes out adjusting her shirt and bra. Her hair slightly dishevelled. The goth dude follows right behind her in similar fashion. Jinx perks up. Though she doesn't get off of Victor. She points and shouts out, "Holy fucking shit girl! I'm so happy for youuuuuu..." Raven just grins. Shyly. Jinx unfastens her legs from Victor and wobbles over to Raven. She grabs Raven's arm and drags her to the counter. She pours shots of rum for the two of them. Jinx throws hers back. Raven take a moment longer but manages. Her face squints from the burn.

The second she recovers, Jinx puts her hands on both of Ravens cheeks and pulls her in for a kiss. Raven, though surprised at first, finds herself returning the favor. Her and Jinx do a tongue dance for the whole party. Victor looks on in sheer awe at the fact that Raven didn't rip Jinx' head off. During the middle of this session the others return from the porch. Just as awestruck as Victor. Kori, being very high walks over to the two. Jinx and Raven look up and pull her into the moment. Now three girls are going at it. Many photographs are taken.

Once all this finally breaks off, Raven and Jinx sit on the floor leaning their backs up against the bottom of the couch. Kori crouches down on hands and knees.

"That was most wonderful." She says with a giggle. "We should go to the porch. I have weed that we never finished."

Jinx agrees. Both the girls walk a very intoxicated Raven to the porch. Outside the girls light and continue smoking the unfinished blunt that was left in the ashtray.

"Just be careful Raven. Inhale a little." Kori advises her. She inhales until the hot smoke leaves her throat raspy and dry. She fight a slight cough as she exhales. Jinx urges her to do one more. Raven does and in doing so she begins to cough hard. Her throat feels like sandpaper. Jinx reaches over and takes the blunt from her and takes a drag herself. Raven coughs for moments. Richard steps outside to check on them.

"Everything alright?" He asks with genuine concern.

"Yes." Jinx and Kori reply. Cassie walks out of the slider. "Rich, I'll handle it." She tells him with a pat on the back. Richard cautiously returns back into the house. Cassie joins the other girls. Raven is barely aware of this through the new sensation of tingling flesh. Her peripheral vision fades as her whole body fades into bliss. She finds herself laughing and laying back on the concrete of the porch. She heres the rest of the girls talking. She thinks she hears Cassie tell her "Your doing fine Raven. Just let it happen." Whatever that means. She closes her eyes and gets an almost kaleidoscope like effect. It's subtle, but it exists. She blinks on and off for what feels like eternity. Finally, her conciousness fades.