It had been nearly five years since she'd decided to leave her home, her friends, her family, and even her whole planet.

Gwen now sat atop a small rock in the middle of a field of pink, lush, grass-like plants. Her new "home planet", she was told. However that would never be the case, even if she was part alien and this was the planet her powers told her she belonged too, she would always be an earthling, human…at least she hoped so. She briefly allowed herself to wonder as to what had brought such thoughts to her, perhaps it was a familiar scent of summer memories that the wind had brought her, or even the quiet that now consumed her day to day life. Quiet, a quiet so distant from the once loud and rambunctious life she had lead by standing side by side with the infamous Ben "Ten" Tennyson: that alien watch wearing, troublesome annoyance… and precious family.

The last Gwen had heard of Ben and the earth in general was about the newly establish Anodite Moon Base coming under attack. However, this was not something to be worried about, the Anodites were beings of pure energy, able to manipulate the very fabric of the universe, alien weaponry had parsecs to go before it caught up with them. Besides, the chances of killing "those" Anodites were near impossible. Anodites specially trained to do "A Gods work": they were trained to end the existence of races deemed too unstable to coexist with the universe. These Anodites were so ancient that they had absorbed the power of collapsing stars, women of great skill and knowledge, revered in every way… and she was to be one of them some day.

"I miss home, my family." She slowly mumbled, looking at the now visible stars and far off planets. But, she knew she couldn't go back, she had left for a reason. To protect the earth, to keep everyone safe and to keep Ben from becoming the martyr she knew he would have become. She remembered the day she had decided this… as if it were yesterday. An older looking Anodite accompanying her Grandmother had descended from the sky. Ben had of course positioned himself between the two, Gwen giggled slightly at how protective her cousin had become of her over the years.

"Young Gwendolyn" spoke the clear and crisp voice of the Anodite, "my name is Zethalia and I have come here to give you news of the coming invasion and also, an ultimatum."

The word ultimatum had never to Gwen's knowledge been used between two friendly people, there were just certain words that could speak mounds of a persons intentions and this one said: "you have something I want."

Ben was quick to reply for her, his half cocked attitude still not apparently grown out of. "If you have news about the DNAliens than please tell us."

Zelthalia's eyes looked at Ben the same way one looks at a bug, but none the less she responded, "The information I have come to give you is that you will not be able to win the war against the DNAliens."

That got Ben mad, but before he got the chance to fire off his mouth and get the matter in his ass rearranged to where his mouth was, Gwen interrupted him. "I don't understand, the Omnitrix is the most powerful weapon in the universe and we have a fair share of talented allies on our side, we should stand a fair chance."

The older Anodite looked appraisingly at Gwen. "Yes, I might be inclined to agree if the DNAlien's numbers had stayed as they were, however they too have a fair share of talented allies." Said Zethalia with a slight smirk.

"Like who" questioned Gwen wondering who would join a group with such a cause.

"Two races have joined them, the Treb and the Gezrab. The Treb are a primitive race of proto-sapiens about the size of a small house and filled with muscles. The Treb have not yet evolved a high functioning nerve endings and thus do not feel pain as you humans might, they have a thick stone like skin and claws and teeth that rival that of mans primitive tools of war. In short they are a species breed for survival, not intelligence. However, like man has guides dogs actions through electric collars so too have the DNAliens done something similar." The Anodite smiled as if praising their tactical prowess before continuing. "The Gezrab though are quite the opposite, a race of technically advanced aliens they have a mastery over science that comes close to rivaling the Galvin, however they, unlike the Galvin, use it for war. It seems that after poisoning their world with pollution they have retreated into mechanical suits that double their attributes and have decided that if they're planets going down so is everybody else's." There was a brief pause in Zethalia's voice as she stood watching us squirm under the fear of this new knowledge before continuing. "Our spies have tallied their numbers at being one and half times as many enemies as there are people on your planet."

The Tennysons could only try desperately to keep themselves standing as the realization of these numbers came crashing down on them. For the first time since their Grandfathers disappearance did they feel a true and utter sense of hopelessness. There was nothing they could do about that number, even if they could manage to get every person on the planet to fight with them they still couldn't do it. Ben knew Alien X would never agree to helping him destroy these enemies, his only route blocked, suddenly all their effort made futile in but a few short paragraphs.

"Grandma, this can't be true right, I mean the DNAliens want to destroy all species, they wouldn't keep anything alive!" Ben said, hoping that his voice carried enough reason to destroy the unavoidable truth. Verdona merely sighed; this was why she was here, to show her grandchildren just how doomed they were, to rip away their dreams of victory. She was family, someone they trusted enough to understand so that when she backed up Zethalia's words they would have no choice but to listen to her ultimatum. How she hated being a pawn, but at the same time she too knew Zethalia was right. "I'm sorry Kiddo, but she's telling the truth, I've seen 'em myself, it doesn't look good." She said, lowering her eyes to the ground not bearing to see the hope break away in her grandchildren's eyes.

"And that's were my ultimatum comes in" replied Zethalia "You see Gwen, you are a rather unique person, you have a strange formation of energy and we wish to see that it manifests," Zethalia paused, as if searching for the word before continuing, "properly." Gwen could almost place the true meaning of her words in subtitles underneath her mouth: Your different and we want that power. Zethalia continued, "For your cooperation we would be willing to send in the adequate force necessary to save your planet from destruction and get rid of the threat to your planet." The smile on her face only widening with each word as she looked upon their faces.

The rest as they say is history. Left with only one choice Gwen had taken the deal and sacrificed her freedom in exchange for three of these god-like Anodites who had come and the course of a day ended a war that could have easily devoured her planet whole. what she heard, Ben had also helped in the attack, taking down an entire ship of DNAliens, she had felt a lot of pride for her cousin, still fighting like he didn't need those Anodites help. But ultimately he did, they had been what saved his life and continued to do so as other species came hunting, the Anodites having established a base on the moon to permanently watch over the small blue planet. All that power just to get a hold of her.

But she knew why she had made that decision; she had made the right choice hadn't she? To exchange of herself for Anodine to set up a protection force for Earth. To her the choice seemed the only one possibility, but to Ben, to him…it was almost like a betrayal. It cut him deep. She had never seen him look so hurt, his fists clenched and his head staring at the ground, as if he had been watching it fall away, or perhaps wishing for it. She couldn't tell. But he had been so angry, he hadn't even come to see her off, it had hurt her a lot, he was her best friend after all, the only person she felt she could trust. Ever since they'd been kids he'd be there when she needed him. But then at that one time when she needed him to understand the most, he was nowhere to be found, so in turn they had betrayed each other. But despite even that, she missed him. She missed everyone, her friends, her family, and every kind person she'd come to know through her adventures.

Her chest hurt, all these thoughts weren't doing her any good. She needed to relax, not question herself about a decision she'd already made. However, as Gwen opened her eyes, preparing to head back to the house, the first thing she noticed was a pair of grey eyes staring back at hers and in very close proximity.

"Ahh!" remarked Gwen as she tumbled off the rock, falling back onto the pinkish, flowered ground below.

"Gee kiddo you really shouldn't get so stuck in your head that you forget that if I get a chance to have a little fun by spooking you, I will." Verdona cackled in her witchy old laugh.

"Grandma! How many times have I told you to not do things like that. sheesh your supposed to be a "superior" being or so you claim, and yet you still act like a eight year old Ben." pausing at the mention of her cousins name she looked up to see the quizzical look on her Grandmothers face.

She still wore her human suit at Gwen's request, so as to be able to tell her apart from all the thousands of other similar looking energy woman and to secretly not to feel so alone as Gwen had chosen not to give up her own form.

"Wow, it's been a while since you mentioned him" Her Grandma started. "All this time I thought you might have started to hate him." Her grandmother looked at her concernedly, it had been awhile since she mentioned anyone from Earth, usually she just studied and trained, occasionally asking Verdona for stories of her travels.

Gwen sighed, "I don't hate Ben Grandma, I just I…I don't really wanna' talk about it, I'm just feeling a bit homesick."

Her grandmother merely gave a small smile and a hug before talking again "Gwen, I know it was an unfair deal, I wish I could have made a better one, but the Anodite council had specific orders. They wanted your power, and after all this time I can see why, you've mastered things in five years that have taken even some of the most gifted at least fifty. Whatever, it is in that part of your human DNA that makes you able to do this is amazing in and of itself. I know for a large part this hurt you and for that I'm sorry, but what you did was still the right choice. And whether your family, your planet, or even Ben knows, what you did was heroic and incredibly wise. Whether we care to admit it or not, the DNAlien army cause those three more trouble that the council would like to tell you. Even with the Omnitrix and your phenomenal powers that battle couldn't have been won that way, it was simply a game of numbers."

Praise for her power and the idea that she was right did little to squelch the pinching grip of homesickness in her gut and in her heart, she felt sick, seeing this, her Grandmother looked down and smiled.

"Well I guess there's no use in it, we'll start your lessons on teleportation tomorrow. Why with your ability it'll take you only about 4 months to be able to Teleport back to Earth, we'll stay there a while and "train." though convincing the council won't be-" her sentence was cut off by a nearly crying Gwen hugging her with bear like strength.

"Thank you so much Grandma! I'll never forget this, thank you, thank you, than you!" Gwen hadn't felt this kind of Joy in a long time, after years of devoting herself to training and study, she was finally going to return and no matter how brief the time she spent there, it would be time spent in the company of those she missed most.