A lovers Vignette.

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Ben remembered reading the play Oedipus Rex in high school, he even vividly remembered the plays ending, the reveal of Oedipus's birth, how he blinded himself with blades, how he exiled himself and sent away is children. It was a tragic tale, but like all tragedies it accomplished what it set out to, it laid out a lesson and left us with the stark truth of it.

Ben just lay there, breathing the sterilized hospital air, his thoughts glassy from the lack of sleep. Like a man who had forgotten the sound of his own heartbeat he simply stared through closed eyes, a single solitary sigh his only sign of life.

"That's right, I know how the play ended, I know the moral," He thought "but the difference between us Oedipus, is that I know I'm related to Gwen…" Opening his eyes he was instantlylost in the visage of the passing winds outside his window. Quietly he muttered perhaps the first thing he'd spoken for hours in this fragile hospital room; "But will knowing be enough… or am I just walking into a tragedy?" He could only guess as to where all this was heading, for what man or women could fathom the outcome of such a situation between two cousins in love.

Love was….love was never a subject Ben had broached too much in his thoughts. The reasons why were obvious enough at this point, and even though he had been confirmed as being a wanted bachelor by a few of the campus's women, he was able to brush them off without much guilt. Now however, now he felt inexperienced, unsure, these thoughts were far past concerning the moral implications of his situation yet they were oddly the most pervasive and persistent. Despite all the madness, despite the outcome, Hell despite even the blood they shared… would she love him for who he is? They had kissed sure enough, but fear had gutted any sense of hope such a thing would bring, even if his lips still tingled at the thought.

His hand unconsciously went to touch his lips and memories surfaced at the touch; "Your Ben, you're a hero, Earths hero…my Hero"

"My hero", those words struck a chord. Her hero. Someone she believed in. Someone important to her.

He was more than just the blood in his veins wasn't he?

More than a watch, more than an intention, more than what the world could say of him… but who he was to her, was more than what he had thought he could say of himself.

Ben smiled as he finally allowed himself sleep. It was true, he may not remember the sound of his own heartbeat, but remembered hers and that was close enough.

On Anodine Gwen restlessly lay about in a field of pink grass, unable to absorb the information she had been given, unable to forget, and in many ways unwilling to try. The kiss they shared still echoed on her lips, the feeling of his arms around her as they danced in a dream. It all sounded very poetic, but the truth belay such beauty now didn't it? How could this have happened? How could things have become this mixed up that I…that me and Ben! I just, urgh!"

Gwen brought her hands up to her head, applying pressure to try and relieve the pain from her headache. Yet despite all her anger towards the situation, none of it could be amplified towards Ben, not even a drop, not when she remembered how sad he had seemed, not when she remembered the first smile she'd seen on him in five years. "Just like that goofy Ten year old" For the first time in days Gwen let out a tiny giggle, remembering that shrimp of cousin she'd spent a summer with, tussled brown hair, firefly eyes, cocky attitude, and yet a strangely kind heart… That part, it seemed didn't change.

The Ben she knew now wasn't that little ten year old anymore, he wasn't even the moody teenager she'd left behind. He'd gone through so much, the burdens he'd borne on his own would have destroyed who he was at ten or fourteen. Just who was he?

The response seemed almost to yell inside her head.

"I do know that the real Ben really cares about you and wouldn't want you to be sad and neither do I!"

It's almost amazing the power words have to shatter doubt, that fear may have the might to bury them, but never to destroy them.

"He is Ben" Gwen said sitting up, albeit a little shakily "He's definitely Ben, but he's also more. He's suffered and he's burdened himself" Tears slipped gently from her eyes; "But he's suffered to become the good man he is, and he's burdened himself because he couldn't stop being kind," More tears; "And that's why I love him…because he's kind, because the man he is cares about me, and most importantly…because he's still Ben, no matter what."

Gwen was wrong, it was very poetic.