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When you are a teenager, you always think how simple life is, make a decision, and run with it no matter the consequences. After we get older and we look back we see how childish and naïve we were, if only we knew then what we know now things could have been different. Do we regret our mistakes or do we learn from them. For me it was a learning experience and I'm glad I figured it out before it was too late. It all started one summer morning.

It was the second day of summer after junior year and I figured since I don't have to go to work or do anything that I would sleep in and enjoy a day to myself. Just as I started to go back to sleep my blankets were yanked off from my body. I was startle and disoriented and thinking WHAT THE FUCK! I look at the clock and it's only seven a.m. There at the end of my bed stood my boyfriend Edward, waiting for me to say something, but before I could even think of anything to say he beat me to it.

"Morning, get dress and meet me downstairs." I just stared at him, thinking WTF, since when is he my father telling what to do. That was the day that everything started to change; I notice how demanding, and controlling he was being but I let it sly thinking something is wrong.

I got up to get ready; I went into the closet to get some clothes to change into when I notice that my outfit was already chosen. A nice blouse pink and a kaki skirt. Alice *sigh* I took the outfit with me; I went into the bathroom and took care of my morning routine. Once ready, I made my way downstairs to grab a pop tart. As soon as I grabbed the box, it was taken out of my hands.

"Bella love, you know these things are not healthy for you. I made you some breakfast instead."

"But Edward, you know I'm never really hungry until later. Let me have my pop tart now and later you can take me out to eat. Please"

"No, you know better. If I have to I will call Carlisle and have him explain why a good healthy breakfast its best for you in the morning." I started to get really upset then. First the early wake up, the clothes, and now my food. What else is next?

"Fine, I'll eat. Not that I'm not happy to see you, but why are you here so early? We don't have school and I don't work until tomorrow," I asked while poking at the eggs he made me.

"Don't worry your pretty little head. Just eat your food and be ready to go to my house in an hour."

"Edward, please answer me, why so early, and why your house?"

"Damn it Bella don't argue with me, just do as you're told. You need to start acting like the good little girl that you are and stop questioning my decisions. I know what is best."

I decided to shut up after that. I had no idea what was going on with him and why he was acting the way, he was. Just yesterday, he was happy and all smiles, telling me that he loves me and couldn't wait to spend the summer together, and now he is acting like a total prick. I just don't understand.

While driving to his house I kept quiet and started thinking about our relationship compared to others. I know every couple is different but I never seen the other guys bossing and telling their girlfriends what to do, when to do, and how to do it. Except Rosalie, she seems to wear the pants in that relationship. I wondered if and when did things changed. Was he always like this and I never noticed or was it recent. I have to admit that ever since we got back from Phoenix things seem to be changing and now I'm noticing is not for the better.

Once we made it to the Cullen's', everyone seems to be waiting. Waiting for what I couldn't tell you.

"Morning everyone" I said

"Hello Bella" That was Carlisle the doctor and head of the family.

"Hello dear, how was your morning? Did you sleep well?"

"Hi Esme. Yes I did thank you"

No one else said anything. Rosalie was just standing by the window with her arms crossed looking mad as hell. Emmett was playing video games like always. Jasper was standing in the back looking at me with a weird expression that I couldn't read and Alice was nowhere to be found. I looked up to Edward to ask him where Alice was but I saw that he seemed to be in a conversation with Rosalie about something that I couldn't hear since they were using vampire speak. I wonder why she is mad. You see Rose and I became good friends while I was at the hospital in Phoenix. (No one knows except for Jasper and Emmett) She is blunt and tells me like it is without sugar coating it and I love her for it. I wonder if I can get her alone for a few.

Just as I was about to ask her if we could talk, Edward decided to pay me attention.

"Come Bella. Let's go upstairs for a bit before we go out"

"Out? Where we are going now, you told me we were coming here."

"No I said not to worry your pretty little head and just do as you are told." I was in shock. I can't believe he spoke to me like that in front of his family. I looked around; Rose, Jasper, and Esme were frowning. Emmet had a serious expression on his face and Carlisle was livid.

"Edward! that is not a way to treat and lady, specially your mate. That was very disrespectful. All she did was ask a question."

"Carlisle, please stay out of it. This is between my mate and me." Everyone was stunned. They couldn't believe that he would speak like that to his coven leader, dad, his maker. Before anyone could say anything, he dragged me upstairs to him room and told me to sit.

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