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Chapter 1.
I was your friend

Joyous chatter and laughter filled the school yard as teens gathered together to wish each other a good summer and exchange plans.
63 days.. Ishida Uryuu made his way through the mass of exited schoolmates. 63 days.. He repeated in his mind. What am I supposed to do for so long?
He raised his head to the familiar voices somewhere ahead of him. His classmates and former allies in battle had gathered together. They hadn't noticed him and he stood still for a moment, staring at the orange haired young man who's hair and hight stood out from the rest.
Kurosaki Ichigo He grit his teeth as the name rung in his mind. His feet led him away from the gathering.
63 days, then University starts.. What am I supposed to do until then? There's barelly anything to do around here anymore. I could take a vacation. I should. A break and some time away would probably be good.

"Oi, Ishida!" He stopped dead in track, the voice of Kurosaki Ichigo send a freezing sensation through his body.
"Kurosaki. What do you want?"
"Hold up." The orange haired caught up with him. "Can I walk with you?"
Ishida Uryuu's frown was hidden behind glasses and hair. He held his breath for a second.
"Sure" he replied shortly and started walking.
A storming silence roamed between them as they walked a few streets. 2½ year had passed since the battle against Aizen and his allies had ended. Since then Uryuu had avioded one-on-ones with Ichigo.
The unpleasant silence finally got the best of him and he stopped, turning towards Ichigo.
"Was there anything in particular you wanted" His tone was polite and cool. Ichigo's eyes widened a bit and a sliglt hint og confusion showed on his face.
"Hng? Oh.. Yeah.. Orihime is throwing a small get together tomorrow and.. She would really like you to come." He said and pulled out some paper from his pocket and handed it to Uryuu who unfolded it.

Ishida Uryuu!
I would like to invite you to join a small party at my new place.
There will be lots of food and drinks.
I really hope to see you!
Kindest Inoue Orihime.

Around the invitation, she had made little drawings of flowers and a tiny house and a line in the bottom told the adress and time. It almost made him smile. Orihime always managed to make him welcome and appreciated. Often, she would insist on taking him out for a walk in the park, lunch at a café or a doughnut at a pastery shop. She would talk about everything and nothing and even though he was rarely very talkative himself, he quite enjoyed those little adventures.
"Arigato, Kurosaki." he said politely, still cool and put the paper in his bag. He started to walk again, hiding a small smile. Of course he would attend.
"Ishida!" Ichigo blurred out and the ravenhaired stopped dead in track exactly like he did in the schoolyard.
"Uh.. Can I.. Would you mind if I kept walking with you?"
The question send a freezing cold wave down Ishida's spine. Why? What could he possibly get from following me around?
"I'm just going home. It won't be very interesting"
"I don't mind! Uh.. I just don't feel like hanging around at home.. My dad has the day off and has planned a girly night for Karin and Yuzu and.. I don't really want to participate.."
Ishida looked at the ground in front of him, an expression of surprise and conflict had overtaken his face.
He wants to hang out? He wants to hang out at my place. it's been 2½ year and all of a sudden..
"Okay. Sure." He had no idea why those words came out of his mouth.
"Arigato, Ishida!" Ichigo's voice contained a tinge of relief.

They walked in silence in what seemed for ages. Uryuu's mind was racing, his heart pounding hard and fast in his chest. He was panicking, not having the slightest clue how to comprehend what he has just agreed to.
They reached the house and Uryuu lead the way into the livingroom.
I should say something
Ichigo thought as he looked around. The silence is nervewrecking.
"I've never actually been at your place. It's looks really nice"
"Yea, arigato." Ishida replied. "I should get us a drink. Beer?" he said and dissapeared through a door on the right.
He actually has beer? I figured him more as a tea serving guy. Ichigo mused and studied the livingroom. It looked quite homey and feminen. to his left. the window took up the entire wall and seemed to have a door leading out to a garden. The walls was a colour of sand and the floor light wood. There was dark red couch and a chair to match and a picture of a beautiful woman smiling hanging over the couch. Must be his mom..?
He turned around to find a shelve stuffed with books and pictures. The big picture was definetly Ishida's mother, she appeared on several pictures along with a child that had to be Ishida himself.
"Here" Uryuu said as he entered the room and went straight for the chair, put two beers on the coffee table on the way. Ichigo sat down on the couch, grasped a beer and took a small sip.
"Arigato, Ishida" and then the uncomfortable silence filled the room around them, both taking a sip of their beer once in a while.
I shouldn't have asked to come.. Ichigo thought, taking another sip. Why did he let me?
"Oi Ishida. Did you know Sado moved with Orihime? They told me today" Of course he knows.
"Hai. I knew. wonder If he's going to propose soon." Uryuu answered casually. He had been the first to know everything that happened between those two. He remembered the day he had asked Orihime about Sado.

*It was a bright and hot summerday and Orihime had dragged him to an Ice cream Café to cool off. She had ordered the oddest combination she could think of and they had sat down in a shadowed area on the terasse. She had meen munching and blabbering about summer break approching and what she hoped to do during the summer.
"So Orihime-kun.. Are you and Sado a couple or not?" he interrupted her. She froze with the spoon in her mouth and reddened cheeks. Then she's looked down, trying to hide a shy smile.
"Hai. I think so." Uryuu knew it was a bittersweet subject to her, as she had finally let go of her emotions towards Kurosaki Ichigo a few months back and Sado had asked her out after a while. She seemed so happy after each date and she blushed at the mere mentioning of his name.*

"He will. He has the ring."
Uryuu's eyes widened in surprise. Of course he had forgotten Ichigo's close friendship with Sado Yasutora. It had been a little more than a year since that day at the ice cream café and she still seemed to only fall deeper and deeper in love with the big guy.
"They seem so happy together, don't they" Ichigo continued.
The doorbell rung and Ishida slid through out of the livingroom and returned few moments later with some bags he unpacked on the table.
"I ordered some food when I went to get the beers." I have no idea why I did this. He had plenty food in the house he could have made for himself but the thought of cooking for Kurosaki Ichigo was disturbing.
In the corner of his eye, he noticed a redfaced Ichigo looking quite embarasses.
"I hadn't even thought about that" The orange haired admitted. "Arigato, Ishida."
Uryuu took a box from the table and started eating. Little attempts at conversation was made, but mostly, they ate in silence and had another beer.
After another half hour of silence, Uryuu couldn't stand it any longer, his curiosity and frustration getting the best of him.
"Why did you want to come?" he blurted out. "Kurosaki Ichigo.." The name lingered on his tongue. He couldn't remember the last time he had said the other young mans first name aloud.
Ichigo lowered his head, not wanting to look at his host.
"I dunno. I guess.." He paused and took a few deep breaths. "because I never really got to apoloqize properly.. Timing never seemed to be on my side and you did your best to avoid me. Not that I blame you, I'd probably done the same if It'd been me.."
Uryuu had frozen at the honesty of the redhead. The confession had seemed to surprise the representive shinigami himself too.
"I don't blame you for hating me.. Gomennasi, Ishida Uryuu." He almost whispered the words with pain and regret in his voice.
Uryuu was in complete shock and just stared intensly into the air.
"I should leave" Ichigo said and got up from the couch.
"No." Ishida had rissen as a reflex and yet again, he found his mouth had uttered words he had not even thought yet.
Now they both just stood there, staring at each other. Ichigo completely taken by surprise, Uryuu embarassed. He thinks I hate him. I do. Don't I? Why? Why would I hate him, it wasn't really him back then..
"Kurosaki. Ichigo.. What you did.. I was your friend, your allie!." Ichigo's eyes widened.
"When we came back here, no one but Inoue Orihime would spare me a word. You acted as if nothing happened. I was so angry with you. I loathed you for so long.. That inner hollow of yours.. Everyone was so focused on you, everything evolved around you and how you were doing. You're right, I grew to hate you.." Uryuu felt his blood begin to boil. The feeling of abandonment and loneliness overwhelmed him though it had been hidden away and denied for so long.
"Uryuu.." Ishigo wanted to say something soothing, he wanted to tell the ravenhaired how it pained him, what he's done. He saw the anger flick in the icy eyes and then it dissapeared.
"Kurosaki.. I grew to hate you you so fiercly.." sadness and hurt had replaced the anger in his eyes. Then he blinked, took a deep breath and shook his head.
"There's a guestroom at the end of the hall, on the left.. You can stay the night if you want, I have some work I need finished" he said cooly and walked out of the room, leaving Ichigo overwhelmed.
He wants me to stay? He was ever so confused and let his body sink back into the couch.
He grasphed his bottle on the table and emptied it, before deciding to find the room he was offered.