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Episode 1, Part 1

All the patrons were seated in the church; the service was about to begin. An elderly nun asked her fellow, "Where is Gemma again?"

"She's probably running" Her fellow said with a sigh. The priest starts his sermon, the elderly nun sighs in exasperation and faces forward, praying to God Gemma isn't going to be too late this time.

Gemma rushed through the church garden as the bells ring, trying desperately to fix her habit while maintaining speed, dodging past statues and hedges with the air of someone who does so on a regular basis.

As she ran down the garden paths, she paused in front of a large statue of the Virgin Mary, and gave a short prayer. After slowly backing away, she started sprinting toward the church with fresh determination. Please, let me enter unnoticed. She thought as she hurriedly removed her shoes. She took a moment to calm her expression and breathing, always move through the church with respect and dignity. She remembers with a sweet smile.

She quietly opens the door, and silently walked to a place in the closest pew, joining in with the Sermon "Hallelujah" She says with everyone else. As she glances across the isle, she notices a child with earphones in watching a video. "Please turn it off." Gemma says politely. The girl smirks; turning it up so Gemma could hear the bass.

Maybe she couldn't hear me? Sneaking across the isle, she knelt down behind the girl, took hold of an earphone, and attempted to remove the device from her. A tug-of-war ensued. The girl pulled hard, and the earphone is ripped from Gemmas grasp, the device being flung across the room, now playing the noisy video on loudspeaker.

Everyone stands up as Gemma dived for the device, accidently knocking it into the pews and receiving a friction burn. Ow! That really hurts! Aish, I'm going to hav- right! Stop the music first. Gemma started crawling quickly into the pew. I see it! Gemma thinks as she accidently grabbed a woman's foot, who then kicked the device into the isle, okay, almost there, just back up a little-I'm stuck! Gemma quickly unhooks her dress from the nail and continues backing up, quickly getting to the device, how do I turn this thing off? Where's the button? Lord and Father, please help me, Gemma thinks as she lies on top of it in an attempt to block the blaring guitar. Mother Superior looked at the lump on the floor that is Gemma with disappointed eyes.

If I don't find her today, I'm dead! Manager Ma thinks as he hurried around the church grounds. Why, of all places, a convent? Well, I guess that it will make her more likely to help… Now, where did the Sister say Mi Nyu was again? Ma slowed down as he hears a woman's voice, "Today I'll start with David, Julian and Thomas, please wait" He leaned casually against a tree as he observes a nun wrap a towel around a statue and start to rub its arm with a cloth. The nun started speaking to the statue in a dejected voice. She talks to statues? She sounds a lot like Mi Nam though. Sister, turn around! He thought as he pulled out a photo of Mi Nam to compare, while the nun turns to face in his direction as she scrubs the statue. Glancing from the photo to the nun and back again, he thought out loud, "Why a nun of all things?" His phone started to vibrate, he checked the caller id, 'President' Aish, I'll have to talk to her later. He walked off as he said into the phone, "Ah…yes, President, I'll bring Go Mi Nam in a few hours…."

"Go Mi Nyu, where are you?" Manager Ma murmured as he wandered toward the car park, just as a nun rode off on a pink scooter, leaving an elderly nun waving after her.

"Excuse me Mother, can you tell me where to find a Sister called Go Mi Nyu?"

"Gemma? She just left." She said with a smile, pointing in the direction the nun had just ridden off in.

"Thank you Mother, God bless…" He said as he bowed away from her, moving quickly towards his car. Right, there's only one road from here to town. I can catch her!

He quickly drove down the road, looking for the tell tale pink scooter and helmet. Not much point looking for her specifically, there won't be anyone else on this road anyway. Manager Ma quickly caught up to the dawdling Sister. How do I make her stop? The Sister quickly noticed him behind her and moved across the road so he could pass her. No, I need you to stop, please, for my sake, stop! She crossed to the other side of the road again when he didn't drive past her, but this time, he sped past her and stopped in front of her so she had to stop. As Manager Ma got out of the car, his seatbelt caught on his clothes, pulling him back into the car. Cool and nonchalant. He thought as he approached her, casually waving a salute in greeting before settling on her headlight. Looking directly into her face, he asked "Sister, you know Go Mi Nam right?"

"Who are you?" She asked apprehensively. Be more trusting, do I look like a bad person to you?

"You know Go Mi Nam, right?"


This is going nowhere soon, Manager Ma thought as he stared to take of her helmet. "Urgh, its really alike" he said as he thought, this likeness is creepy, she has the exact same face as Mi Nam…

The sister suddenly started screaming loudly. My ears, I'm going to be deafened, please, sister, be quiet.

"What did I do?" Manager Ma asked as he put a hand over her mouth in an attempt to block the noise. She suddenly kicked out and hit him in his most sensitive spot. He crumpled on the ground as she apologized before driving off again.

"hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on…" he cried as he struggled back to his car, racing after her. What's wrong with this chick? All I did was talk to her, and she starts screaming and attacking me… gotta get her to listen, my job-no, my life is on the line!

"PLEASE HOLD ON, SISTER!" he yelled through the loudspeaker attached to his car. He drew up beside her.

"Sister, please wait, scooter stop, Sister, Sister, please!" She looked at him with a determined expression and sped up, "Sister… man, why doesn't she listen?" he thought aloud as he tried to catch up, being impaired by a farmer that stopped in the middle of the intersection for a few seconds before moving forward. How do I get this chick to stop?

After eventually catching up again, he drew alongside her and called "Sister, Sister, You don't know Go Mi Nam? Go Mi Nam? Your twin brother is called Mi Nam isn't he?" this'll make her stop…

"Something bad has happened to Mi Nam." She suddenly braked, coming to a standstill with a troubled expression on her face.

"Something has happened to oppa?" she asked worriedly. Finally, she listens to me…

"Lets talk over there, in the shade" Manager Ma said, pointing to a copse a short distance away.

She nodded, driving her scooter quickly, in a hurry to find out what happened to her brother. Ok, I'll win her over slowly… wait for the right opportunity

"Here, a picture of your brother" He said as he handed her the photo he was using to compare them before. She took it warily, but when she saw the photo, her expression became worried.

"His face looks so haggard. Oppa, have you eaten well? Now's my chance, strike!

"Sister-" She interrupted him, "I'm not officially a nun yet" She corrected firmly "I am just a candidate of low standing." Why does that matter at the moment? Manage Ma thought with an exasperated sigh.

"Sister-in training, the reason why I came is, to give very important news about Mi Nam."

"What happened to oppa?" she asked nervously. Jeez, relax, this news is good…

"Something big has happened. Mi Nam has been chosen to join the famous ANJELL!" He took in her expression, which, amazingly, wasn't one of excitement, but of confusion.

"A…what?" Gemma said with a puzzled voice. What? She hasn't heard of ANJELL? I knew convents were distanced from celebrities, but this is ridiculous, has she been living under a rock? How can she not know who they are?

"Sister, you haven't heard of ANJELL?" She looked embarrassed,

"I told you, I'm not officially a nun yet." She said bashfully. She says that now? It doesn't matter!

"That's not important right now, I told you that Mi Nam is joining out country's most famous group ANJELL! HE GOT SELECTED AS A MEMBER!"

Her expression finally changed to one of realization. Finally she understands!

"But what's the problem?" Gemma asked as she tilted her head in confusion again.

"I came to tell you other urgent news," Manager Ma said as he knelt on the ground, getting ready to beg. "With a lot of shame…" he said as he bowed his head. Is it working? He thought as he quickly glanced up to see her reaction. "W-why are you doing this?" She looked awkward, trying to make him get up. Perfect, I've almost got her!

"Sister…" he started, but was quickly interrupted by Gemma again, "I told you, I'm not a sister yet…" He rolled his eyes in exasperation. "Sister, then what do I ca… Saint! Hows that? Something better… God! God!" he cried as he held out his arms to her in reverence, "Please, please… Our Mi Nam, your flesh and blood, your only twin brother… PLEASE! Please save him" he pleaded. Please, please agree… I need my job!

Gemma stood in front of him, looking extremely worried. "H-how can I?" she asked anxiously. Got her. Manager Ma quickly looked up, and in a normal tone, he said "how? Please become Mi Nam."

She started, looking completely shocked.

"You only need to pretend today," Ma continued. "You just need to sign the contract for Mi Nam."

"Why? Where's oppa?"

"He cant come today, he's a little under the weather, this is the only day that we can sign the contract. Please, help your brother!"

"…Okay, only for today, right?" She asked carefully.

"Yes, yes, only to sign the contract, quickly we need to go if we're going to get there on time" he quickly said as he put her helmet back on her head and helped her onto her scooter. "Lets just drop this off at the convent quickly…"